4-03 Making a house

 Because it's a gift, not a skill, the 'supreme bearer' didn't respond to the priests' parameter readings?

 I don't know what the truth is, but as it turns out, it must have been lucky for me.
The awesomeness of the "supreme bearer" gift was overwhelmingly apparent even as I cut the grass with a sickle and tilled the soil with a hoe.
 If the kings found out that he had this kind of power, they would applaud him. I would have been sent to the front lines of battle with a legendary sword in my hand, no questions asked.

 I don't want to die like that.

 The fact that I am able to devote myself to tinkering in the dirt in the middle of nowhere is thanks to the fact that my gift does not insist on something useless, but keeps a low profile.

 I am so grateful.

 Let's keep thanking God while we continue to cultivate the land.
 First and foremost, we need to secure food, clothing and shelter.
 That is the minimum requirement for humans to live a human life.

 That's why we built a field to test the effectiveness of our "supreme bearer".


 If he could sow seeds and harvest a variety of vegetables here, he would have no worries about his diet.

But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

 I bought a lot of farm tools and tools from the capital, but I'm not sure if the soil here can hold enough nutrients to grow crops properly.
 Of course, the sooner we scatter the seeds, the sooner we can harvest them and the more stable the food situation will be, but we can't afford to let them die because of that.

 We can't fail.

 Let's give them fertilizer and grow them up slowly from the soil.
 I wonder where I'm going to get the fertilizer from?
 Should we still build a manure dump or something?
 Well, let's think this through.

 I've decided to focus my attention on something else.

 Of food, clothing and shelter, housing.

 If we are going to live here, we need a roof to protect us from the rain and dew.
 In fact, standing here, the weather is good, the sun is shining. It's perfect for camping out! The environment was tempting to say, but there was no guarantee that this livability would last all year round.
 It could come down to one rain tonight and we'd have to go to hell.
 Besides, the fact that the coastline is within view from here is a cause for concern.
 The sea breeze from the sea will be very bearable, even in winter.

 A house is definitely necessary to keep out the night breeze, but........

'....Should we think about where we're going to build the house?

 I'm talking about not building a house in a place where the sea breeze is going to hit you hard in the first place.
 And the same goes for a farm.
 A sea breeze blowing in from the ocean will not be good for your crops, and if a tsunami or something happens and your fields are flooded with salt water, you're out of luck.

I should have plowed some more secluded areas.

Even though it was to test the effects of the 'supreme bearer', the cultivated land that he had spread out at a good clip was spread out as far as the eye could see.

''Well, we'll just have to try things out.''

 I scoop up the softened soil with my hands directly from the hoe.

I'm going to ask you to do this for me. I'm going to ask you to grow a lot of good vegetables.

 With that wish, I returned the scooped up soil to the field.
 It was a sentimental act, and to the viewer, it could be an object of laughter. But I would later find out that this act would have a serious meaning.

              * * * *

 Anyway, it's a house.
 I bought all the carpentry tools I could find, so it would be easy enough to build a house if I had the lumber.
 After all, I have a "supreme leader".

 And securing the lumber was not a problem.
 The farthest land I had chosen for my home, close to the sea, but also close to the mountains.
 I went into the mountains and swung my axe to secure the straight and good timber.
 The "supreme bearer" was also very effective in carrying the lumber, and he was able to carry a single log by himself, which would normally take several people to lift.
 With this, it looks like you can use a log as a weapon in a fight.

 And in the meantime, we built a house overlooking the field we had just created.
With the "supreme bearer" gift, I'm a master builder with just a saw and a canazooch. There wasn't much difficulty with the construction either.

 I didn't even want to turn it into a full-fledged residence to begin with, so it was just a simple hut.
 It would be enough to get rid of the dew at night.

 Still, it was a good enough time to complete the work, and the sun was just about to set on the horizon.
 So much for today's work.
 I'm going to fill my stomach with the portable food I brought in from King's Landing. From tomorrow, I'll have to get my own food.
 Fortunately, this land has both mountains and the sea.
 For a while, going back and forth between the two sides and gathering the fruits of the sea and the mountains will be a way of life.

 Until the crops in the fields are ready to be harvested with fruit.

 Of the food and shelter, clothing is another important issue.
 I bought and brought in as many changes of clothing as I could from King's Landing, but that will run out at some point.
 I'll have to find a way to acquire textile clothing on my own before then, or I'll have to narrow it down to going to the city and buying them.

 I fell asleep thinking about this, and my first day of exploring another world was over.

              * * * *

 The next morning.

 When I woke up in the morning and left the hut, I was astonished to find that something had happened.

"It's sprouting...?

 In a field that I had just plowed yesterday.
 In a field where I hadn't even sowed any seeds.
 There were sprouts coming out.

Why? Why?

 Maybe there were some weed roots left in the tilled soil. Or maybe some wild seeds had been carried by the wind from somewhere.
 But the sprouts, strangely enough, were not a jumble, but grew in an orderly fashion.
 Could such a thing happen naturally?

No way...?

 I remembered.

 Yesterday, I scooped up a handful of freshly plowed soil directly from my hand and called out to him to grow some good vegetables.
 And then I put the soil back into the field as it was, and the soil was touching my hands.
 My hands were tinged with the gift of being the "supreme bearer," a gift that can make a person become an expert at something if they hold it, or bring out the maximum potential of something they touch.

 Don't tell me that the supreme bearer acted on the soil I held and sprouted a seed that I hadn't even sown?
 The moment I held the soil in my hands, the Bearer of the Supreme made me the best producer of crops?

 Isn't that too much to ask?
 Anything is possible!

 It's confusing, but I have no choice but to nurture what has already sprouted.
 My life as a pioneer in another world seems to have gotten off to a good start.