9-08 Mermaid Princess Platy

My name is Platy. My race is mermaids!

 The mermaid I caught said her name proudly.
 I'm not sure if she's around 20 years old or not. Her lively expression and wide open eyes gave the impression of a beautiful woman without question.
 Her skin was clear and taut, and her hair was lustrous and vivid.

 Even as a human being on earth, she would be understood as an immensely beautiful woman.
 If only the lower half of her body wasn't a fish.

''Oh, I'm Itonami.......or Kidan.

 Even though he had changed his name when he moved to the fantasy world, he had almost forgotten that name.
 I hadn't met anyone for the first time in my pioneering career, so I guess it's no wonder I forgot my name.

''Kidan...! That's my master's name...!
So, wait a minute.

 This little mermaid is trying to wrap up her story by marrying me completely.
 Why does that happen?

'We mermaids basically lick the ground species!

 Why are you trying to pick a fight with me all of a sudden?

'I can't believe I'm being fished out by a land man who underestimates me from the bottom of his heart...! My pride is torn to shreds! "What the hell's wrong with you, back in the water?

 Oh, I get it.
 Why don't you just go back to your buddy's house?

'I'm already tainted. I've been tainted by you. We can't go back to the sea! That's why we have to make you responsible for providing for us!

 But wait.
 I'm a human and she's a mermaid.
 Is there any way she could ever get married to a mermaid?

No, I mean, international marriage? I mean, I've heard it's hard for different species to marry each other...! I think we should reconsider this one...!

 Me, trying to prompt a flip-flop from generalities.
 When I remember the old stories I heard in my former world, I can't help but have a premonition that it will be a tragic love story, like marrying a mermaid.
 Even if I turn into a bubble and disappear, I'm not going to be able to wake up in a hurry, so would you please leave here with an open mind?

Different species? Oh, this one?

 She looked down at her own fishy lower body.

'Yes, with a tail like this. I don't think I'll be able to mate with you. Hold on a minute and...

 She takes a vial from somewhere and opens the lid and puts it on.
 Is it a liquid inside?
 She drank it all at once.

 Then a tremendous change occurred.
 The lower half of the fish's body split into two halves as she looked at it, turning into a human leg.
 The mermaid whose lower body became a person itself, in other words, just a person.

''How's that?''

 A lustrous legged beauty appeared in front of me.
 Now she was no longer a mermaid, she was a normal human woman from all angles.
 No, she was not just normal, she was beautiful to the extreme.

'I can live on earth with this and give birth to your children! You have no problem marrying me now, do you?
No....! Um.........!

 She was standing proudly in front of me with her two finished legs, but I couldn't help but be upset by her appearance.
 I'm not sure why, but her lower body belonged to a fish until just a moment ago.
 A tail fin covered in scales. She wasn't wearing anything else.
 Now that it had turned into a human leg, what would happen?
 Now she had transformed into a human lower body and she was wearing a spoonful of clothes, and she was showing a lot of things off!

'Put something on anyway!

 I don't care if it's pants or a waistband!
 Otherwise, my reasoning will be destroyed!

              * * * *

 In the end, the lower half of my spoonful of confusion pushed me to accept living with her.

'You live alone in a place like this? You have an unusual way of living, don't you?

 The hut that had been my own stronghold until today was visited by my first guest.
 No, she's no longer my roommate.
 It seems like she's really planning to live with us.

I've heard that land people, especially the human race, can only survive in groups, is that not the case? He said it's basically weak, so if you're on your own, you'll be killed by a monster in a matter of seconds.
Maybe it's the right thing to do.

 When I encountered a horned boar in the mountains, I really thought I was going to die.
 Humans are weak creatures by nature.

''Hmmm, so you're special then? It's true that they look like the human race, but the mana they wear is different from the human race and the demon race. ...so it's more and more appropriate for my husband.

 Prathi smiles a somewhat mischievous and bewitching smile.
 Once again, Prathi is her name.

 My wife, apparently.

 That's what happened in the course of all this talk.
 Although I'm not much of a barging wench, I am somewhat relieved to have a roommate called her.

 The reason is that although it's been a long time since I first started exploring another world, the loneliness is eating away at me more than I thought.
 I shuddered at the fact that I had almost forgotten my own name earlier.
 In order for humans to live like human beings, the recognition of others is still essential.

'So how are you living here?

 Prati asks me.
 She was now wearing my changeable trousers on her humanized lower body and keeping a uniform appearance.

 At first, she complained, "I don't want to wear these tacky clothes! But I couldn't back down, either.
I even gave her an ultimatum: "I can't marry you if you can't wear pants," and managed to make her give in.
 Eventually, I'll have to buy or make a costume that she'll like.

'No matter how....' I guess I'm trying to be self-sufficient here. Food, house, tools. A modest life where you make everything and consume it all yourself.
Hmm, that's weird.

 One word and he kicked me out!
 Godd*mn it! Doesn't he understand the romance of self-sufficiency! Doesn't it just seem like a pointless act!

But I understand that your husband wants to live like that. I'll do it.
Can you help me?

 What are you doing?

There's a lot of things I can help you with. Is this able wife of yours the master's "Juju-Soku"? I'll support you in your life.