145-Episode 145 The Last Military Assembly

 The military council room at Bertsd Castle.

 The county mayor, Canses and Thomas, and the other chiefs of the county, were holding a military council with a gloomy look on their faces.

 The number of troops lost in the battle of Sturt's Castle was high, and the more important stronghold of Sturt's Castle had been taken.

 It was good to say that Sturtz Castle had been dropped, which was fatal.

 In terms of location, if Sturt's Castle was dropped, reinforcements from Basamark could not come to Belzud.
 If they were cornered to this point, there was no other way to revive the war except to rely on Basermark's reinforcements, but if they couldn't come, it was obvious that the castle would fall as it was.

 No longer could anyone come up with a plan in this situation, and a gloomy silence followed.

 Breaking that silence, one of the vassals opened his mouth.

''I think it is time for you to surrender.

 That was what the vassals present were thinking.

 If they fought a thorough battle and lost, Cances, the county chief, would certainly be killed.
 Currently, if he surrendered on the condition that he didn't take Canseth's life, it was unlikely that he would be killed, regardless of whether or not the county chief's position would be protected.

 If they had to fight a thorough battle, there would be needless deaths. The proposal to surrender was extremely likely to be accepted, as it would be of great benefit to the Clan.

 For the sake of his lord's life, that vassal proposed surrender.


 Canseth's expression distorts.
 To him, Basamark was his brother-in-law.
 He respected him for his abilities. He couldn't surrender to the sparing of his own life.

''Lord Canses I beg you to make a wise decision!
''We don't want to lose Lady Canses.......Not only that, but if we don't, your son will be punished and the Bundle family itself will be destroyed. My family has served the Bundle family for generations. I request that this be avoided....

 The vassals are desperate to persuade Canses to stay.
 Cances was also unsure whether he would choose the means of surrender when he thought that his own life alone was in danger, or the life of his own child.

 Just then, Thomas, who had been silent, spoke up.

''........I think you still don't understand that there's no way to do anything else.

 Everyone present turned their gaze to Thomas.

 Some looked at him expectantly, while others gave him an annoyed look, telling him not to interrupt them as an afterthought when they had almost convinced him to do so.

'Have you come up with any means to do so?'

 Canseth asked a question.

'It's not a plan that is certain to succeed, but if it works, we may be able to take back Starz Castle.

 The place buzzed when Thomas said this.

'How do we bring down Sturt's Castle, which is defended by an army more than twice as large?

 Thomas explained the operation in a matter-of-fact way.

 The buzz grew as Thomas spoke.
 It was a ridiculously reckless plan, but maybe Thomas would be able to pull it off. It was such a plan.

'If I fail in this mission, Master Canses, you must surrender. You're still a man who needs to live.

 Canseth nodded with some hesitation.

 After seeing this, Thomas began to prepare to decide on a plan of attack.