152-Chapter 152   Policy

 You're going into battle.
 We've found out the enemy's plan, so I certainly don't feel the need to sit back and watch them.

 However, I was feeling somewhat uncomfortable.
 The fact that the Clan was able to learn that information means that the enemy screwed up and leaked the information to us.

 We are told that Thomas is a great general, but would he commit such a screw-up? It's not so much that I'm not good at stuffing.
 No matter how awesome a person is, mistakes are made when they are made. There was a good chance I was overthinking it, but I asked Mireille for advice.

I'm sure you're not the only one who feels uncomfortable there, but Thomas is not a perfect superhuman. It's possible that he's a guy who makes trivial mistakes that you wouldn't expect... Well, it's been a long time since I last saw him, and he may have grown up during that time. But even if you take that into account, I don't think there's any chance of him making a mistake.

 Mireille said that with a calm expression.
 Even though she hadn't been there lately, if she said that, as her relatives, wouldn't she be worried?

''The enemy commander is my master's brother........''

 Roselle, who had been listening beside him, muttered something thoughtfully.

 Is there some part of Roselle that's trapped in there too?

 After thinking for a while, Roselle's eyes widened with a snap, as if she had an idea. Then he said, his voice trembling a little.

'Te, I think I may have figured out the enemy's real plan.

 semivoiced sound

 ---- Now, will it work?

 Thomas thought nervously.
 He was now hiding in the woods with his soldiers.
 Thomas, who was good at surprise, was very good at hiding his soldiers. A large number of soldiers were lurking in the woods, but he was confident that they would not be easily detected if the enemy approached.

 Thomas was confident that the enemy army would surely pass by the road near this forest, and he had an ambush army in the forest.

 The reason why he was so sure was because Thomas had arranged for them to come.

 We sent a messenger to the enemy, and then set up some sort of weapon, and after making the enemy think a lot of things, we deliberately let the enemy think that they had seen through our thoughts by letting them know. If the enemy thinks that there is no better way to do this, they will surely come to prevent you from creating a trap.
 The enemy will succeed in taking us by surprise where we came from.

 It wasn't clear how many enemy soldiers we could hit with that, but I read that if it worked, we could take out enough of them to get out of the untenable situation.

 It was a carefully thought out strategy, but I had some concerns.

 The first possibility was that the enemy would take a cautious stance and not come. Even if they did come, the difficulty of the surprise attack would not be low. Even though Thomas was good at surprise, there was still a good chance that it would end in failure.

 Thomas wasn't sure if he would succeed, but he didn't expect his plan to be spotted.

 It never crossed his mind that his own sister had done a similar strategy in a mock battle.