18-17 Blacksmith

 Fire is essential for making iron and other metal products.

 It's used to melt and beat minerals.

 So I decided to build a kiln to utilize fire safely and efficiently to make metal products.

 I decided to build a kiln.

 However, we didn't need a kiln that big.
 The minerals dug out of the ground must first be heated to remove any impurities and then refined into pure metal that can be used in products, and this process requires a larger furnace.

 However, the mana metal we are going to process is a fantasy metal that was created by mana condensing in a dungeon.
 It's 100% pure and doesn't need to be refined.

 In that case, we have no choice but to use it.

 There have been many times in the past when I wanted to do things in my frontier life, but I had to postpone my plans because I didn't have the tools I needed...

 At such times, the things I was inconvenienced by not having on hand were usually iron products.
 The idea of returning to the capital city to purchase these products came to mind, but the capital is a month away from here, and I forgot how to get there.

 I don't want to go back to the capital to get involved with the people there after I started my pioneering life.
 I feel like it would be bad if I did.
 So I rejected this idea permanently.

 Be that as it may.
 In order to improve our life on the frontier, a stable supply of iron products is inevitable.
 We have to tackle this issue, which we have been thinking that we have to start at some point, now is the time to get serious about it.

              * * * *

 So, the kiln is made.

 A stone of a suitable size was gathered, piled up, filled the gap with clay, and hardened.
 Then we made a shape of the dome shape, and the kiln was completed at first.
 Well, I feel like saying a simple prototype, and plan to make many bigger and more functional kilns based on this experience.
 It would be nice to build not only a kiln for blacksmithing, but also a kiln for cooking, charcoal burning, and ceramics.
 My imagination is running wild, but now I'm making hardware.

 I put the wood into the simple kiln that was made and tried to light it.

 It burned much better than I expected.

 I added the combustion medium that Prathi made as fuel other than wood, but did it work?
 When I asked him what he used to make it, he said he made it by adding magic to the peppers he was growing in his spice patch.

 That's what peppers are for.

 The temperature was high enough, so I put the manna metal cut into the right amount and heated it up.
 How I cut it up was by using the holy sword.
 As expected, the manametal was like a pancake in front of the holy sword, and I felt awkward about the holy sword being active again, even though I thought I didn't need it.

 I hit the hot mana metal with a hammer and shaped it into shape.....

 And what was created.........

'Frying pan! Finished!

 It was a frying pan.
 In fact, I've always wanted a frying pan!

 When I came to this world, the only cooking utensil I owned was a small all-purpose pot.
 When I bought it in King's Landing, I thought it would be enough, but the longer I lived on the frontier, the more I wanted to develop a new repertoire of dishes and the more diverse cooking utensils I wanted.

 So when I became able to make metal products, the first thing I made was this frying pan.
 And it is made of manna metal.

 In order to test its performance, I set fire to the mana metal frying pan I had just completed.

 After it was hot enough, I chopped up some of the vegetables that Ola had grown in the field and threw them into the frying pan.
 Season them with salt and pepper...!

"Fried vegetables! Finished!

 It's a fairly simple dish, but it's a new stage of stir-fry, following the whole roasted and boiled dishes.
 My pioneering life has expanded to a new level here.

'Shut up. What's the fuss about?

 Prati, who had been holed up in her room mixing potions, also comes over.

''.........or does it smell good? What? New dishes? Eat and eat. If you used those delicious vegetables as ingredients, they're delicious no matter how you cook them! Which one?

 Prathi, a bite of the fried and softened cabbage.


 An exaggerated reaction came.

"What's this good? It's super f*cking delicious! Vegetables that were good just to chew raw, but just to cook them, magnification don! Sir! Who are you? What kind of person do you think you are, that you can make such a delicious meal?
"I'm glad you like it.

 Originally, I could become a professional chef if I held the cooking utensils because of the "supreme bearer" effect.
 But this time, I also liked the tools.
 This manna metal frying pan heated up much better than ordinary steel, but it never got any hotter than it needed to be, and it helped me cook as if it was the way I wanted to cook.

 Even though I had just cooked something greasy, it didn't burn and the grease stains came off with just a little polishing.

 If this is the effect of the mana metal, it is a dream metal.
 I'm just thankful to my teacher for letting me bring it as a souvenir.

'...But when you have the right tools, you'll want to use them even more.

 The ingredients on hand - and vegetables alone - will inevitably limit the menu.

 The oil I used for frying is also fish oil, a side effect of Prathi's fish manure making process, and not suitable for cooking.

 Prathi was happy to eat it, but I myself was not happy about it.
 I'd rather get the oil from a plant or a beast.


 I decided.

'I'm going into the mountains again to make more delicious food with this pan. And hunt a lot of mountain beasts and get some meat!