146-Chapter 146: Snow

 After the fall of Starz Castle, it was getting quite cold, so it was decided to stay in the castle until winter passed.

 The first aid treatment of the defensive walls was finished and the Clan ordered everyone to rest until winter passed.

 However, the entire army couldn't fit into Starz Castle, so some of the soldiers camped outside in tents. I wondered if they would be able to rest in those tents.

 By the way, I rented a room in Sturtz Castle and stayed there. I was able to rent a fairly large room, so my vassals were also sleeping with me.

 The room was equipped with a heating apparatus using the magic stone of the fire, and we were able to stay comfortably.

 One day in the morning.

''Wake up - Arus-sama, wake up!''

 With a shake and a shake I woke up.

 Now that was........Charlotte's voice.......

 It's rare. He doesn't sleep well, and he always wakes me and Reetz up at breakfast time.

'Unusual, did you wake yourself up today?'
I don't care about that, I'm coming outside!

 He took my hand and woke me up.
 Charlotte walks out of the room with my hand in tow.
 I wondered what the hell she was trying to do, but I couldn't resist in my sleep. I did as I was told and walked outside with Charlotte.

 The moment we stepped outside the room, a tremendous chill hit me.
 Inside, it was warm thanks to the heater, but outside it was extremely cold. It's so cold that I don't think I've ever been this cold since I was reborn in this world.
 I didn't have time to put on my thick clothes before I was taken outside and I was freezing from the cold.

'Well, I'm cold. Huh, clothes.
Look out!

 Completely ignoring me, he pointed towards the courtyard of Starz Castle.
 Wondering what it was, I looked at the courtyard and saw a pure white landscape.
 It seemed to be snowing.

 It was the first snowfall of the year.

 Charlotte remembered now that she loved the snow so much that she would get excited every year when it came down. She was a childish fellow.

 I like the sight of snow too, but it's too cold for me to do that now. Or rather, I'm getting even colder when I see the snow.

I like snow, you know. Alright, let's go outside.

 He said, and I do my best to stop him.

'Well, wait! If you go out there dressed like that now, you'll die of cold! Let me wear it thick!
"...look at you, you're not wearing much clothing. Why are you dressed like that? That's cold.
It's your fault...
Come on, get dressed. I'll be down in the courtyard.

 Dumbfounded by Charlotte's words, I went back to my room and put on my thick clothes. I thought about falling asleep twice as I was, but my retainer asked me to, so I went down to the courtyard.

 There were more people in the courtyard than just Charlotte. The young guys seemed to be playing in the snow. It was the first time there was snow on the ground, so they might be more excited than usual.

''Oh, Ars-sama, it's late! What shall we make today? Can you help me make something today, Arus-sama?

 After that, Charlotte made me help her play in the snow.
 We made all sorts of snow sculptures of cats and dogs and stuff. You wouldn't know what I was making from the side, though. They might even wonder if I made a pagan statue.

I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat.

 And with that, Charlotte went back inside the castle.
 What a free guy. I hadn't eaten anything since I was woken up and was hungry, so I went with him to eat breakfast.

 When breakfast was over, I thought I could relax, and then they took me outside again. Rietz and Roselle went outside with me and we decided to have a snowball fight, which I had taught Charlotte earlier in the winter months.

 We started out with a small group of people, and then the other people I was watching started to join in, and then it became a large group, and then it became something of a real snowball fight.

 Those who had been fighting real battles earlier were now fighting a snowball fight, and it was a powerful battle.

 I was tired, so I took a turn to watch.

 I'm sure you'll be able to see the situation with Mireille, who also did not participate in the snowball fight.

'Everyone is so carefree! I guess they think they've won for sure.

 Mireille muttered.

''Well it's certainly carefree but the battle itself is already absolutely advantageous, right?
I don't think my brother is going to win. I just don't think Attah's brother has given up on winning, and something might come along. We mustn't let our guard down.

 You mean my brother, Thomas.
 He failed to take the Clan by surprise before, and now he might try something else.
 It's true that Mireille is right, we can't let our guard down, but....

Why are you drinking while you say that?
'What? I've got to drink. I would drink if there was a war tomorrow.

 I was truly dismayed by Mireille, who was acting in what I could only assume was a careless way to get a drink in the early morning.