8-07 Meet the mermaid

 Another few days have passed since then.
 The crops in the field are growing quickly and we are busy looking after them.

 We're still far from harvesting, but they've grown enough that I can guess what they'll produce.
 Perhaps, in time, I'll be able to harvest my field....

 Tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, onions, cucumbers, leeks, carrots, squash, and cabbage.

 I guess that's about it?
I don't know if it's the effect of "supreme bearer", but it helps that even I, a novice farmer, can tell what kind of vegetable it is just by touching the stems and leaves in the middle of growing.

 But even so, it will still take some time to harvest.
 Until then, we'll just have to live off the sea.

 The mountains are scary, but I'm not going there anymore.

 So I woke up in the morning and took care of the fields, and then went out to the sea to look for food.

 Today, I was going to fish in an elegant way.

 I could go into the sea and catch a fish directly, but it is more efficient to catch a fish that migrates quickly in the sea by feeding it.

 I used a fishing rod, which was one of the tools I had bought from Wangdu, and dropped a fishing line from the rock.
 I could kill two birds with one stone by using the insects I had picked up from my farm work as bait.

 I hoped to catch a big fish.
 When I was basking in the sea breeze, I heard a voice saying, "I hope I can catch a big one.


 The fishing line was very taut and the rod was bent.
 The fishing line was very strong and the rod was bent.
 It was undoubtedly a big fish.

 I didn't try to pull it out of the water in a hurry, but first of all, I let it do what it wanted to do and waited for it to run out of stamina.
 I have the ability to be a supreme bearer, so if I let him hold the fishing rod, he'll be a top-notch fisherman.
 I'm confident that I can catch a single tuna with the raggedy rod I bought for two or three pounds in the royal capital.
 I'd have to struggle with it for a while.........

...and the pull is getting weaker and weaker.

 Are you getting tired by now?
 Then go ahead and get yourself fished out. My dinner!

 With a big splash, it was a big fish as expected.
 It was just as we expected.
 He was very lively.


Oh no! What the hell!

 It wasn't the big one I was expecting.
 It's definitely a big fish. It's as big as a human being.
 Or rather, it's half human.
 The other half is a fish.

I can't believe I was caught by a land-based man! Impossible! Moo!

 The sorts moan in frustration as they shake their b*tc*y tail fins.
 A mermaid.
 What I caught was not a fish but a mermaid.


 As expected of a different world.
 There was a mermaid?

 The bottom half is a fish. It's not a good idea.
 And she was more than enough beautiful, and she was about to charm you.

 I'm not sure if that was the case during the rampage, but my dripping fishing line was tangled all over her body and she was unable to move.
 A girl tied up. Something erotic.

'Hey Anata!'

 "You were fishing, weren't you?" exclaims the mermaid in a furious tone.

You were fishing, weren't you! "You were fishing, weren't you! I'm stuck in a bind, I'm stuck in a bind!

 I couldn't help but shudder, but when the other party is an intelligent body that can talk, I can no longer consider it prey.
 I'm going to treat it as an object of communication, and I'm going to treat it with civility.

 I carefully untie the line and take the hook out of my mouth.

"Did you take the bait well...?

 However, I was surprised to have the precious experience of putting my finger in a girl's mouth in the process.

 Anyway, it was a mermaid.
 When I was fishing, I caught a mermaid.
 I couldn't understand what he was saying.

Well, hello...!

 I had no idea what to do, but I tried to have a conversation anyway.
 The important thing is mutual understanding.
 Greetings are the first step of conversation.

You caught me for a job well done, Okabito!

 However, the other party's hostility was exposed.
 We're not going to be able to understand each other.

I'll be your wife now that you've caught me!

 And then all at once the distance was zero.
 It was really easy for people to understand each other.

"Wife! Why?!

 Oh, no, no, no, it's not.
 There is still a perception gap between her and I that is deeper than the Mariana Trench.
 There is no such thing as a Mariana Trench on this side of the world.

"Because there is no greater humiliation for a mermaid than to be fished out by a land man...! I am a defeated mermaid. The loser is doomed to give everything to the winner...! I'm going to give my body and soul to you...!
No, no, no...!

 Anyway, I got a wife.
 Mermaid wife.

 Is that what you want?