153-Episode 153: Fire Attack

''The enemy may be trying a similar maneuver to the one Master did in a mock battle before.

 Roselle muttered, and Mireille made a little huffy expression.

''I see, that certainly seems to be a possibility. I remember playing a similar prank on him a few times when I was a kid, and maybe he remembered that.

 I also noticed a strategy that the enemy might be taking.

 The purpose is probably to deliberately divulge information to us and try to trap us.

 I do remember Mireille coming up with a similar tactic in a mock battle and executing it.

 Since they are sister and brother, the strategies they come up with are probably similar.

 Roselle specifically spoke of the enemy's strategy.

 We'll spread false information, lead them to us, and then take them by surprise there, causing heavy damage and somehow returning the absolute disadvantage to about 6 to 4, if not 50 percent of the battle situation.

 Even at 6 to 4, the enemy's disadvantage remains the same, but the situation is no longer hopeless. Depending on how the tactics are set up, they will have a chance to win. The Clan will be forced to go to war when that happens. If they're close to an even match, they won't be able to leave it to their vassals.

 Anyway, once this strategy is decided, Bertsud Castle will not be easy to take down. I can't assure you that they will definitely take us by surprise, but if we go with care, it won't be so easy to decide, and I'm glad to realize that now.

 I took Roselle and Mireille to meet with the Clan and had Roselle explain the enemy's plan.

''.........I see......I also thought it was a little strange......I've heard that the clandestine scouts I've prepared are indeed excellent people in their own right, but I wondered if they would release important information so easily.......''
 Whether the enemy will make that maneuver is not yet certain, but it is very possible. I'm glad you told me.

 Roselle looked a little embarrassed as the Clan thanked her.

 He then asked Roselle a question about where exactly the enemy would be taking us by surprise.

 Looking at the map, Roselle explained.

 He said that there was a fairly large forest and that they were likely to hide their troops there.

''Hiding troops in the forest...I see...then a fire attack would be more effective.
Yes, we'll block the enemy's escape and burn down the forest with fire magic.
The enemy general, Thomas, wants to take as many of them alive as possible, but it's a shame to kill the best of them. But it hurts the most to miss him and have him return to Bertsd Castle.

 The Clan said, slightly troubled, but still made a decision.

'Let's attack with fire. We must burn down the forest where the enemy is hiding.''