132-Episode 132: Battle of Starts Castle ①

 We march to the northwest of Starz Castle.

 We march as quickly as possible, but taking care not to be distracted by the enemy.

 We arrive without being distracted by the enemy.

 As the story goes, the northwest of the castle is on a slope, and it will take some time to get in, even if the walls are broken.

 Currently, it seems that the main force is setting up a siege at the main gate, and it's getting quite noisy.

 This would have the enemy glued to the main gate, but even taking that into account, they couldn't be sure that the surprise attack would be successful.

It seems that the main force has already begun to fight. We need to break through the walls and enter the castle as soon as possible.

 Rumail said and urged the magic soldiers to get ready.

 The large catalytic machine is used to release magic.

 There were only three large catalytic machines in Rolt Castle, so he brought them and used them. The three are filled with magic water beforehand and lined up in a row beside it.

 Since there isn't much magic water for explosions, only the best magic user will use magic.

 The one who is the best at magic in this squad is naturally Charlotte.

 Charlotte operated the large catalyst machine filled with explosion magic water and used explosion magic by casting a spell.

 Before it hit the castle wall, it was blocked by an invisible wall. It was defensive magic.

 It couldn't be broken by a single blow.
 As expected, the defense of Sturt's Castle is hard.


 Charlotte is not happy that it didn't break in one hit.

 Charlotte has used enough magic to empty the large catalyst machine's magic water in one shot, so she uses the catalyst machine next to her to use the next magic.

 The other soldiers will also remember to fill the first catalyst machine they used with magic water in case it doesn't break after three shots.

 Charlotte used the second shot.

 It still doesn't break.

 After using two rounds, the enemy forces must have already noticed the surprise attack.
 We have to break it in a hurry.

 And the third shot.

 I broke the defensive magic and cracked the wall.

''Okay, one more shot!''

 Charlotte hurriedly fired another shot and successfully destroyed the walls of Starz Castle.

''Well, Maitreau Mercenaries, take the lead!
Yes, sir.

 After the walls were broken, the first role to invade the castle was to be filled by the Maitreau mercenary group.

 The first line of defense was an important role and highly dangerous.

 He had thought at first that the mercenary group wouldn't serve, but Klamant shook his head easily at Lemayl's offer.

 Apparently, the money he would receive as compensation from the Clan must be quite large. It seems to be treated as near absolute obedience for the duration of the contract.

 Klamant gathered the mercenary group and ran up the slope to the place where the city walls had collapsed.

 Apparently, the enemy soldiers are rushing to the collapsed area, but perhaps because of the unexpected attack, they haven't been able to roll over rocks or set a magic trap or anything like that.

 Kramant, who has the strength of a master class, slashes in at the front of the pack, followed by the group members, kicking the enemy soldiers away.

''We'll follow too!''

 When he saw that he had the upper hand, Lemeil gave the order to do so.

 This time, me and Lemayle are in the rear, but we plan to enter the castle at the end.

 In order to rush the entire army in, it would be dangerous even if we remained outside poorly, so we had no choice but to go together.

 Therefore, if I'm not good at this time, I may have to take my sword and fight this time. To be honest, I'm not strong enough, so I don't think I'd be able to fight properly unless I was against a very weak soldier.

 I should have stayed in Rolt Castle, I thought now, but since I've come, it's a matter of later.
 Roselle beside me was shaking slightly as if she felt the same way.

 The battle seems to be progressing quite favorably, perhaps thanks to Kramanto, and more and more soldiers are entering the castle.

 The soldiers led by Rietz were next to Kramanto, then the soldiers led by Mireille, and then the soldiers led by Mireille, rushing in first from the higher quality squad.

 The Kramant squad was responsible for opening the main gates after entering at the front, while Reetz and Mireille's squad was responsible for removing the magical soldiers.

 Although it was a very large castle, this one also brought a good number of soldiers. On top of that, there's also a squad led by Klamant, Reetz and Mireille, so they'll be able to do it efficiently.

 At the point when Kramant succeeded in raiding easily, I thought the success rate was going to be high.