14-13 Enter the dungeon

 From the outside, the dungeon looked like a seaside side-hole, but I was surprised when I entered it.
 The inside of the dungeon is incredibly neat and tidy.
 The walls, floor and ceiling are flat, just like the passageway of some castle.

 But the monsters were there, and as soon as they found us intruders, they attacked us.

'Sir! Stay back!

 Prathi took something out of the bag he had brought with him and threw it at him.
 It was a glass-making examiner.
 Inside are chemicals that shine suspiciously, and as soon as the examiner breaks when it hits the monster's body, it causes a terrible change.

 One chemical explodes into flames as soon as it comes into contact with the air. Another chemical froze the monster from the part it had been exposed to, and another chemical released an electric shock to numb it.

 That kind of battle potion seemed to be the mermaid race's specialty.

 More than ten monsters had already been eliminated by Prati.

 I just watched it from behind her.
 It's easy to do nothing and let things progress, but if I don't do much, I won't be able to stand as a man.
 I wanted to do something anyway, but I didn't know what to do.

 After all, I am a man of no use unless I have the right tools in my hands.

 The gift that God gave me, the 'supreme bearer', is the ability to become a master of all fields in accordance with the tools in my hands.
 That is, on the flip side, if you have no hands, you are useless.

 If I knew that I would even enter the dungeon, I would have prepared some kind of weapon.

 A sword had fallen in front of me.

'As expected of a dungeon.

 Local use of found objects is the best part of dungeons.
 As soon as I grabbed the sword, I became the Sword Sage.


 Prati's attack potion slashes through the monsters that have been struck down.
 This made our formation even more solid.

''That's my master! I'm going to fall in love with you all over again!

 The monsters in the dungeon were of various types.

 Snake-type and lizard-type. Orcs, goblins, and something close to a person. There were also those that looked like a piece of sludge that I didn't understand, and that I doubted were living things.

 We kicked all those things out and by the time we reached the bottom of the dungeon, we had reached the very bottom of the dungeon.

'Are we almost to the bottom? That wasn't as deep a dungeon as I thought it would be.

 'Still plenty of time,' says Prathi with an expression that says.

'I mean, isn't it time to leave?'

 I've cleaned up the dungeon, and for this amount of time, my fields won't be overrun with monsters to the point of damage.
 I don't want to do anything dangerous, and I don't want to have a big adventure.
 That's my credo for my otherworldly life.

''Hmm, you say that, but I'm curious about it...''
The way this dungeon is arranged.


 Well, for a cave, the interior is surprisingly clean.
 The floor, walls, and ceiling are so clean and flat that you'd think they were made by hand. Or is it made of stone?
 When we moved to the lower level, it was stairs.

 It's completely artificial.

 As an otherworldly person, isn't this what dungeons are all about in the first place? I wondered if it was still different?

''The monsters that came out were also somewhat under control. Maybe this dungeon, this dungeon.......is there.
Hello? What?

 You mean the dungeon boss?

'It's a super rare dungeon with the Lord in it. And it's also a super dangerous dungeon...!
'What? What do you mean?
Because there are basically only two kinds of people who can be dungeon masters. One type is the dragon. The other kind is....

 And as we were walking along, me and Prathi, both legs stopped at the same time.
 It was because the passage had come to a dead end.

 No, it wasn't.

 The end of what seemed like a wall was made to look like it could be pushed open.

The door...?
Structurally, this seems to be the end of the dungeon. I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's behind this door...

 Let's turn back now.
 Before I could say that, the door opened by itself.

 I wasn't doing anything.

 The cold air leaking out of the open door was intense.
 Suddenly my breath turned white.

''This demonic air...! No doubt....!

 Suddenly, Prati changed to a serious tone of voice.

''I knew this dungeon had a Lord........! And worst of all...!

 The worst of the worst?

 You said it earlier, Prathi. There are basically two types of dungeon masters, one of which is the dragon.
 And the other one is...?

"The King of the Undead. The No-Life King...!

 Waiting for us on the other side of the open door was a human wrapped in an extravagant outfit.

 However, although it had the silhouette of a human, its body was completely dried up on the surface.
 Like a mummy.

 If it were an ordinary human being, it would be obvious that he or she is dead for sure, but this guy is certainly alive.
 But it is indeed alive.

 A zombie.

 ........he was that guy.

 And from the way Prathi talks, he's the biggest and strongest of them all!