135-Episode 135: Battle of Starts Castle ④

 The single combat began.

 Braham straightforwardly closed the distance straight away and thrust with his spear without any particular feint.

 It was faster than expected, but it was too simple a move, so Reetz evaded it without difficulty.

 However, after evading it once, a second and third thrust comes soon after.

 They are thrusting repeatedly at a considerable speed, so I was too busy just avoiding them to counterattack.

 The spear grazed my cheeks and arms, and blood flowed.

 Braham is aiming for a vital point.

 He said to try not to kill them as much as possible, but he's forgotten about that and looks like he's ready to kill them. If you want to subdue your opponent without killing him, you would normally take a method such as flinging off your weapon.

 Rietz decided that this was not a good idea and he needed to get out of his opponent's space anyway, so he took two large steps back.

 Braham tries to close the distance and still poke him.

 Rietz swings his halberd as hard as he can and tries to flap off the spear his opponent is holding.

 Braham instinctively felt that this should not be taken, and he took a step back instead of taking the spear.

 Leets saw this as an opportunity to counterattack, and quickly swung his halberd.

 The power has been reduced a bit in order to increase the number of moves, and Braham now catches it with his spear to deal with it as well.

 However, even though it's getting weaker, each blow is still heavy, so each time he receives it, he feels a strong numbness in his arm, and he can't turn to fight back.

 Rietz wants to push off like this, but Braham shows his high physical ability to dodge the attack and, on the contrary, he throws a thrust at Rietz's brain.

 He managed to avoid the thrust by deflecting his upper body. After that, he quickly retreated and got away from it as quickly as possible.

''You're as strong as I thought you would be after all. It's getting fun.''

 Braham smiles like a pure child.

 He's a dangerous guy because Leet's never had the emotion of having fun cutting each other.

'Well, let's go for the big move!

 Braham shouted excitedly and took a big step backwards and started to run.

 He jumped on the way. He's flying so high that it's hard to believe he's a flesh and blood man.

 As it is, he points his spear at the leets below him and goes to thrust as hard as he can.

''Dragon Spear!

 He shouts out the name of the technique.

 It's a flashy technique, and when it hits, it certainly seems to be powerful enough to easily pierce even a shield or armor, but it's easy to avoid, since it's only following you straight away.

 Reetz quickly avoids it to the side.

 Braham's spear penetrates deep into the brick road.

''Nuh, I can't get out of it! Hey! It's not fair to avoid them!
No, no I don't normally avoid them.

 Rietz is dismayed at how stupid he's acting.

'I guess I win anyway,'

 Reetz thrusts his halberd at Braham's neck.

'Teeeee ... well, are you happy to win that way? Hi, are you happy to win with a cowardly hand?

 Braham glares at Reetz with a look on his face as if to say he's setting himself up for a sneaky trap.

'You just self-destructed...'

 Rietz was even more dismayed.

'I'm going to ask you to share some information with me because I promised. You don't say you're going to break it, do you? That's just not fair.

 Braham bit his lip in frustration.

 In contemplation, he told Leets all the locations of the important magical facilities he knew of.