6-05  take life

 The house is secured, water and salt are secured, and the crops in the field are growing well.

 So next I decided to explore and go around the house.
 The first reason was to find food.
 The crops that have been growing nicely in the fields still have a long way to go before they can be harvested.

 The portable food we had brought from the capital was running out of food, so we decided to gather what was naturally available to us in order to keep ourselves alive until we could get a stable supply of food through agriculture.

 I was feeling like a Jomon.

 Fortunately, the land I bought has both oceans and mountains.
 Both of them were a treasure trove of life and food.
 So I decided to take a walk around after I had finished looking after the farm.

 First, the ocean.

              * * * *

 Zazaan, zazaan, and the sound of waves.

 The ocean in this world is far more beautiful than the one I was in.
 The ocean is blue and the sand is white.
 It's a true sense of unspoiled nature.

"It feels so good to just walk along the sandy beach...

 All that remained was my footprints on the beach.
 I felt compelled to swim in the sea.
 Since I was the only one here, there was no need to refrain from doing so. I took off all my clothes at once and jumped into the water.

The water is colder than I thought!

 Still, I enjoyed swimming to my heart's content.
 I haven't crawled for the first time in years.

 Of course, they don't stop at swimming and playing.
 The real purpose of coming to the sea is to gather food.

 Once again, one of the tools I had bought from the royal capital raged here.
 A harpoon.
 I was right to buy a harpoon as I thought there might be an ocean in the place of emigration.

 It was a cheap item, but it wasn't much of a problem for me as I have the "supreme bearer" gift.
 Just by holding this thing, I will be a great fisherman!

 Just a short distance from the shoreline, it turned into a craggy, rocky area.
 It is in those cracks in the rocks that small creatures lurk that could be used as food.

 Just by diving under the sea with a harpoon..........

(There it is, there it is........!)

 A gap in the rocks. Shadows of thick seaweed.
 I was most surprised when I caught a small fish, shellfish and octopus.

 It was a true "Got it! It was.

 It was quite wild and full to go up to the beach with these and roast them and eat them.
 The fact that we were able to acquire the salt beforehand made the meal even more enjoyable.


 I don't mean to say this after eating, but the fish and shellfish I caught in this ocean are slightly different from the ones from my old world.
 The color of their bodies, their horns and tusks, and so on.
 I think the octopus had nine legs. But I ate it without checking it carefully.

 Well, I suppose that's a different world if you want to call it a different world.
 When it comes to cooking, the gift from the gods, the "supreme bearer" ability, is still on display, and if you grab a knife, you can dismantle it and cook it with a swift motion.
 It is the "supreme bearer" who can even differentiate seawater into fresh water and minerals.
 Even if any of the marine products we ate today were poisonous, let's assume that the gift could be neutralized while we were cooking them.

 We were able to pick up more seaweed on the beach.
 It was somehow similar to wakame.
 I'd like to drink wakame miso soup eventually, but I'll wait until I can make miso soup here.

 There was also seaweed.
 We found it stuck to the rocks on the beach, so we picked it up and gathered it up, stuck it on a board and left it there, and it turned out to be just the right amount of dried seaweed.

A nice touch for a first time...!

 The next time I'll be able to make it more exquisite and thicker.
 It's like being reunited with a processed food that reminds me of my old world.

"If you wrap this in rice, you'll make a perfect onigiri...!

 When the onigiri are finished, I'll be the first to offer them to Hephaistos' altar.
 It's a great help to me because of the "supreme bearer" gift that God gave me.
 It's just some preconceived notion, but that God loves onigiri. I'm sure he loves them.

 But in order to do that, we need to grow rice.
 There's a lot of work to be done.

 I also found some sea urchins at the bottom of the sea, but it was impossible to collect them with my current equipment, so I gave up on them this time.
 I still don't have enough equipment and facilities to fully enjoy a self-sufficient life in another world.

              * * * *

 So, having enjoyed the ocean, we decided to go up the mountain the next day.

 We went into the mountain once to get lumber for our house, but this time we decided to look around, half in a hiking mood.
 Of course, the main purpose of this trip was to find something to eat, but the first thing we thought of in the mountain area would be nuts and wild vegetables, right?

 There may be mushrooms, but I've heard that those are difficult to distinguish from the poisonous ones.
 Such an ecology would be the same in another world, and it would be safe to not touch them until you have some knowledge of them.
Even if there is a possibility that the "supreme bearer" can purify the poison, what is scary is scary.

 As for the rest, well........


 You can also hunt in the mountains, just as you fished in the sea.
 However, hunting in the mountains against the beasts would inevitably involve dealing with bigger fish than the small fish in the sea.

 By all accounts, it would be very difficult, and it would not be a task that could be done with a day's picnic.
 So I made up my mind not to do such a thing this time.
 If I could pick up some wild plants or nuts, I would be very happy.

 And yet, I met a beast of the mountain.

 A beast of the mountain.

 Moreover, the Sohu was clearly different from ordinary beasts in its oddness.