139-Episode 139: Settlement

 After collapsing the ramparts, we watch the battle situation from the top of the tower.

 In the moment, the battle situation did not tilt to the ally's advantage, and the enemy soldiers, with high morale, desperately tried to stop the invasion of the troops, but gradually the main body succeeded in invading a large number of troops into the city, taking advantage of their large numbers.

 The enemy soldiers decided that this was not good, and began to retreat.

 It would be a strategy to discard the defense of the city, and make the castle's defense thicker.

''Hey, hey, those enemy soldiers are retreating, should we not attack them?''

 Charlotte says so, but the place where the enemy soldiers are located is in the city.

 I'm sure that if you use explosive magic, it will destroy the city.

 You have to rule after this castle has fallen, but if you blow up the city, the inhabitants won't like you and you won't be able to rule well.

 If it is not done well, there is a risk of rebellion and a bad situation.

 It would be good to reduce the number of enemy soldiers, but even if we don't attack with explosive magic, we shouldn't do it since we have a significant advantage.

''Don't do it. We shouldn't destroy the town.''
"Don't you want me to destroy the town? I'll adjust it properly!
Can you do it?
I don't know. I might be able to.
Don't use "might" to describe it.

 That's a dangerous thing to say.

"Well, what should we do? We shouldn't attack the enemy army with explosive magic, but we shouldn't stay here and do nothing.

 Rumail said, but Roselle disagreed with him.

''No, you must not leave this tower carelessly now. If the enemy takes the tower, it will be troublesome. The enemy is being hunted down, and it is possible that they will carry out their strategy of blowing up the city without a care in the world. We should continue to fortify the tower as it is.

 Lemeil seemed to agree with Roselle's opinion.
 However, Roselle has also grown up a lot in this battle.

 He was always frightened and faltered in expressing his opinions, but lately he may have started to gain a bit of confidence in himself, and has begun to express his opinions clearly.

 As Roselle said, we wait for a while, fortifying the defenses around the tower.

 The enemy soldiers attacked to take back the tower.

 We were in a battle, but since we were being pursued by the main clan unit, they didn't come to fight us with much all their might and once they knew we couldn't drop them easily, they gave up and retreated towards the castle.

 It seemed to be a good thing I was protecting the tower as Roselle advised.
 If they had left it open, they would have definitely taken it.

 The main Clan force reached the tower's position.

 This way, even if we didn't protect it, the enemy wouldn't be able to take the tower.

 We descended from the tower and joined the main force.

 The Clan was not in command on the front line, so we never met.

 We would continue to march to the castle together.

 Perhaps it was thanks to the Clan, but the soldiers were quite disciplined, and there were no people raiding the civilian houses.

 After a while, "Retreat! And then a shout came from the enemy forces.


 I wonder where they are going to retreat from.
 Will they decide that they can't defend Sturt's Castle, abandon it, and go out through the north gate to Belzud?

 Well, it's true that it's impossible to defend in this situation, so it might be a pragmatic decision.

 When we marched to the vicinity of the castle, there was no one there to defend it.

 It seems that they decided that they couldn't defend it as expected and ran away.

 Although I was a little uneasy at first, I succeeded in dropping Sturt's Castle safely.