156-Chapter 156 The End

 We set out under the orders of the Clan to drop Bertsd. 

 The men were to be led by Lemayr. He was to raise his position in this battle. 

 The enemy opted for a siege. The method of dropping Bertsud was decided to be a siege. Lemayr laid a thorough siege to prevent a single rat from getting through to Berzd. 

 Within a few days of the siege, a messenger came from Belzud. It was a messenger of surrender. This time, the enemy forces must have realized that all was well. 
 The enemy does not seem to be willing to surrender unconditionally either. It seems to be on the condition that they guarantee the safety of their vassals. It was only on the condition of personal safety and not on the condition that they would be together to their position. The county chief Cances did not put his own personal safety as a condition. 

 He could not decide whether he would drink the terms at the sole discretion of Lemayle. Once he wrote to the Clan and asked them what they would do. They replied that they had no problem with those conditions. At that moment, it was officially decided to accept Bertsud's surrender. 

 Lemayr sent a messenger to Belzud. 

 To disarm the soldiers to surrender and hand over their weapons and magical water. If there were traps in the castle, they must all be disarmed. The messenger conveyed these conditions. 

 The enemy obeyed the conditions meekly. 
 The weapons of the disarmed soldiers were carried in large quantities. It seemed that there would be no more. 
 There were several traps set up in Belzud Castle to repel intruders, and we had them all disarmed. 
 It was possible that they were hiding them, so I had them thoroughly examined. 

 Once they were sure there were no more traps, they entered the castle with their soldiers. 

 Belzud Castle is also a walled city. The size of the town is large. It's not as big as Sempra, which is ruled by the Clan. It was definitely bigger than Canale. Belzud is one of the largest cities in Mythian, along with Sempraa and Masa, so it's no surprise. 

 He entered the castle and took the nobles who were in Belzud Castle into custody. I won't be killing them, but I don't know if I'll be able to enter in the same position as before. It's highly likely that a lot depends on the results of my appraisal. 

 I have appraised all of Bertsud's overlords in one way or another. There were some with surprisingly low abilities, but most of them were excellent. However, there was no one who was exceptionally great. 

 And this was the first time I had seen the county mayor Cances here. 

 His hair was black. His face was etched with more wrinkles. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary middle-aged man, but he had eyesight that wasn't normal. 

 His status was more mediocre than expected. His average was about mid-sixty. His political power was high, around eighty. His status was superior to that of a normal person, but since he was the county head of a large city called Belzud, I had expected him to have a slightly higher status. He must be a man of humanity, as he is much respected by his vassals. 

 Lemayl reported to the Clan that the safety of Bertsd Castle was fully secured. The Clan seems to be coming to Belzud. He sent the soldiers he had used for the siege to escort the Clan. Protected by those soldiers, the Clan arrived in Belzud. 

“Cances. The decision to surrender this time was a wise one. However, I cannot let those who refuse my invitation to join the Basamark and choose to fight me go unpunished. 

 The Clan said in a stern tone. 
 Cances' vassals, sensing the disquiet, bowed to the Clan in unison, asking for Cances to be spared. 

'I didn't say I would kill anything. You will naturally be asked to step down from your position as Mayor of Bertsd County. And you will remain in the jail until the battle with the Basamark is settled and I have the Myssian in my possession. After that, depending on your attitude, you may be granted a new fiefdom, if you wish. 

 Not killing him might be a relatively generous measure. It would be the right thing to do here, as killing Cances here would cause unnecessary resentment. 

 Many of the chief ministers wanted to be locked up in prison with Cances. There were also a few, but a few, who served the Clan and pledged their loyalty. 

 Thus, the Battle of Berzd was completely over and the post-war process began.