15-14 Immortal King

 The No-Life King.

 It is the deadliest and worst threat in this world.

 The undead undead, where the dead re-activate themselves against the laws of nature. It is said that the No-Life King reigns supreme.

 A great mage or a high priest with high magic and intelligence before he was born turned into the undead by his own will and became an eternal being.
 They have the stubbornness of the undead. He has the magical power to turn himself into undead at will.
 In addition to that, he has gained eternal life from a pseudo-object, and his intellect has been accumulated over a long period of time and is far superior to that of a mere human being.

 The Immortal King of No-Life is the culmination of all these various troubles.
 The only person who can match him is the dragon.

 In this world, encountering a dragon or the No-Life King means death.

              * * * *

 .........That's all the explanation that Prathi gave me about the No Life King.

 Was such a bad guy using this dungeon as his base?

 Stepping into the lowest level of the dungeon where the No-Life King was waiting for me was, of course, extremely dangerous.
 No, it's a level that doesn't matter how dangerous it is, because you will surely die if you step in.

 You can't escape even if you want to.
 After all, this is a dungeon where he's based, deep within the dungeon.
 The No-Life King, which far surpasses humans in both ability and intelligence, will never be able to escape from its target.

 All we can do is just stand up to it.
 That's our only chance of survival, even if it happens.

 That's why we fought as hard as we could.
 And we won.

              * * * *

How did we win?

 We were the ones who raised the battle cry.
 We won rather easily against the worst threat in the world!
 How in the world did that happen?

"Because of the sword in your hand, I believe.

 The defeated No-Life King-san was holding his hands up in a 'surrender' pose.
 His body was torn to pieces from being cut down by me, but he was a zombie to begin with, and I don't have a feeling that he was pretty much torn to pieces before he fought me.
 More importantly.........

''Huh? A sword?

 So that's the sword I procured locally in this dungeon.
 It was the main weapon in the fight against No-Life King-san this time, too.

You're surprised at yourself. You prepared the holy sword because you want to avenge me, the immortal king, don't you?
That's the Holy Sword? That's it?

 No, no, no!
 It's just a found object!
 A locally procured and locally used one! Moreover, I found it relatively close to the entrance, but is there a holy sword randomly falling out of the ground like that?

"Hmm...? Wait a minute.

 Mr. No-Life King turned on his heel and retreated to the back of the room and began rummaging through the miscellaneous area.

'I knew it was gone.'
'What? What?
"I had a holy sword in my possession. You have found your master and come to him.


The Holy Sword is a sword with a will of its own. The Holy Sword is a sword with a will of its own, and it chooses its own master to fight its battles. You have been chosen by the Holy Sword.

 With that, the Immortal Champion knelt down on his own.

My role in this world ends today, now that the holy sword has won the Lord. Please use the sword to put an end to my work in this world. With the light of the holy sword, I can purify my body, which is cursed by immortality.
You don't have to do that...!

 I didn't know what to do.
 I looked at Prati behind me for help, but she just shook her head and said, "I'm out of my depth.

 I guess I'm supposed to make my own decision.

 But this old man of the No Life King (?) (laughs) When you're in the presence of someone you can talk to, he seems like a very nice guy.
 I don't want to kill him for nothing. No, but he's already dead.

Ah........maybe, but I'm not the real owner of this holy sword.
I'm from a different world, and then the gods gave me an ability...

 He explained succinctly that if you hold anything in your hand, you can become a master worthy of your possessions.

''So I think this holy sword is only foully handled by the power of the gift. I'm not the true master of this guy. I'm sorry for taking it out without permission, I'll return it to you.

 And held out the holy sword.
 But No Life King's reaction was also exceptional.

''I see, with the magic of summoning the heroes.......! However, such an unbelievable ability no longer fits within the framework of skills...! 'Isn't this the gift of the gods, as the legends say!

 It became something of a respectful term.

"A summoner who receives a gift from God can no longer be called a hero. A saint. Have you always been a saint?
How did you manage to get yourself ranked?
Oh, Saint...! Pardon my ignorance, though! We're delighted that you've decided to visit a place like this...! I will give you the greatest possible hospitality, although it's late........''

 Five bodies were thrown into the ground by the undead king.
 What in the world is going on here?

 I and Prathi, who was accompanying me, were both stunned.