134-Episode 134: Battle of Starts Castle ③

 Leets is a little confused when he suddenly offers to fight a single combatant.

 There is a possibility of some kind of plan, so he doesn't reply and sees how the other person comes out.

 It doesn't seem like the type of person who can think up a plan too much, Leets thought, but judging people by their appearance can be painful.

'If I win... well. I'll have you as my servant. Marka or not, if you're strong enough, you're welcome to join me.'
'A single combat is decided by whoever dies. Even if you win, you won't be able to make me your man.

 In the customs of the Samaforce Empire, a single combatant on the battlefield is settled by the death of one of them. It is not legal to surrender or show mercy on the way.

 However, since it is an old rule, it is occasionally broken in modern times.

''Huh? Is that right? Well, it's a special rule this time that you don't have to kill as much as possible. If I die, then that's when I'll die.

 There's something very forceful about this man.

 Rietz is not sure what to do.

 After fighting for a bit, I found out that the opponents are so elite that it's hard to believe they are behind.

 If you fight poorly, you might lose.
 Even if they won, it would definitely take a lot of time.

 Even if they won in single combat, it wouldn't necessarily be a win, but it wouldn't take them that long to win the battle.

 It's possible that it's a ruse by the enemy, but it doesn't seem to be like that.
 In the first place, until this captain's man stopped them, the enemy had taken them by surprise, and even though Reetz had rebuilt it, the enemy still had the advantage.
 It would have been better to have fought them as they were, without using any tricks.

 The reason why they're not in the vanguard at this strength, but rather waiting in the rear, might be due to the captain's inability to read the situation, which would seriously set up a single battle in this situation.

 If it was a trap, then I thought it would be a good idea to deal with it properly, and after instantly simulating some of the things that the enemy might come to do, I would be able to

Okay, I'll take it.

 I said, and stepped forward.

'Let me ask you one thing, do you know the location of any of the important magical facilities in this castle?

 He said he would do whatever he could to help if he won, so Leets thought to ask him to tell me.

 Like the captain earlier, there's a good chance he's forgotten where he is, but I'll ask him just in case.

''Ah? Well, I know where they're activating the defensive magic. And I also know where to activate the traps at the entrance to the castle. Also, there's a trap that can be used to burn the town in case of an emergency, so I know where to activate it. If we burned the town now, it would be a big mess, so we probably wouldn't use it.

 You seem to know. It's a pleasant miscalculation.
 From the fact that he's blathering on about the contents of the trap, Rietz still thinks the man is a bit dim.

'If I win, you will give me that information.
What? You're giving away your precious military secrets! Even I know that's a bad idea. I know, but that's okay! Because I'm the strongest and no one can beat me!

 He seems confident.

 His head looks weak, but his abilities don't seem to be low.
 Rietz holds up his halberd as the tension builds.

'My name is Braham Joe! I'm the strongest troublemaker in Starz Castle!

 I'm going to say my name out loud, with my chest heaving.
 Is that what you mean by "problematic" while puffing out your chest like that? I wondered, and Leats also said his name.

'I'm Leet's Mewes,'

 This one didn't have a special alias. It's because I'm embarrassed to use such a thing in my name calling, and I didn't like my own alias I heard before.

 After we finished saying our names, we stared at each other for a while, and then the one-on-one battle began.