7-06 Monster

A wild boar...?

 In the middle of the mountain, where the trees were thick.
 The moment I encountered this guy, a shiver ran through my body.
 I'm saying it myself, but this boar is not a wild boar.

 It looked like a wild boar, but it was a completely different thing.

 After all, it had horns.

 Two pairs of horns, reminiscent of bullfighting, extended forward as if they were going to be skewered.
 Not only that, the tusks that boars are normally equipped with are also much larger and sharper than the ones I know.
 It was a boar with a total of four and two pairs of projections.
 Its viciousness is incomparable to the boar I saw on TV in the original world.


 The horned boar has already noticed my presence and turned on me with blatant hostility.
 He rushed at me without hesitation.


 I narrowly dodge the bullet-like rush.
 The horned boar ran through with all its momentum and crashed into the trunk of a tree.

 Four large holes appeared in the trunk, and the tree could not bear the loss and fell over, meowing.
 The tree was so thick that it could have been used as a house pillar.


 This boar is clearly not normal.
 It's exactly like The Fantasy.

 Could it be that it is a monster that is different from ordinary animals?
 Of course, it's a different world, so it's only natural that there are monsters....
 While I was saying that, it rushed forward again!


 Anyway, the problem should be the strong hostility of this boar monster.
 The moment it finds me, its eyes say "I won't let you leave alive".

 I'm not going to come to another world and immediately die too!

 Is there anything we can use as a weapon?
 After rummaging through the equipment I had brought with me for today's walk in the mountains, I pulled out my machete.
 Originally, it was intended to cut away weeds and branches that would get in the way, but this is the only one I can use as a weapon.

 A horned boar.
 He's looking straight at me and scratching his hind legs.

I'm going to skewer you this time," he said.

 I grab the machete and gasp for air.
 The tension builds to a climax.
 The boar was the first to move.
 A bullet-rush.
 But I've already seen it once. If it's the second time, I'll catch the move more accurately, and while anticipating it, I'll hit the machete on the counter while dodging the attack with a single piece of paper!

 The blade of the mountain sword hit precisely between the horned boar's eyebrows and cracked its head.
 Bumo-ooh! And the horned boar falls to the spot with a beastly decapitation.

I won.

 I didn't feel like I was alive.
 Upon closer inspection, I saw that the machete in my hand was now just the handle and not the blade.
 It had been broken.
 The impact of the slash snapped it off.
 The blade was still deeply embedded in the horned boar's brow.
 Perhaps it had reached the brain, and this beast would never move again.

''Oh, I was scared. Those mountains are dangerous!''

 This was a different world, after all.
 Danger is lying everywhere. And there are some pretty vivid dangers.
 The reason why I was able to defeat this monster is because I became a top-notch warrior the moment I grabbed the machete with the effect of the "supreme bearer".
 Normally I wouldn't be able to attack and defend in a paper-thin attack like that, dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.
 It really is the 'supreme bearer' variety.

But........what should we do about this wild boar........?

 Essentially, it should be "Yay! Meat! The scene should be applauded.
 A wild boar is a relative of a pig.
 Its meat is said to be as tasty as that of a pig.
 If you apply the fantasy theorem to a boar with horns, it would be absolutely delicious, and you could make good use of its fur.

 However, in order to do so, the prey would have to be cut, processed, bled out and dismantled.
 To do this, I need a large, sharp blade, but the only one I have is the one that broke off just now.
 I don't have anything else to cut, at least not right now.

 While doing so, the breathless prey is rotting away more and more.

''It's a shame, but we have no choice but to leave it like this.......!

 I put my hand on the boar's corpse and decided to just leave.
 Although he had tried to kill me, I couldn't help but feel a sense of reverence for life.
 I thought about burying him in a mere form, but that would not be right as a law of nature.

 If we leave it as it is, other animals and birds will find a good meal and clean it up for us.

 I had already lost a lot of weight from this attack, so I decided to get off the mountain immediately.

 What I've learned this time.

 Mountains are dangerous.

 You should at least get into the mountains when you are a little better equipped.
 We should mainly go to the sea to gather food.