130-Chapter 130: Crisis Avoidance

 Pham managed to make it in time for the Clan's surprise attack.

 The other soldiers were also bashed down.

 The appearance of someone who only looks like a girl easily slicing down the enemy, astonished even the Clan as expected.

 But they can't stay surprised.

 He himself took his sword and continued to defeat the soldiers that were approaching him.

 While Pham and the Clan conspicuously defeated the enemy, Ben, soberly, also steadily slashed down the enemy. Although he was unassuming, Ben had solid strength.

 The surrounding area was completely brawling.
 Clan, Pham and Ben were back to back with the three of them.

'I've seen you before, Master. You're the maid in Arus's service.

 I had only glanced at him, but I recognized the Clan.

"Well I'm The Shadow. I've come to rescue you at Ars's request.

 As he calmly slashed down at the attacking enemy, Pham said his name.

''I've heard a lot about you from Ars. I'm sorry to have you come, but this predicament.......can you get through it? Too many enemies.

 Thomas's soldiers were very well governed, and they had taken advantage of the confusion and attacked all at once to where the Clan was.

 No matter how elite they were fortified, this would be difficult to deal with.

''Don't worry. I have a plan in place. It's about time........''
Should I...?

 As the Clan wondered, the area around them suddenly went dark, as if night had fallen.

 The battlefield was enveloped in bewildered voices.

 At the same time, the sound of swords firing and the yells raised as they slashed into the enemy were completely inaudible.

 It was a battlefield full of warriors, but none of them had ever experienced the sudden darkness of a battlefield that had been daytime, so they paused to fight.

 Pham brought his mouth close to the bewildered Clan's ears.

Don't ever lash out. I only have a few minutes.

 He said this so that only the Clan could hear him.

 After that, Pham grabbed Clan's hand and ran off the battlefield.

 After that, almost as if they could see through the dark world, Pham and Ben moved around and escaped from the battlefield without anyone noticing them.

 After escaping, they moved away from the battlefield as fast as they could.

'What was that?'
''It's a type of shadow magic. I didn't want to use the shadow magic magic water too much because it's so precious, but I used up all of it with that. We're out of business for a while.
We'll give you your fee later. You've been very helpful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
'I'll take what my employer pays me, but, well, I'll take what he gives me.

 The Clan went up a little higher and watched the battlefield from a distance.
 After a few minutes, the effect of the magic wore off, just as Pham had said.

 After the effect wore off, instead of where the Clan was, they came from the battlefield, "We've found the Clan! A voice amplified by sound magic rang out, "I'm sorry.

'Was that your plan too?'
Just in case.

 Due to the disruption of shadow magic and sound magic, the enemy soldiers lost control and gradually began to be pushed.
 As if they sensed the worsening situation, they easily retreated.

''Let's pull back. I hope Robinson and the others are safe but for now I have to return immediately and let the soldiers know that they are safe.

 The Clan believed that the surprise attack just now was most likely led by Thomas himself. That was how well-disciplined the soldiers were.

 In other words, there would be no Thomas in Sturt's Castle right now. 

 Now was an opportune time to attack Sturt's Castle.

 He had to lead his confused troops as soon as possible and give the order to attack Sturt's Castle as soon as possible.

 If he didn't show himself, his allies wouldn't be able to get together, so the clan returned to their own camp as quickly as possible.