138-Episode 138: Starts Castle Battle ⑦

 I won the battle with the tower's reinforcements.

 I'm glad that it was a surprisingly easy decision, as it took me by surprise.
 Honestly, I'm on the battlefield and I'm feeling pretty terrified. I hope it will end without incident.

'Reinforcements saved!'

 Klamant thanked me. It seemed that the situation was quite dangerous.

''We have to occupy this tower before more reinforcements arrive, but there are magical traps set up that prevent us from climbing up easily. There's also a guy in the mercenary group who's good at solving traps, but he's not here right now because he's a member of the attackers in the tower over there.

 The ones who are good at breaking traps are Pham and Ben from The Shadow.

 Pham and Ben have been following them, but Pham has acted rather conspicuously in helping the clan, so he's been fighting to keep a low profile, as if he thought it was a bad idea to do so any longer. It's like he's covering the army from a bit farther away with his bow and magic.

 Ben usually fought in the midst of the soldiers. He's modest, so even if he tries to be active, others can't seem to remember him. It's a more frightening trait than I thought.

 I'll ask Ben to ask Pham, who is keeping a low profile.

'I know someone who's good at breaking traps, so I'll let him do it.

 I called Ben and ordered him to disarm the trap in the tower.

 After a silent nod, Ben walked into the tower.

 After waiting for a few minutes, he returned.

'Mission accomplished, sir.'

 Looks like it's over sooner than I thought.

I think it's over.
You're early. All right, we'll move into the tower. I want you guys to fortify the outside of the tower. And we'd better send some reinforcements to the other tower, just in case.

 Kramant told us that much and took control of the tower.

 We divided our men into two groups and sent them to the other tower.

 We then fortified our defenses and made sure that we were ready to respond to any enemy reinforcements that came.

 After a while, it seems that the control of the tower is finished.

 As long as the traps were disarmed, the control seemed to be a piece of cake since there were only a few magic soldiers in the tower.

 Just when the suppression was finished, Rietz and Mireille reported that they had succeeded in removing the magic soldiers who were using defensive magic.
 It seemed that the city walls near the main gate were already free of defensive magic.

''With this, we'll use magic to destroy the city walls, but I think it's best to leave the magic use to Charlotte.

 'Yes,' suggested Lemayle.

'Yes. And even in the Maitreau Mercenaries, there are no more magical soldiers than Charlotte.''

 Not long ago, I had seen the best magic soldier in the Maitreau Mercenaries for his appraisal skills, but his status was not far behind Charlotte's.

 Lemayle instructed Kramant that Charlotte would be the one to use magic, and not to use it until then.

 In order to check how the castle walls were breaking down, me, Lemayle and Roselle climbed the tower together, just in case.

 It's a tall tower, so it was pretty tough to climb it all the way up, but we managed to make it to the top.

 At the top of the tower, there was a strange-looking catalytic converter.
 It was usually a sphere, but it was cylindrical.

'This is something unusual. What happened to the magical soldiers you were using earlier?
I killed him.
'What a waste. Magic soldiers are precious, so if you can avoid killing them next time, it's better not to kill them!

 Charlotte complained to Klamant. It was an unusually good argument, and Kramant couldn't seem to argue with it.

 Charlotte is preparing to use her magic. But she looks unsure.

'Hmmm ... is that right? I think I might be flying off to someplace outrageous.

 He said something quite disturbing.

'Well, wait, if you're not sure you should use...'
All right, go ahead.

 She begins to cast spells in a throwing manner. I try to stop her, but when she starts chanting the spell, Charlotte is so focused that she doesn't listen to anyone at all.

 I get terribly worried that if it's not good, it will go off and blow up this tower, and I can't help but duck down.

 After a while, I heard the sound of an explosion in the distance.

''Oh, we made it!''

 Hearing Charlotte's words, he picked himself up and checked the walls of the castle.

 It had indeed hit the wall.

 Moreover, it seems that a single blow had crumbled the wall and made a hole in it.

 Even though there was no defensive magic on it, it was a castle wall that was difficult for magic to work on, but Charlotte's magic was tremendously powerful, so she destroyed it with a single blow.

''Alright, let's do it!''

 Then he fired several rounds of magic into the city walls, punching multiple holes in them.

"Well, wait, you've broken too much. That's enough.

 If I broke too much of it, it would be difficult to repair, so I stopped it by letting it open to some extent. If we did this much, it would be enough.

 It was a slightly different method than I had originally planned, but as a result, I succeeded in neutralizing the walls of Starz Castle.