17-16 souvenirs

 This is how we finished exploring the dungeon in peace.
 It's a shame that we have to leave the field for now.

The materials for the monsters we defeated are a bit too large to bring home in one go. Would it be alright if you took the meat and other fast-footed items home and kept the rest?

 What a crisp and crisp Prathi is.
 The fact that he used different attack potions when attacking dungeons seems to have been a consideration for bringing back materials after defeating them.

 Monsters that had no place of use were blown away by the explosive potion.
 Monsters that were delicious and could be used as foodstuffs could be frozen with freezing potions.
 Rare monsters with valuable ingredients were blitzed with electric shocks to keep them alive and unable to act.

 What a careless wife she is!

It's a good time for you. Take this along with you.

 And the teacher offered me something.
 It looks like a metal-like lump....

"Is this mana metal? I can't believe I'm given such a valuable thing!''

 Prathi was surprised and overjoyed.
 You're like an old man in the countryside, giving me a lot of gifts on the way home, doctor.

We have more than enough mana metal in our dungeon. You can come back for more when you run out.

 He was a generous no-life king.

 .........................Oh, yeah.
 Speaking of bringing it back.........

''Master, I'll return this holy sword to you. It was originally here and........

 I hold out the holy sword that was still in my hand.

I've acknowledged you as the wielder of the sword, and that is why you are the rightful owner. If that is the case, then you are the rightful owner of the sword.

 Please put it away," the teacher just said, "but it's ridiculous.

 To me, who aims to take it easy and live a slow life in another world, the holy sword is useless.
 I was rather afraid of the flow of people leaving such a thing with me and getting qualifications such as "You are the one who can defeat the Demon King".

So I want to leave the holy sword behind in this dungeon at all costs.
"Hmm....in that case, maybe I'll hold onto it for you.

 The teacher received the holy sword, looking a bit disappointed.


 What a strange thing happened.
 The hilt of the holy sword stuck to me like an octopus' sucker and wouldn't leave my hand.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time. No! I'm not leaving.

 What kind of stubbornness is this?
 Does this Holy Sword really have a mind of its own, and you're determined to stay away from me at all costs?

"You have been given approval from the Holy Sword. It should be with you, after all.
Come on. Just take it. If it's so good, what good is it going to do for you?

 Prathi doesn't like to talk about it like it's nobody's business.
 ........it can't be helped.
 I also received a set of scabbards from Sensei and decided to lower them to my waist.

 This is how we left the dungeon after being seen off by the doctor.

              * * * *

Well, that was a good job.

 When he got home, Prathi was in a good mood.

'I never imagined I'd get along with the master of the dungeon! It's all thanks to you, sir! That's the person I was looking for!

 I'm both happy and embarrassed to hear that.

 I'd like to immediately dismantle the carcass of the monster I brought back and put it to good use, but I didn't have a blade for dismantling it.
 ........and then I thought, I found the holy sword.
 d*mn it, it's starting to come in handy right away...!

You brought back a lizard and a snake in one piece.

 The only thing that could be put to good use in any of these cases was the skin, and the meat was not likely to be eaten because of the strong animal smell.
 I didn't have the skills to tan the skin, but I heard that Prathi can do it for you using magic potion.

''After all, there aren't many edible monsters in a cave type dungeon.
Are there other types of dungeons?
That's right. There are three main types: caves, mountains and ruins. The most edible monsters are found in the mountains.


It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for. All of them are unrelated to mermaids like me, so I'd love to put them in my mouth...

 And it was Prati with an enthralled expression.

 One of the monster names she mentioned strangely caught my attention.

'Square Boa........'

 A squarehead?
 It reminds me of a horned boar I met when I was in the mountains before. That guy had horns growing out of his head, just tusks extending from his mouth and four in total.
 Connecting the tops of those horns, they seemed to represent a rectangle.

''Oh well...!

 Right now, it's more important to organize the things I brought back from the teacher's dungeon.
 The rest of the stuff........

''Come to think of it, what do you use this for?''

 And I took out a chunk of metal.
 It was some kind of mana metal that my teacher had given me as a souvenir in his spare time.
 Prathi was so happy to see this that his eyes changed color, but I don't know what's good about it.

'Silly me! This is a super precious metal!

 According to Prathi's explanation, mana metal, like monsters, seems to be a metal formed by the condensation of mana.

 In the overwhelming majority of cases, mana condenses and materializes into a monster, but in rare cases, when several conditions overlap, it crystallizes and becomes a mana metal.

 Even in dungeons that are mana pools, only cave types are capable of mana metal.
 If food-based monsters are the hallmark of mountain dungeons, then the mana metal is the biggest highlight of cave dungeons.

 It's hard and light, and can be used for a variety of purposes.
 Mana Metal is also known as 'magic metal' because it is originally made of mana, and it goes well with magic.

Is it like mithril...?

 One person selfishly agreed with me.

''With this much mana metal, I wonder how many swords I could make? Mana Metal swords, depending on the skill of the swordsmith, are hard to get at least ten gold coins per sword!

 That's almost exactly what we paid for the land.
 I see, that's a great deal of stuff I got.

 I've always wanted all sorts of metalware, and I guess it's good timing in terms of the materials I got.


 I've decided.
 I'm going to take this opportunity to make hardware.