144-Episode 144: Settlement

 The battle was to take place in the training grounds at Starz Castle.

 The two men stand in the training ground and stare at each other.
 The two men have wooden spears for practice. At first I suggested that they do it with the wooden sword, but Braham seems to be better at handling the spear.

 Rietz said that since both the sword and the spear are equally strong, he would be fine with either, so they decided to fight with the spear.

''I've missed you, Rietz Muesse. I won't take a cowardly hand this time........
'Cowardice... so that was your suicide bomb...'

 Rietz sighed with a dumbfounded expression.

 If he drops his weapon or eats an attack that would be fatal in a real battle, he loses.

 The witnesses will be the warriors prepared by the Clan. Since it seems to be difficult for me to decide the winner, I thought it would be better if someone who can properly fight would serve, so I left it to someone else.
 A man with a stern face and beard, he looks quite serious. His military prowess is also reasonably high at 75.

''It's a match. If Rietz Muesse won, Braham Joe would be a vassal of Ars Lowbent. If Braham Joe wins, he will be a free man.

 Before the fight began, the witnesses said the terms.

'Take a stand!'

 At a signal from the witness man, both men raise their spears.


 The moment he heard the signal, Braham started to move.

 A tremendous amount of speed.

 Not good! But then Reetz was dashing to dodge the attack.

 Whether he was reading or reacting, I don't know, but it seemed that Braham had staked everything on the first blow, and his eyes widened in astonishment as he avoided it.

 Rietz released a thrust and stopped just before it hit Braham's neck.

'The winner, Rietz Mewes!

 A witness pronounced it so.
 It's over sooner than I thought.
 It was probably a strategy to strike a false note right after it started. Not a bad plan, given Braham's wisdom.

'd*mn you, how could you have avoided that one...'
"It wasn't a bad idea, but I knew it was coming because my eyes were bleeding when I faced it. If I hadn't known you were coming, I might not have been able to make that thrust.

 Reetz seemed to have read Braham's thrusts.
 It certainly looked like he was dodging it effortlessly, so even the quintessential Reetz would not be able to do so unless he knew beforehand.

''Gu........shit.......was it in your expression.......''

 Braham clenches his fists in frustration.

'I'm losing I'm going to serve that little bastard as I promised.
It's not the little guy. It's Lady Ars Loebent.
'Uh ... okay. I'll serve Ars.
Master Arth.

 Rietz's mouth was laughing, but his eyes were not smiling. It was a moderately intimidating look.

 Since I ordered him to be Braham's educator, he has probably already begun to educate him.

 As expected, Braham seemed to obey the person who defeated him in a straightforward manner and said, "Ars-sama.......

 With that kind of feeling, Rietz would be able to educate Braham well.

 With Rietz winning the battle, he succeeded in making Braham Joe a vassal.