142-Chapter 142: Reason

 I asked Braham why he did not serve.

'Why did you choose to refuse to serve Master Clan and be locked up?'
'Oh? Because I didn't want to.
'Because I don't like it. I don't want to serve that old man.

 Are you unable to serve because of your age? 
 Do they have a dislike for middle-aged men?

'A lot of old men are hard-headed. It's the same with Stephan's old man. They've treated strong guys like me coldly.

 He's strong, sure, but Braham's intelligence at this point is so low that it's doubtful he'll be useful. I think it's a fair decision.

 So the point is that even if he were to serve the Clan, he refuses to do so because he thinks he would be given the cold shoulder.

 It's true that even the Klan wouldn't use Braham as heavily as they do now.

 However, the man has the potential to become a great general if he is properly developed. Since his ambition is so high, he seems to be difficult to handle.......

 Let's try to persuade him in the meantime.

"Clan-sama is not the kind of person who treats a competent person coldly. Would you like to serve him?
Unbelievable. Maybe I'm not the kind of person to serve in the first place. Sooner or later, I'll get some friends together, drop a castle somewhere and start my own business.

 He spoke of an ambition that could only be described as reckless.

'You can't do that. You'll be killed if you don't serve in the first place.
I'll be out of this cell soon enough so I don't have to worry about getting killed.

 There was a confidence in Braham's eyes that he would never die. He didn't know if there was any basis for it, but he seemed to believe in himself from the bottom of his heart.

'I mean, who are you? Why is the little guy in this prison?'
'I am Ars Lobent. I am the lord of a small estate whose name is not yet known.
'Hmm. You're a lord at your age. You're here because the Clan asked you to persuade me to stay? You're supposed to convince me of this.
'No, because I was ordered to spot the talented ones. It's my specialty.
'So you figured me out? That power sounds like the real deal.

 The sullen look he had on his face a moment ago changes to a happy one. It's a simple one.

'As a matter of fact, there's another reason I can't serve you.

 He spoke up himself, his mouth lightening in a good mood.

'That one fight that caused me to be trapped here. I was captured because he used a cowardly hand I would have obeyed him in silence if he had lost and forced me to give in, but I'm not going to obey him after being beaten in such a cowardly way.

 Captured by a cowardly hand?
 Well, he certainly has this much strength, so he wouldn't lose so much in a single combat. He seems to have a weak head, and the possibility of being caught in a ruse seems high.

''That Marka man........I won't allow it.......''

 The Marquesans? You mean the Leets?
 I don't recognize any other Marka soldiers, and I can't think of anything else.

 Could Leets have used a cowardly method? ...I can't say it's not there. He was probably in a hurry, and considering that it's faster than a proper fight, he'll at least use trickery.

 .........It was cowardly, or maybe it was what he deserved.
 If you make an opening that blatantly, you'll get beaten.

 Anyway, Braham doesn't seem to be happy about being put in jail, even though he doesn't think he's lost.

 So what if I let him fight Riets again, and if Riets wins, I'll set conditions for him to serve?

 We can do it with wooden swords to avoid getting each other injured, and it might not be a bad idea.

 I approached Braham to see if he would be willing to fight Leets again.