129-Episode 129: Surprise Attack

 The Clan had been waiting for him to decide on a plan to bring down Starz Castle.

 In another day, they would launch an all-out assault on Sturt's Castle.

 The Clan was confident that if Lemayl's army moved properly according to the plan, they should be able to successfully control the enemy's castle.

(.........One thing that bothered me.

 That meant that not long ago, a unit with a large catalytic machine had left the enemy lines and headed to Mount Torai, far from the battlefield.

 No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't think of any reason to deploy troops to Mount Torai now.

 They would definitely not be able to reach the magic here from there.

 But with Thomas as the enemy general, it is possible that this is some kind of plan.

 It's very uncomfortable, but since we don't know what kind of plan it is, we can't act carelessly, we can only monitor it.

 Robinson, the Clan's right-hand man, said regretfully.

'Don't blame yourself, Robinson. What, this has not been decided as the enemy's plan.'

 As far as the Clan was concerned, since they hadn't been able to read the enemy's plan, they hoped that that was an action due to irregular trouble for the enemy as well, and that they never had to aim for anything.

 Then suddenly I heard the sound of rain with a whisper.

 It wasn't just rain, it was pretty heavy rain.

'Rain? It was supposed to be a sunny day earlier...

 Suddenly it was raining after it had been sunny a few moments ago, which was unusual but not impossible.

 However, the Clan felt a stirring in their hearts.

''Master Clan!

 A magical soldier rushed underneath the Clan.
 They seemed to be in quite a hurry.

''What's wrong?''
'This rain is magical! Probably due to the large catalytic machine at Mount Torai!
'Water magic...? I'm told that water magic stones can also be found in Berzd... but the aim is...
It's an ambush! That's all I can think of!

 Robinson said loudly.

'We need to get our men ready for battle now but with all this rain, it's hard to get instructions... magical soldiers! Use sound magic!
All right!

 At this very moment, as the sorcerer is getting ready.


 I began to hear the soldiers shouting in anger.


 They were taken by surprise before they could give instructions.
 This would confuse the soldiers and make it harder for them to follow instructions.

 From his own experience, the Clan recognized that they were in quite a predicament right now.

''My aim is the Clan-sama's order! Please get out of here!

 The Clan knows that, but they won't let the enemy off the hook so easily either.
 They must be planning a surprise attack while successfully blocking the escape route.

 The rain has made it difficult to notice the approach of the enemy and also reduce our ability to act.

 If I moved here and now, there was a high possibility that I would be killed.

 Anyway, he called out to the soldiers in a position where he could reach them and fortified his own surroundings. In this state, he intended to surpass until reinforcements came rushing in. I continued to give orders to the magic soldiers to calm down and run to where I was, anyway.

 However, the enemy soldiers were more agile than I expected, and they had already reached the perimeter of the clan.

 The quality of the soldiers was quite high. The soldiers in the vicinity of the Clan are naturally only elite, but they are even being pushed.

 Finally, one soldier slashed at the Clan.
 He managed to respond with the sword he was holding and cut down the opposite way.
 This time, several soldiers slip out at the same time and come to take the Clan's head.

 I try to deal with them somehow, but if it's a few mooks, they're all skilled soldiers.

 Three of them could be cut down, but the rest swing their swords at the Clan's neck.

(I can't avoid it! You're going to die! (In a place like this!)

 He was ready to die, but on the way, something pierced the neck of the soldier who was about to slash the Clan, spewing out a lot of blood and killing the soldier.

 It looked like someone had thrown a knife.
 Surprised, he checked the throw and saw the figure of a man who looked like a child, Pham, there.