136-Episode 136: Battle of Starts Castle ⑤

 At the time when Rietz was trying to get information out of him, Mireille was also trying to get information out of him as well.

 Likewise, he succeeded in capturing the captain who was leading the squad by raiding the less skilled enemies who were stationed in the city.

It's a good idea to have a few of them talk to you. I want to ask you about the magic facility at Starz Castle.
Ha! I'm talking to you! I won't talk to you!

 The enemy captain was about early twenty years old, and Mireille thought it was possible that he was young and didn't know him, but from the looks of it, he seemed to know him, so he was lucky.

'He's strong, but his body is trembling. I'm sorry to hear that. But this is a war, so I won't show any mercy. Don't hold it against me.

 Mireille smiles and tries to start the torture.

 She tries to do a simple torture first, attacking her nails.

'No, no, no! I'll talk! I'll tell you!

 I surrendered easily.

'What. You're giving up. It's easy for you to do, but you're pathetic.
Then you'll have to show me where the nearest major magical facility is. We'll take you to the nearest important magic facility.

 The man nodded emphatically.
 Mireille let the man guide him as he tied him up.


 Kramant, who was the first to enter the castle, was the first to confirm the location of the main gate, fulfilling his task of opening it from the inside.

 Even the civilians knew about it, so he asked those who had taken refuge in private homes for help.

 After that, I had them reconnoiter the current situation in the area of the main gate.

 As a result, it turned out that it was difficult to open the main gate.

The enemy soldiers are gathering near the main gate. That's going to be hard to break through.

 The Clan was currently launching a siege to break through the main gate, so the enemy soldiers were gathering near the main gate.

 With the current situation, even if they were able to take them by surprise, it would be extremely difficult to open the main gate, Kramant thought after listening to the scouting soldiers.

'We shouldn't do the impossible, but if we don't do anything, then the name of the Maitreau Mercenary Corps will be out of date.

 Thinking about what to do.

 A tall tower jumped into Kramant's view.

 There were two tall towers set up in Sturt's Castle. It seems that magic is emanating from the top. It seems that they are attacking the main force, probably with explosive magic.

''That tower must have quite a bit of magical water from the explosion stored in it..............Hmmm, let's use that.

 First, Kramant decided to keep the tower occupied and use explosive magic to destroy the main gate and the surrounding walls of the castle.

 The defensive magic would most likely not support an attack from inside the castle. If it did respond, it would mean that they would have to wait for Reetz and Mireille to disarm it.

 There were two towers standing, and if they dropped only one of them, they would be in danger of being shot with another explosive magic and being knocked down.

 Klamant decided to split into two groups and attack them simultaneously.

''Ride. You'll attack the tower at the back.
Yes, sir.

 He gave that order to his deputy commander, Ryde, and immediately began to move to attack the tower.