20-19 Tool set

 As a result, the dismantling of the horned boar went more crisply than expected.
 It was because the holy sword was very active.

 After draining the blood out of a horned boar that had already been cut up, we peeled off the skin to get the intestines out, and then peeled off the skin to make only the meat.
 It's also a monster, and the corpse is quite stubborn and it takes a lot of work to cut it up, but that's only if you use an ordinary blade.

 If you use the holy sword, it's easy to cut them.
 Not just skin and flesh, but bones as well. You don't need to put any effort at all to cut them.

 No matter how long you cut, you won't get tired. It was surprisingly sharp.

 Moreover, it doesn't get dirty or smelly like a holy sword.
 For such an excellent holy sword, what an amazing price to pay for it now...!

  I won't sell it.

 I stopped this flirtation because I felt like someone was angry with me.

 Anyway, thanks to the holy sword, the horned boar turned into just meat as I looked at it. Prathi takes over the meat that has been dismantled.
 She takes out a magic potion and sprinkles it on the dismantled meat.
 Then the surface of the dismantled meat freezes white before you can even see it, and eventually it freezes to the core.

 Does that mean it's frozen?

 The frozen meat pieces were loaded one by one onto wagons for the trip down the mountain road.

 That cart had been hurriedly made just before we entered the mountain, at Prathi's request, using the scraps from building the hut.
 So Prathi had thought this far ahead and made a lot of preparations.

 Anyway, we descended the mountain with great enthusiasm, having achieved our goal.

              * * * *

 Now that we've gotten a lot of meat in this way, I'm going to change my perspective and talk about another side of things.
 Let's make some metalware! The story goes on.

 I made a frying pan from the manna metal given to me by my teacher, by building a kiln, heating the metal, and hammering it.
 It was the first hand-made ironware in my house.

 However, we still had a lot of manna metal, and we continued to make many things.
 The first thing we made was, of course, a frying pan, followed by other pots and pans.
 A large pot, a medium pot, a soup pot and a wok. If there are only these, most of the dishes will be possible.

 That is if you can get the materials.

 I also struck a small knife used for detailed work, and new knives for cooking.

 After all, rather than ragged knives bought in the royal capital, a kitchen knife forged from rare metals can definitely produce better tasting food.
 I tried out the new knife and it cut very well.
 It seems to cut both sides of a cutting board.
 And yet, it's not hard on the hand and doesn't get tired, and the food I cut doesn't stick to the blade and doesn't get dirty or smelly!

 All these knives at a price.................

 I decided to renew the iron products that I had bought from the King's Capital with manametal products.

 I decided to remake the hoes, harpoons, saws, harpoons, saws, canazes and shovels all made of manametal.
 The 'supreme bearer' works in all the work, and the result is a very good one.

 I plowed the untouched land with my new mana metal hoe, and with a single swing of the hoe, an area of about one rice field was plowed.
With one swing, we were able to cultivate an area the size of a rice field.

 In such a way, our place of residence has a steady development in terms of equipment.

 We had plenty of horned boar meat in stock, and we had plenty of food in reserve.
 We had been storing them in the hut we were staying in until now, but we might need a special food storage facility soon.

Let's build another hut, a special one for storing food! A special hut for storing food!

 Prati made the same suggestion.

'Not a wooden one, but a strong, sealed one made of stone or brick! I'll use my potion to lower the temperature in there to make it last longer at lower temperatures!

 A large refrigerator?
 If Prathi is here, the level of living will be comparable to what it was in the previous world.

''I mean, sir! Don't we have those square-boiled meatballs ready to cook? I'm already bursting at the seams with anticipation!

 If your heart is so full, you're not hungry either.

 Putting those jokes aside, the truth is, I'm worried about the square boar, which I call a horned boar.

 It's about its cooking method.

 Speaking of wild boar, it's a pig.
 The most delicious way to cook it is with pork cutlets.

 I'd love to make a pork cutlet with a crispy batter, too.
 This life of exploring another world.
 There are a number of things missing from making tonkatsu.
 The ingredients for the batter are insufficient.

 Bread crumbs.
 And eggs.

 Can I make breadcrumbs from wheat?
 Wheat was completely out of my consciousness and I didn't grow it, and even if I did get wheat from the effects of The Supreme Bearer, there are a lot of hurdles to grind and turn it into flour and bread and crumbs.

 And even if we got the breadcrumbs that way, I don't know where to get the eggs from any more than that.

'Hey Prati, is it customary in this world to use birds' eggs for food?
Bird eggs? I've heard of that sort of thing among the land people, but I haven't seen it in mermaid country.

 Why do you ask? I explained to him that if I had only chicken eggs, I could make a dish that would make the meat of a horned boar as tasty as possible, but he got super excited.

Let's go into the Mt. If it's a mountain dungeon, there might be a bird-shaped monster and at least one kind of guy that lays delicious eggs!

 Relying on dungeons again?
 I don't mind, but entering a dungeon sounds dangerous and scary.

........Oh, yeah.

 This time, it turns out that the mountain where that horned boar was found is also a dungeon.

'Doesn't that mountain dungeon have a master like you? I would never want to meet him if he was there...!
It's okay. It's not often that the Lord is in a dungeon. Just the presence of the Lord in the dungeon is enough to qualify it as a dangerous dungeon. And there's a dungeon right next to it, where the Lord is in charge. The Lord's dungeons can't be that dense!
That's the way it is.
''Well, I've heard that dragons nest in mountain-type dungeons. Maybe the dungeon owner's dragons will get angry that their territory has been raided and invade the dungeon?
So don't threaten me!

 Hahahaha, we both laughed.

 I would later decide that I needed to have a serious discussion with her about the phenomenon of flags.