141-Episode 141 Braham Joe

 We went to the prison where the prisoners were being held and began to evaluate them.

 Depending on the status of the captives, some prisons had only one person in them and others had multiple people in them.
 The living conditions do not seem to be very good. It was a prison, so it was natural.

 It seems that quite a few people have been taken prisoner. There are probably more than a hundred of them.

 It was a large scale battle to begin with, so many of them were captured, and many of them were stubborn, swearing allegiance to the Lord of Bertsd and Castle Sturt, and would never turn to the Clan, which is why there were so many prisoners.

 Appraising them all would wear out their eyes considerably. Instead of appraising them all in one day, it might be better to take two or three days.

 On the first day, they appraised seventy people.
 There were more talented people than I expected.
 Since it was an important battle, it was probably the result of the generous application of the elite.

 On the second day, ninety people were appraised, more than yesterday. On the second day, there were competent people who had an average of 80. There were also a warrior with 90 martial prowess, and a man with a great talent of about middle age with a limit value of 94, although his intelligence figure was 57.

 I'd like to make at least one of them my vassal, since I've appraised them, but at the moment they don't seem to have any intention of serving anyone, and since they are all in doubtful positions to serve unless they are prepared to be treated accordingly in the first place, it would be difficult to get me, who is only a weak fiefdom lord at the moment, to serve them.

 There are only about sixty people left. It will be over tomorrow.

 The third day of appraisal.

 After appraising fifty people, I'm about to appraise the fifty-first person, thinking that there aren't that many good people today.

''Hey, you! Chibiscuit! Get me out of here!

 I shouted at him.

 I identify the owner of the voice.

 He's still a young little man.

 The man called me a chibiscuit, but he was so small that I wondered which mouth he was talking about.

 He was just a little bigger than I am now. His face is like a naughty boy, and he's probably still a teenager.

 Why would a child be a prisoner of war? But when I saw the body, I was convinced.
 It was quite well trained and this one would be strong in a fight.

 I'll try to appraise the man.

 Braham Joe, 17 years old, male.
 Leadership 50/102
 Valor 91/92
 Knowledge 9/61
 Politics 5/55
 Ambition 88.
 Infantry S
 Cavalry A
 Archers B
 Magician D
 Fortress C
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force D
 Plan D

 It's something very extreme status.
 His military prowess is excellent. I'll take a look at his leadership potential... 102 is the best you've seen?
 But the current 9 in intelligence, this is far too low.

 Is that okay? Do you feel like you're living a normal life? It's a level of concern.
 If his intellect is that low, he's probably losing a one-on-one battle because he's an idiot even if his martial prowess is high.

 But his marginal value is not that bad.
 It seems to be normal if you let him study.

 In terms of current value, it's a status that has noticeable flaws, but if you look at it in terms of marginal value, it has the potential to become a pretty good general.

 Let's take a look at the detailed information as well.

 He was born on March 3, 194 years of Imperial history, in Starz, Bertsd County, Samaforce Empire, Mythian Province. His father and mother have both passed away. Simple in character. Loves meat. Enjoys fighting. Likes young, strong women. He is not happy with the Lord, Stefan.

 His parents have already passed away and he has no siblings. He is still young and doesn't have any relatives.
 But he is dissatisfied with the Lord?
 The only ones here are the ones who refuse to serve. All but the loyal ones would have easily made the choice to serve the Clan.

 Why didn't they descend to the Clan?

 He's the type of person who doesn't serve others because his ambition is so high... and if he was, he wouldn't be serving Stefan either.

 I'm curious.

'Hey, what are you staring at? Are you trying to pick a fight with me? I'll gladly buy it!

 He glared at me and said something like a thug.

 I've been through a lot of warfare and have gained some guts, so I don't get upset by this.

 I was curious as to why he wasn't serving if he was unhappy with the Lord, so I decided to ask him why.