13-12 Dungeon discovery

 I was getting used to living with Platy.

'I found a dungeon,'

 She suddenly told me that.


 Is that what you're saying?
 The one where you go underground to find treasures, fight monsters, and have bosses waiting for you at the lowest level?

 It's dangerous to think only on the basis of preconceptions instilled in me by the previous world, so I'll listen carefully to Prati's explanation here.

'I was exploring this area and found it at the cove. It's a cave type thing.

 You'd think he'd disappear from sight sometimes, but he did that?
 I mean, it's necessary, though. To explore around the habitat and get a good idea of what's out there.

 I was so traumatized by a horn boar attack as soon as I entered the mountains that I lost myself in the field work. I'm the one who should have completed it before the platys arrived.
 It's something of a disappointment.

"So what's this dungeon?
'What? What? Are you sure you don't know about dungeons, Master?

 They looked at me like I was looking at an unbelievable idiot.

 .........it can't be helped, I'm after all a person from another world.
 I have to be taught from the very beginning what all the inhabitants of this world know.

 I've been keeping this a secret, thinking that talking about it would be a problem, but now it occurs to me.

 I was summoned by the king of this world.

 So, in this world, summonses from other worlds are not so rare, and there's nothing to keep secret about them.
 So I decided to take the plunge and reveal a lot of things to Prati.

''Hee~, your husband was a brave man!

 When the explanation was over, Prathi looked like a lot of things had become clear.

'Brave? No, I'm not....
The people summoned from another world by the humans are called heroes, right? That much I know of, even the mermaid attaches.

 Does the definition of a brave person in this world refer to all those who have been summoned to another world?
 If that's the case, does that mean I'm a brave person too...?

'The legal magic used by the human race has the ability to call a brave man from another world. ........But that? Aren't brave men supposed to fight demons for the sake of the human race?
I don't like that sort of thing, that's why I'm here living in seclusion.
I love that life! I'm falling in love with your husband more and more!

 I'm glad to hear that too.
 I mean, I'm getting off topic. The topic of conversation right now is dungeons.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who is new to this world, so I'll give you a lecture. Let's go!
'Go? Where?
The dungeon. Wouldn't it be easier to see it in person rather than talk about it?

 We decided to finish today's worth of field work before heading to the dungeon.

              * * * *

This is a dungeon?

 It was a two-hour walk from our basic living area of the field.
 There was a dungeon that close by.

"....a cave.
Yeah, I told you, I'm the cave type.

 On the beach, in a corner of a raised rocky area, was the cave.
 At first glance, it looks like a nondescript cave.
 If I hadn't been told about it beforehand, I would have thought it was just a hole created by seawater erosion.

 However, the intuitive part of the cave is that you can feel a strong sense of abnormality.
 The feeling of stagnant air wafting from the entrance of the cave is nothing short of extraordinary.

 The tongue of an invisible giant beast is licking all over your face.

''As expected, it looks like you've sensed the strangeness of the dungeon with your own skin.

 Prathi wasn't too perturbed by this.
 She seemed to have already gotten used to this feeling. As expected of a current world citizen.

''Dungeons can be created in places where streams of mana have accumulated. The stagnant mana twists the space and creates an alternate world. That other world is a dungeon.

 It explains the dungeon, the theory of the dungeon in the first place.

  Or chi? The energy of the universe?
 Anyway, such things flow and circulate around the world.
 And depending on the place, the flow stops and there are parts that become stagnant. Those places become dungeons.

 That's why the mana in dungeons is so dense, and as a result of this concentration, it's said that monsters are reborn in dungeons.

 In other words, in this world, dungeons are where monsters are born.

The monsters born in the dungeon will eventually overflow out of the dungeon. The monsters that roam the seas above the ground are all from dungeons somewhere.
Isn't that a bad idea?
Of course. That's why dungeons in the vicinity of the residence are the biggest drawback for the residents. If they are left unattended and the area is overrun with monsters, they are a danger to themselves and their fields will be ravaged.

 It's a big deal.
 We'd be crying if some monster came out of this cave and ate all our hard-earned vegetables.

What are we going to do, Prati? Can't you crush this dungeon?
"You want to wipe out the dungeon itself? That's a huge task, because in order to do that, you'd have to change the flow of mana itself. It's more practical to dive in and take out monsters on a regular basis than that.
We'll get some monster material.


Anyway, let's get in there, dungeon. Let's go in and see what's going on inside and clean up properly.

 I guess cleaning up means defeating the monster. And not just one of them.

 Well, if it's as Prathi explained, it's certainly more efficient to clean out all the monsters in the dungeon, rather than letting them flood out first.

 Above all, I'm worried about letting my wife, Prati, go under the water by herself.
 Since I have no choice, I'll go with her.