155-Episode 155 Thomas

 Thomas continues to stare at Mireille, not speaking at all. Apparently, he hates me quite a bit.

 I appraise Thomas.

 Thomas Grangeon, 27 years old, male.
 Leadership 95/100
 Valor 85/91
 Knowledge 94/94
 Politics 80/80
 Ambition 20
 Infantry A
 Cavalry S
 Archers A
 Magician C
 Fortress B
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force A
 Plan S

 He was born on January 10, 183 years of his imperial career, at Arcantes, Arcantes County, Samaforce Empire, Mythian Province. Both parents died. One sister. Stubborn nature. Has a sweet tooth. Enjoys riding horses. He is fond of gentle women. He is firmly loyal to his master, Basamark.

 He is a great general, so he has excellent abilities.

 Even his sister Mireille is second to none. Overall, Thomas might be stronger than her.

 He would be a powerful ally if he followed the Clan, but his loyalty to Basamark still seems to be thick.

 He won't be able to turn him over easily.

 Well, Bertsud will probably fall at the mercy of this battle. It's not going to happen again.
 If that happens, the Basamark in Alcantes will be very tough to beat. If the Clan overthrew the Basamark and became the ruler of the Mythian, Thomas might serve the Clan as well. That is if they don't execute Basamark, though.

 We then took Thomas back to Starz Castle.

'It's been a long time, hasn't it, Thomas? It's been about three years. I thought I would kill you on this mission, but you're more than lucky to be alive.

 The Clan was greatly pleased that Thomas was still alive.

 Perhaps he would now invite Thomas to become his vassal.

 Thomas seemed to have foreseen this as well.

I won't agree to be your vassal. My master is only Lord Bassamark.

 I put a check on him before he asked me to join him.

'I knew you would say that. But I'm sure you're smart enough to understand, Lord. That this situation is not good for Basamark right now. Serve me, and I promise to treat you well.
These things aren't a win-win situation, are they?

 Thomas' attitude seemed stubborn.

 The Clan persisted in recruiting him after that, but Thomas never shook his head.

 There was no doubt that Thomas was not to be let off the hook, so they gave up on recruiting him once and put him in prison.

 Then, as planned, they began to prepare to set out to surround and drop Bertsud.

 As soon as winter opened up, we decided to go into battle.