157-Chapter 157: Sheriff

 The battle at Belzud ended in victory.
 Although there were few human casualties in this battle, the drain on troops and magic water was significant. Although they hadn't been able to drop Arcantes yet, the Clan decided that it would be difficult to drop it off in its current state, so they decided to do a long preparation period once. It looks like it will take at least a year.

 During the preparation period, they would decide what to do with the land they dropped.
 The counties that had surrendered beforehand would not be replaced by a county mayor, but the counties of Belted and Samuk, which had resisted, would have a new county mayor.

 First, the Samuk County Mayor was to be served by Leupa, who had surrendered by orchestration.

 There were many vying for the position of county mayor, and there were quite a few vassals who were not happy with the position. This was intended to have the effect of making it easier to get them to surrender by listening to the Clan's words and showing that those who surrendered would be given preferential treatment, and for that reason, they thought it was fine if the vassals distrusted them somewhat. No, I don't think he thought it was a good idea; I think he was planning to cover for himself elsewhere.

 And then there was the mayor of Bertsd County, which was to be left to Lemayle.

 There didn't seem to be any objection to this decision. Lumeil had raised his position considerably in this battle. Although it was only a plan made by my vassal, since it was Lemeil who was in command, he was considered to be the one who had done the most good in this battle.

 Lemeil was originally the head of Canale County, and Canale and Belzud are far apart. It is difficult to rule at the same time. The question of what to do about Canale came up, and the Clan declared in a high voice.

'I will leave Canale County Mayor to Ars Lorbent.

 I was promised that I could become the Mayor of Canale County when the battle with Basamark was over, but when I made that promise, I didn't have a strategy in place to drop Bertsud first. Circumstances have changed, which is why the decision was made this time around.

 I had expected to be completely opposed to it, but contrary to my expectations, it was controversial. It seems that the credit that my vassals cited was not all thanks to Lemayre, and it was properly appreciated. Perhaps it was also thanks to the Clan lifting me up on a regular basis.

 Some objected that I was still too young, but the Klan didn't change their decision and said they would make me Mayor of Canale County.

 However, that still didn't mean that I was going to be the Mayor of Canale County.

 I didn't shake my head at the idea of Lemayle becoming the mayor of Bertsd County, but instead asked him to let me think about it for a moment.

 It was decided that the Clan could not be forced to wait for a decision, as it was only a matter of merit.

 Then in the evening I was called to Lemayle.

 He wanted to talk to me alone.

 I trusted Lemeil, so I went alone, without an escort.

 I entered the room where Lemeil was. With a serious look on his face, Lemeil sat down.

'Welcome, Ars.'
Yes. I came alone, as promised.
Have a seat.

 I was prompted to sit down in the chair. It was a fine, comfortable chair, but I was so nervous I didn't have time to savor the feel of it.

 Lemayre is silent for a while. I wait for him to speak up.

'....The land of Canale County is the land that we have inherited from our ancestors.

 With a troubled look on his face, Lemayle began to speak.

'I've lived here since I was a child. I have a great deal of affection for it. Although the town of Canale is small, I have worked hard to make sure that as many of the lords of the city as possible can live with a smile on their faces. Still, it's not enough, so I was going to keep trying.
''Still, Canale is small compared to this Berzd. It's much smaller. There are fewer people and the size of the town is smaller. When it comes to the number of useful resources, there is a huge difference. If it were true, I would be grateful for this, but I can't help but be sincerely happy about it.
I know how you feel.

 Lemayre was silent for a long time again.
 I continue to stare at him nervously. There must be a strong conflict.

 After a few minutes passed, Lemeil finally opened his mouth.

Yes, sir.
Can your Lord make Canale County a better place?

 Lemeil looked at me with serious eyes. I can't reply with half-hearted determination. We will make Canale a better land. It's not that easy. Still, I knew I could do it. I was convinced that if I borrowed the wisdom of my vassals, and if I personally unearthed the talents that still lay dormant in that land and recruited talented people, I could definitely make it a better fiefdom than it is now.

 I looked at Lemayre with serious eyes and declared.

'I can do it,'

 Hearing my response, Lemayle looked into my eyes for a few seconds, his mouth dropping open as he answered.

'I will be the Mayor of Bertsd County. I leave the canale to you, Lord.