19-18 Mountain boar again

"Hey, really? There really is a square bore? On this mountain? Why didn't you tell me about this earlier!

 Prathi, who accompanied me into the mountains, is very upset.

 In the early days of pioneer life, when I entered the mountains to explore, I was met with a rough welcome by a mountain beast.

 Out came a wild boar with two pairs of horns on its head.
 It was a fantastical creature that couldn't be from the world I was from.

 Ever since that thing had nearly killed me, I'd avoided going into the mountains out of fear as much as possible, but I think it's about time to try again.
 Now I have a reliable companion in Prati and my main weapon, the Holy Sword.

 It's definitely not going to be as clumsy as the last time.

"Square bore

 Prathi, who is accompanying me today, is very happy.
 Based on my experience and her knowledge, the horned boar we encountered last time was definitely a square boar.

 It is boar-shaped, with its two pairs of horns sprouting from its head as its main feature.
 The two horns and the tips of the boar's original tusks formed a square shape, which was the origin of the square boar's name, as I had imagined.

 As a foodstuff, it is a very tasty monster, and there are adventurers who enter dungeons for the sake of it.

''........The monsters of this world are put to good use in many ways, aren't they?

 The monsters I defeated in Sensei's cave dungeon the other day, I've kept their skins and bones in a safe place.
 Speaking of which.....

Monsters are born in dungeons, aren't they? Was the square bore born in one of our teacher's dungeons?

 And how did they get out of the dungeon and settle in the mountains?

No, I don't. The teacher is a dungeon master who manages his dungeon well. He's the one who says, 'I don't let any monsters born in my place out,' so I can assure you that there are no stragglers.
That's the way it is...
Besides, your dungeon is a cave type, right? A cave won't produce a square bore, if it comes out it's a mountain type.
'What? Is that.........?

 Is it going to be that there is a dungeon separate from the teacher's dungeon, and that the square boar modified square boar came from there?

Or rather, here.
Here? What?
It's a dungeon. It's a dungeon, this mountain.

 It wasn't just drifting off, it was home base.
 What kind of a dungeon is this mountain?

''It's less than a day's walk from the teacher's dungeon.... It's rare that mana pools are this close together.
Are we in trouble? Should we be thinking about moving?
If it were a normal person, it would be dangerous, but it doesn't matter to you.

 Prathi said, as if he had complete trust in me.

It's a good idea to have a dungeon as a hunting ground for your level of strength. The fact that there are two dungeons in the vicinity of a dungeon means that it's an excellent place to live.
I'm not strong.
He's being modest again.

 The reason I'm able to fight gas guzzlers against monsters is because of the "supreme bearer".
 It's not because of my own abilities or efforts.
 I have to keep that in mind and never get proud of myself....

Speaking of which, here it is right away.

 When I was going up the mountain path through the grass and trees, there were many eyes looking down from the direction I was going.
 There were at least ten or twenty of them.
 They were the eyes of a wild boar with horns that I had seen before.

''This time it's a group!
''We've finally met, a feast for the earth!

 Fear and glee.
 Prathi's and my reactions were beautifully colored.

We're going to knock them all out! Sir! Make sure it's as clean as possible! You won't be able to eat meat!
"Don't make the laws of nature tougher to take down!

 Is it out of their nature as monsters that the horned boars will attack us the moment they see us?

 Are they carnivores in the first place?
 Are they coming at us to eat us?

 I asked Prathi half-heartedly, and she said "no".
 They just want to rush in and run over anyone who moves.


 If he's that annoying, there's no room for pity.
 I'm going to cut them all down and make a delicious meal out of them!

              * * * *

The Holy Sword is bloodthirsty tonight, my dear.

 No, I don't know if the holy sword is really bloodthirsty or not.

 I had received an order from Prati not to hurt him too much, so I used the holy sword to click open his brain and let him die in one blow.

 It was repeated eighteen times.
 Eighteen horned boar corpses were lying around us.

 I mean, I've gotten used to calling them horned boars, so I don't need to call them square boars or other official names anymore.
 There were other horned boars that had been killed by Plati's magic potion, and if you add them together, there would be about twenty-five of them.
 There were a few others, but they ran away in the middle of the hunt.
 I wish they hadn't attacked me rather than run away.

 We'll pay for the fireside chat. The weak and the strong.

 It's an iron law of nature.
 We should also follow this rule, and enjoy the life we've killed with our own hands as much as we can.

Meat of my dreams! The meat of the earthly beast~!

 Prathi does a little dance with the meat in front of him.
 He's a stubborn mermaid, devouring all the vegetables and food I've made with great pleasure.

 Anyway, if we're going to enjoy this meat, there's something we need to do first.
 Dismantle it.

 We had to divide the horned boar we killed into usable and non-usable parts, and treat the usable parts well to prevent them from being damaged.


 I had to do that treatment for 25 cows.
 Now I think about it.
 I killed too many.