131-Chapter 131: The Decisive Start

'Dear Clan! Are you okay!

 When they returned to the main camp, Robinson greeted the Clan.
 The darkness was already gone and the rain had stopped.

'I hope you're okay, Lord. 'Robinson,'
Yes, sir. I'm glad to hear that Master Clan is safe. It was worth the effort to get the men together and drive the enemy away.
'You've got the troops together. That's what Robinson did.
'What a shame, sir. So, did that one help Master Clan?

 Ben was near the Clan, but Pham was not there.

'There's another one but I guess he doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself. He's a secret agent.
'Spies ... are you the Shadow that Master Ars told me about?
'Oh yeah. They did a really good job.
You've really helped me a lot,
'Yes. A man with a good vassal.

 The Clan praised Ars for noticing the surprise attack and dispatching Ben and Pham.

'Well, we can't really spend our time talking like this. We must now rebuild our forces and begin our march to Starz Castle.
Now? We've just been taken by surprise, and the soldiers are very upset.
'That's because it was right after the surprise attack. The enemy general was probably Thomas. He was out at the moment, so he could not take command of the defense of Sturt's Castle until he returned. Without Thomas, the enemy would be unable to move flexibly and Lemayle's surprise attack would be easier to get through.
'I see but how do you keep the troops from getting upset?
It could be anything.

 The Clan called the magic soldiers and had them use their hypervoice.

 Then he raised his own voice and powerfully announced his survival.

 He declared in an imposing voice that the enemy had failed badly, and made a speech that now was the greatest opportunity to bring down Sturt's Castle, the greatest opportunity of all.

 The Clan knew very well that when the troops were upset, the most effective way to do so was to call out to the general himself in an imposing voice.

 Knowing that the Clan was safe, plus being told that now was their chance, the soldiers' morale would rise.

''Alright, then, signal to the entire army, with sound magic, that we are going out.

 A magician uses sound magic as instructed by the clan to signal the troops that are taking up positions elsewhere.

 The decisive battle for the capture of Starz Castle was about to begin.


'I saved the Klan's life. After that, I immediately advanced my troops toward Sturz Castle.

 I'm much relieved that Pham and Ben have reported their success.

 If the Clan dies here, we're in big trouble.

Good job.
Just make sure you keep your word.
I have no doubt about it. You are my vassals from this day forward.

 Well, to be honest, I don't feel like I'm giving out rewards because I'm grateful that the Shadow's people are becoming my vassals.

I'll introduce you to the other guys next time. You have become a vassal. But I'm sure you have other things to do now, so we'll talk later.

 I still only know of Pham and Ben as members of The Shadow.
 I didn't even know how many others there were, so I was quite interested in them, but Pham was right, that was not the case right now.

 It seems that the Clan has launched an attack to capture Starz Castle.
 They are moving pretty fast.
 Anyway, I have to report to Lemeil and make a sortie here as well.

 I reported to Lemeil.

'That's the Clan-sama. You're moving fast.
That Thomas guy leads his own troops when it comes to surprise attacks. It certainly makes sense to invade as soon as possible.

 Mireille appreciated the speed of the Clan's actions.

''If the Clan-sama has invaded, then we will do what we are supposed to do and launch a surprise attack on the Starz Castle. Get ready now.''

 At Lemayr's command, they began to make preparations and then began their invasion towards Sturt's Castle.