3-02 Gift

 I'd like to go back a bit here and talk about the time just before I was transferred to another world.

 At that time, I wasn't in either the previous world or the one I'm in now.
 It was a place called the interstice, a different dimension, I guess.

 That's where I met God.

'Bo, bo, I'm God, aren't I?'

 The God who appeared in front of me didn't look like a god.

 He was too unpretentious and mediocre to be called a god, and frankly, he didn't look very smart.
 But in addition to that, he was simple and sincere, and he had a dignity that convinced me that he would never lie to anyone.

''Oh, do you have any onigiri?

 People make fun of you, but you still seem to be able to create amazing art.

You're going to be summoned to another world, aren't you? You're going to be summoned to another world, right?
"Zeus, king of the gods in heaven, isn't he?

 When I ask what kind of god such anata is........

I'm Hephaistos, the god of modeling. You're good at making things.

 Mr. Hephaistos replied.
 He seemed foolish, but he had a likable personality. No, God.

'So it's been Athena's job to manage the otherworldly summoning until now. But she hates men and blatantly discriminates against summoners, so the other gods complained about her.''

 I'm going to tell you one way or the other about something I don't understand.
 In hindsight, I guess it means that when we summoned someone from our world to the other world, there was a god who managed it, and that god had a problem.

That's why, as an experiment, the other gods have decided to give their skills to the summoner. I've been assigned to you. Thanks.
Hi, nice to meet you.

 When I could see the sincerity in their attitude, I had no choice but to respond politely.

''Then, I'll have to give you the skill right away. Hi, this is the first time I've given a skill to someone, so I tried a little harder. ''Hi.''

 Then something shining from the hand of God appeared.
 That light shoots towards me.

I'm a god of modeling, so you didn't cut corners in creating your skills. So it might be a little difficult to handle, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it.

 The light sucked into my chest and disappeared.
 Inside, I felt myself and something else tightly assembled and fused together without boundaries.

'You want me to make full use of the 'supreme bearer' I've created, right?

 That was the mysterious experience I saw just before I came to the other world.

              * * * *

 From there, through the summoning of other worlds and an audience with the king to come to this uncharted land, I began to understand what that experience was all about.

 That was God giving me a skill.

 I don't know if the ten or so other summoners who were there besides me had the same experience, but I was given the skill anyway.
 Nevertheless, it's a big question that the priest judged me to be 'skill-less', but I suppose it's a minor question.

 Now is the time for me to try the power given to me by Hephaistos, the god of modeling.

Activate the Bearer of Excellence.

 I picked up a sickle from a set of tools spread out on the ground and grabbed it.
 The grass around me was overgrown, untouched by human intervention for hundreds of years.

 I swung the sickle at the grass.

 Zan," he said.

 The grass as far as the eye could see was slashed and scattered all at once in a single cleave.
 Did a vacuum wave come out of the scythe's blade? The range of the scythe's blade was hunted down in one fell swoop, an area dozens of times greater than the distance it could reach.

 And that's not all.

 Normally, weeds are so vigorous that they can revive tomorrow as long as there are still roots left in them after they are cut down.
 But the rest of the weeds that were cut by my sickle withered and withered to the roots.

"You've just reaped the life out of them...!

 The immense power to say so.

 Next I held the hoe.

'Again, 'supreme bearer'. Please.

 Since I'm going to use the hoe, I'm going to plow the soil, but I think I'm going to plow the area from here to there.
 So I swing the hoe down.
 Then something like a shock wave is released from the hoe and it runs through the ground and digs up the soil in a straight line.
 The shockwave reached the area I had thought beforehand that I wanted to cultivate up to that point.

".........the effect was extraordinary.

 There is no longer any doubt.
 The power of the Supreme Bearer given to me by Hephaistos has been proven.
 The power of the Supreme Bearer that I use is a skill that will bring out more than the maximum role of the tool in my hand!

 If you hold the sickle, you are a master of the sickle.
 If you hold the hoe, you're a master of the hoe.
The supreme bearer will change me.
 I'm sure that if I held other tools, it would make me a master of many different things.

"With this, even pioneering work will be a breeze!

 I'd like to build an altar to Hephaistos for giving me this handy skill and offer him onigiri.
 I don't know why, but I think that god loves onigiri.

 By the way.
 I wonder why the priests of the kingdom judged me to be 'unskilled' when they gave me this incredible skill?

 Hephaistos said.
'The god who originally managed the otherworldly reincarnation had a problem, so I took over.
 I think that's what it means.

 It was an irregularity that Mr. Hephaistos gave me the skill.
 Furthermore, he called himself the god of modeling.
 People who make things for a living, without being conscious of it, tend to set their sights on serious quality when they create something.
 As a result, the skill of "supreme bearer" was created by God's earnestness, and it has become something beyond the realm of skill.

 That's why my "supreme bearer" is a skill, not a skill, but something beyond a skill.

 If I dare to name it, yes.
 Let's call it a gift.

 An amazing power that God has given us.

 If the power God gives to people is a skill.
 The power that God gives to people is a gift.

 That would be my 'supreme bearer' classification.