137-Episode 137: Starts Castle Battle ⑥

 We have all finished breaking into the castle. There are bodies of enemy soldiers lying all over the castle. Even though I'm getting used to seeing them by now, there's no way I'm going to feel better seeing their bodies.

 I'm beginning to feel frightened that maybe I will be like this, but I can't stay here shaking.

 As I entered the castle, I received a report from the squad of Rietz, Mireille, and Kramant who had entered earlier.

 It seems to be going well.

 Only the Maitreau mercenary group seems to have a policy of occupying the tower since they can't easily open the main gate.
 That might be more effective than just opening the main gates.

 If we go on like this, we will be able to destroy the castle's magic defense network and also occupy the tower to gain quite an advantage, but the enemy won't remain silent about it either.

''The enemy seems to have moved the soldiers who were guarding the castle with the castle's owner to respond.

 I let them search for the enemy and they reported that.

 The soldiers fighting at the main gate seemed to be unable to move, as the Clan's main force was quite fierce in its attack.
 It has not yet become a battlefield, the castle guards must have decided that they can move it. It seems that they haven't moved the entire army, as expected.

 It seems that they have finally moved them now, so to be honest, the response is slow. After all, is the impact of Thomas's absence delaying the response on the spur of the moment?

'The reinforcements seem to be trying to stop the Maitreau mercenaries who are targeting the tower first.

 That's obvious. From the enemy's point of view, if that tower is taken, we'll be at a tremendous disadvantage.

 After hearing all the information, Roselle gives her opinion to Lemayle.

''Let's go to cover the Maytlow Mercenary Group here. We have to hold off the enemy soldiers who have gone to the Maitreau Mercenary Group.''
'We should. If we can take over the tower, we'll definitely have an advantage. All right, let's hurry up and head out!

 Lemeil immediately adopted Roselle's opinion.

 We hurriedly marched through the city to hold off the enemy's troops.

 The towers are high, so we know which side to go to, but since this is the first time we've been to Starz Castle, we naturally don't know what route to take to get there faster.

 Therefore, it will take quite a bit of time.

 On the contrary, the enemy knew how to get to the tower, so they arrived earlier than we did.

 We thought we hadn't made it in time, but the Maitreau mercenary group was fighting with the enemy soldiers in front of the tower. We got there just in time.

''Magic soldiers!''

 Charlotte had come with us.
 The large catalyst machines couldn't be carried into the castle, so the one they had now was small, but it was enough.

 Dozens of magic soldiers, including Charlotte, unleashed their magic on the enemy at the same time.

 From the enemy's point of view, they are unable to respond completely because they were caught by surprise, and their leadership begins to be disrupted.


 With that state of affairs, Lemayle gives the order for the infantry to charge.

 Since they are soldiers with a disorganized leadership, I thought they would win easily, but since they were the only soldiers originally entrusted with guarding the most important place, they were all elite.

 They were going to be pushed back.

 I knew it was bad, but the other side had to deal with the Maitreau mercenary group as well, and we were in a pincer movement. If we were too distracted, we would not be able to deal with the attacks of the elite Maitreau Mercenaries.

 The situation was so difficult that no matter how elite our team was, it would be difficult to overcome them, and our numbers would continue to dwindle.
 Even so, the enemy didn't flee, and although it was a moderate effort, we finally succeeded in defeating all the enemy soldiers.