5-04 Water problem

 The most important thing in life.


 I have heard that people can live for more than a week without food, but they can't live more than three days without water.
 Securing drinking water was the first and foremost priority for me as I continued to live on the frontier.

 Now that we had built a house and secured our livelihood, we needed to make sure we had a solid water supply.
 To water the crops that sprouted up instantly for me, my next goal is to get water!

              * * * *


 I've told you the conclusion first, but well, let's start at the beginning and talk about it in order.
 First I made an attempt to get water from the first place I could find it.

 The ocean.

 The land I settled on faces the ocean.
 The Mother Sea.
 Mother Sea.
 Waves that come in and out. The essence of the waves is water.
 Yes, the sea itself is an inexhaustible source of water!

 Sea water. That is, seawater is salt water.
 You can't use it for drinking water.
 I know that, too. But that doesn't mean we should just do nothing.

 Can't we somehow use the inexhaustible seawater for drinking and living water?
 So I decided to try some things.

 The first and foremost thing I thought of was distillation.
 Heat seawater to a boil, separate the steam from the impurities, and then cool it down to make fresh water.

 Well, it's a lot of trouble just to imagine it, but it's worth a try for once.
 Fortunately, the pot is in a set of tools that I bought from the capital.
 I poured seawater into it. Put it on the fire and heat it up........
 Ah, but how do you catch and collect the boiling steam?
 How do you start a fire in the first place?
 While I was wondering about many things, my interest suddenly shifted to something else.

 Seawater in a pot.

 I'm just waiting for it to boil over the fire, but I wonder how salty seawater really is.
 I've never gone swimming in the former world, but that was a long time ago, and I didn't even like to drink the dirty sea water of the first world.

 However, the sea here is clear and clean, if I do say so myself.
 I felt like taking a sip of the sea water.....

 So I scooped up the seawater in the pot with my hand and took a sip.......


 Have I lost my tongue?

 I take another bite of seawater to check, scoop it up and bring it to my mouth.

''........I knew it.''

 It's not sour at all!
 Fresh water!
 It's plain water!
 What do you mean it's saltwater?

Isn't it possible... that seawater isn't salt water in your world?

 That's not impossible.
 This is a different world, a completely different place than the one I'm from.
 The things that were normal and commonplace over there may not be valid here.
 I'm not going to be able to get out of it," I thought as I looked down at the fresh water-like seawater that was being pumped into my hands.


 The water I scooped up with my hand.
 This hand has been performing unbelievable miracles many times since yesterday.

 They can demonstrate expert-level skills in response to the tools they hold.
 When I touched the soil, I sprouted a crop even though I hadn't even sown the seed.

 This is the hand in which the gift from God, the supreme bearer, resides.

"And when it touches the seawater...?

 I tried it out, pouring seawater directly from the pot into my mouth without using my hands.

"Huh? !

 It's hot!
 I coughed uncontrollably and spat out all the seawater in my mouth.

'But now it's clear...!

 It wasn't this world that was insane, it was me.
 It was my hands.
 The 'supreme bearer' in my hands had transformed the seawater I touched into excellent drinking water!

"........How versatile is the Supreme Bearer.......?

 Aren't you a little too enthusiastic about building your skills?
 Oh, it's a skill. It's something more than that.
 It's a gift. I mean, it's a gift from God.
 No wonder it's this versatile.

              * * *

 Well, the drinking water problem was easily cleared up like this.
 I scooped up water from the pot by hand and replaced it in the tub, because we needed water to sprinkle on the field.
 With that alone, the seawater became fresh water.

 The process is tedious and difficult, but if you imagine the process of making fresh water by boiling it, it's obvious that it's much more tedious, so I don't have the luxury of saying it.

 When I finished transferring all the seawater in the pot, I found a faint white substance stuck to the bottom.


 The water and minerals that make up seawater.
Did the "Supreme Bearer" divide them up just by touching them?

 The salt content is also salty, and it is an essential element for people to live, so this is helpful.
 After drying it well, I scraped the bottom of the pot off and got the salt.

 We've finished watering the field and everything is going well.