143-Chapter 143: Conditions

"I know the Marcas who fought against you.
Are you sure? You said your name was Rietz Muesse, is that correct?
Yeah, I'm sure.

 He seemed to have given his name. There was a slight possibility that it was someone else, but now it's confirmed that it's him.

'Rietz is my vassal.
What? He was your vassal? Yes, in that case, please! Let me get in a rematch with him! I don't get it that that was settled!

 I asked for it myself. This is going to work.

On one condition.
If the Leats beat you, you will serve them quietly.
If I lose, officer I don't care, but if I win, you let me go.

 If I win, you'll be released.

 Is that a good deal to take?
 Well, even though it's a fight that they wanted from the other side, it's fair that our side doesn't bet anything on the fight on the condition that we'll serve them if they lose.

 However, I can't decide on my own whether to let them go or not.......I'll ask the clan later.

'And one more thing. If I'm going to serve, I'm not going to serve the Clan, I'm going to serve you. I don't want to serve my old man.
For me?

 That's a good offer - a good offer - a bad one. This guy seems to have a lot of potential, but I have to say he's a problem child at this point. I'm honestly not that sure I can correct this man.

"I am a child, but do you still want to serve?
'Well, normally I'd want to serve a great guy that I approve of, but you seem to have a good eye for it, and it's not a bad idea to serve him. It's just that I'm going to win the fight against the Leets, so I won't be serving you.

 He seems confident.
 As for me, I don't think Reetz will lose.
 No matter how good he is, not being able to use his head is a big disadvantage.
 Reetz would certainly win the game.

 That's right. If this man were to work for me, I would ask Rietz to be an educator. It's not a bad idea, because this man's nature is such that he will listen to the words of the one who defeated him.

'I'll have to ask Master Clan if he can take those two conditions, but I think he'll probably be fine. So wait a bit.
Come on, man.

 There were other people who had to be appraised, so I couldn't leave right away.
 I finished appraising the remaining people while Braham hurriedly told me, "What are you doing, get going. There were some with reasonably good abilities, but none of them were particularly outstanding.

 I left the prison and went to see the Clan.

''I've finished my appraisal.
Thank you.

 First, he gave the Clan a letter with the name of a man of talent on it. After that, he explained the matter of Braham.

"You will fight a duel, and if you win, you will serve. If he loses, you will throw him out of jail. "Blacham Joe you've never heard of me. Is he a good soldier?
It's a work in progress, but if you raise him, he'll be a pretty good general.
"Hmmm ... so you want to serve your Lord instead of me? Why?

 I found it problematic to be honest about why, so I decided to put it in a slightly milder form to explain.

'It seems that you have been treated unfairly, and I was concerned that Master Clan might do the same. Master Clan has a large number of vassals.
'Hmmm ... if he's good, I'll get him up to speed quickly. Well, so be it. Do you want Braham as your vassal, Mr. Ars?

 I knew I could handle it if I let Rietz educate me, so now I wanted it. I nodded honestly.

'Then you'll have to accept my terms. Your vassals are also my vassals. It doesn't matter if they are not directly under you. I'm sure you'll be able to train Braham properly.

 I was given permission.
 I thanked him and walked away from under the Clan.

 I'd better tell Rietz in advance that I'm going to rematch with Braham.
 He'll probably take it, but if he insists, then there was no duel.

 I sought out Reetz and spoke to him.

'Braham? Oh, yeah ... there you are ... he was a very strong man ... although he had a major weakness ... ...

 It seems to be memorable. Braham had lost in a way that was memorable, so it was no surprise.

'I'd like you to fight him again, is that all right?
I don't mind, but why?

 I explain why.

'Or is he a vassal? Oh, are you serious?
I'm serious.
'Well, er ... if you say so, Master Ars, I'm sure Braham has some talent ...'
'If you study properly, you'll be smarter than you are now. When I become a vassal, I'd like to leave my education to Rietz.
'What? I-I hope you won't do that.

 He didn't say no to a rematch, but he's not willing to educate them.
 It's true that whatever I'm going to teach him, he's going to have a hard time with that.

'You'll be fine. "Don't worry," he said, "when we win, they'll listen to us. It shouldn't be as hard as you think.
Oh, really?

 Reetz's suspicions seemed to run deep.

 For now, he put the matter of the education officer on the back burner and took Rietz to Braham's confined prison to rematch with Braham first.