2-01 Life of Kidan

 So it has begun.
 The otherworldly life of Kidan, an otherworldly summoner called me, has begun.

 Anyway, I headed to the land I purchased from the king.
 Because that's exactly where I'm going to live from now on, and it will be my own personal kingdom.

              * * * *

This is where you'll be given the land.

 After a few villages, the guide told me this.

 Where do you mean from here?
 As far as the eye can see, it's like a wilderness.

The village we just passed is the farthest point in our country. The area beyond this point is unexplored. There are fields and mountains, and not a single human being lives here.

 In a voice without any emotion, the guide says

The guide says in an unfeeling voice: "You may live anywhere you like rather than in this land outside your country, and call it your own. That is exactly the right you have been given by His Majesty the King for ten gold pieces.

 Nine gold coins, though.
 The remaining one gold coin was put to good use in preparing to live in the new land.

'....But the fact that this is an unexplored and uninhabited land means that it's not exactly the territory ruled by that king, is it? Are you sure you want to sell that stuff off without permission?
'This is none of my business. It's nothing to do with me, but it was the king's idea.

 And a guide.
 It was a terrible throwback.

'Well, that's fine. It's true that the land ahead of us is not our territory, but that's why we will live independently of the kingdom. Even if we grow and harvest something on the land we live on, we won't have to collect it as a tax to the kingdom.''
That is, if you can harvest it.

 There's no way I could do that, though, the guide's cold eyes told me.

 Apparently, the perception of me is that I'm an incompetent otherworldly person who was able to physically get rid of the nuisance.
 The ten gold coins that had to be paid as retainer were also rolled up bodily, and the body was successfully disposed of in a foreign land where no one lived.

I'm going to leave you here. From now on, we the human race will have nothing to do with you, so feel free to do as you please. Live or die.

 With that, the guide turned on his heel and went back the way he had come.

 Goodbye, take care.

 Well, that king and the people of the country seemed to have a bad vibe, so it's fortunate that I don't have to get involved with them in any way.
 Let's enjoy a free and peaceful life in the other world without any unnecessary ties.

 The vast wilderness that spreads out in front of you.
 Beyond the horizon, we can see the shadows of many mountains.

 According to the guide, you are free to make any part of this unexplored land your own, but this world is considered to have a culture comparable to that of medieval Europe.

 There are probably far more lands that are not ruled by people than lands that are ruled by people.

 If that's the case, shall we settle down in a place that is thoroughly remote so that we don't get involved with the people of that country again and get into trouble?
 I'll go through this wilderness and when I reach the point where I can't go any further, I'll live there as my land.

 Then let's go.

              * * * *

 We're here.
 As expected, it seems to be impossible to proceed any further.
 Because the ocean is right in front of us.

We are at the end of the earth...!

 It had already been a month since he parted from that guide and plunged into the uncharted territory.
 If I had walked so thoroughly, there was no way I could return to the king again.
 I don't have the confidence to accurately remember the way back after passing through mountains and forests on the way.

''Anyway! So this is where my new life begins........!

 It feels good to think of that.
 And this land, which is my kingdom from today, is....

There's nothing here...

 It was really an empty lot.
 Vacant land.
 No houses and not a single child lived in it. No traces of civilization can be seen. It was just an endless wilderness.

 It's the end of the earth where I spent a month in the wilderness where no one lives, so I should say it's only natural.

 Well, I guess it's okay.
 This is how I'm going to live in this other world, carving out an empty piece of land, building a house, plowing a field, and building my own paradise!

 For some people, this is a great adventure in a different world. Face up to the difficulties, unite with your friends, defeat strong enemies and become a hero! But I'm not so keen on that direction.

 Adventures and such are fine.
 In my previous world I played games and such, but in RPGs, I enjoyed taking the initiative to level up rather than defeating bosses and advancing through scenarios.

 It's a pleasant feeling to build up as your character levels up, learns new spells, and has more attack power to bury previously unbeatable enemies in one hit.

 I also loved territory management-type simulations, and I loved building up a golden paradise by canstering the income, defense, and satisfaction of the people of a given territory.
 Invasions are out of the question.
 Because it's a bad thing.
 Didn't we learn that in school?

 What I will do when I come to another world is to create my own personal paradise.
 It would be nice to train myself into a cheat that no one else can beat, but the training would be sweaty and sober, and more importantly, when I became strong, I would have to fight someone else to verify my achievements.

 That would indeed be a nuisance to the person being challenged.
 I want to enjoy the other world as much as possible in peace.

 That's why I'm going to let the king talk me into it, and I'm going to win this uncharted territory! That's what happened........

"The more uncivilized it is, the more worthwhile it is to explore........

 I decided to think about it.
 Now I'm going to keep this wasteland in my eyes.
 When this place becomes a paradise, I'll think back to the landscape of the beginning and say, "We've come so far! And to grin.

'To that end, shall we get to work on that as soon as possible?

 I unload the load I've carried here and spread it out at my feet.
 It was a set of farming tools that I had bought in King's Landing before coming here.

 A hoe and sickle and other farming tools. Carpenter's tools such as knives and nails. Sewing tools such as needles and thread, etc.

 Of the first ten gold coins that were given to me, I used the one gold coin that I had left behind.
 Should I be impressed by the value of a gold coin, a coin that can buy so much even with just one gold coin? Or should I turn my attention to the fact that a single gold coin wasn't enough to assemble a very good selection of goods...and that I had to prioritize quantity over quality?

 In fact, the farm tools and carpentry tools I bought were not of good quality and were for the poorest of the poor.
 This is not a very efficient way to work, but it can be developed gradually.

 This is where my life of exploring another world begins.
 This is where my life of exploring another world begins.

              * * * *

 If anyone is watching what I've done up to this point, "Are you an idiot? You might think.
 I'm going to cultivate an empty wilderness and build a paradise.
 That must be fun.
 However, there are things in the world that are not just fun.
 Pioneering is a major undertaking that many people have risked their lives for since ancient times, and it is accomplished through the accumulation of many corpses.

 I wondered how a single man with no means could accomplish such a task.
 Don't underestimate the pioneering spirit.

 There's nothing to worry about.
 I'm well aware of the difficulty of the actual pioneering work that goes into it.
 So why don't we bring it to bear now?

 I was judged as having no skills by the priests of the kingdom.
 I was equipped with no skills.

 A gift.

 A gift from God.
 Not what God gave me, but what God gave me.