154-Episode 154 Captivity

 The operation was carried out as planned.

 As the commander of the field was assigned to Lemayle, I had come with my vassals.

 In order to confirm in advance whether the enemy soldiers were really lurking in the area, if we sent out a clandestine reconnaissance, there was a chance that they would be detected and escape, so we decided to attack without checking.

 If it was off, it would consume magic water for nothing, but the resources themselves were abundant, so it wouldn't be such a painful loss.

 I still have the feeling of living in my previous life in Japan, I felt guilty about burning down the lush green nature, but people in this world don't seem to feel that way, especially when it comes to this world.

 We set up several large catalytic machines around the perimeter of the forest where the enemy was likely to be hiding.

 The weather is clear and the air seems to be dry.
 This would burn well.

 After completing the preparation of the catalytic machines, Rumail raises his hand and signals them to use their magic.

 The magic soldiers simultaneously unleashed a powerful flame attribute magic called Firestorm.

 Multiple whirlpools of fire were generated, burning the forest.

 There is a large vortex of fire at one point, but that is probably Charlotte's magic.

 Now, if the flames are this tremendous, if they are in the forest, they are all going to be extinguished, but there is a possibility that some of them could successfully escape, so in order not to let even those who say so, they had laid a siege around the forest. They have placed their troops some distance away from the forest to prevent the flames from hitting them.
 If Thomas were to emerge, he told them to capture him. The Clan told the whole army what Thomas looked like.
 Mireille hasn't seen him in a few years, so he doesn't seem to know what he looks like now. In fact, the Clan says that Thomas now has a beard, but Mireille didn't know Thomas with a beard.

 I watched the forest burn from a short distance away, watching it burn.

 I don't know if there were still people inside, but I can assure you that if there were, it would have been a hell of a lot of fire. After a while, there was movement in our own army.

 Apparently, there are some soldiers who have slipped away.

 What a merciless scene it was for me to see, stabbing the soldiers who had escaped for their lives to finish them off.

 I was tempted to turn away, but as the head of the House of Rovent, I couldn't let them see me in such a shameful way, so I watched the battle.

 And then.

'Reporting, sir! We have captured the enemy general, Thomas Grangeon!

 So it was reported.

'Really! Bring them in!

 Rumail hastily orders him to do so.

 A bearded, shaved man, bound with a rope, is brought in.

 He is a tall, burly man. He had a similar look and nose to Mireille. If they were said to be sister and brother, the resemblance was enough to make me nod.

''Mireille, is this your brother?''

 Rumail asked in passing.

'I'm sure. It's been a long time, my foolish brother.

 Thomas stared at Mireille in silence.