21-20 Dragon Come

"You're the ones who ruined my dungeon?

 Suddenly, a winged lizard flew in from the sky.

 I've been working in the field while Prathi was in the middle of mixing up her magic potions.
 The loud voice startled her and she rushed out of the hut.

''What the hell was that! No way..., a dragon!

 Is it still a dragon?

 The appearance of the only way to think so.
 The entire body is covered in reptilian scales, with a lizard-like head and limbs.
 However, its reptilian scales were shining silver, and on its back were wings that would never be present in a reptile.

 The size ........................meh.

''I'll ask you again. It's you guys, right? Who slaughtered the monsters under my command in my dungeon?

 The dragon's power is so overwhelming that Prathi and others are almost peeing themselves.
 I'm going to have to defend her and take the brunt of the attack.

What's your dungeon? You mean over there?

 Then he pointed in the direction of the mountain where we hunted horned boars the other day.

''How true, that King Dragon Mountain is my territory. I am the only one who can do as I please in there.
What kind of a name is that?

 I mean, before that, can we go through with the matter of being able to have a normal conversation with this big f*cking lizard?

 ...you're a dragon.
 Well, that's just the way it is in fantasyland. I'll take that as a yes.

I don't care how many square-bores die, the great me may not feel itchy, but I'll be d*mned if I'm going to let these rats wander around in my own territory. Hence, I am here to kill the ruffians.
Well... it's true that we're the ones who hunted a lot of those horned boars... but...

 How did they find out? I can't help but feel that.

"Are you telling me that the owner of that dungeon is you?
"Exactly! ''They are fearless enough to raid a dungeon ruled by this Grinzel dragon, Veerle!

 I knew that dungeon had a Lord in it, didn't it!

 Prathi said that not many dungeons have a lord in them, but so far I've encountered 100% of dungeons with a lord in them!
 What's going on?
 Is it just that I'm pulling too hard?

"Well, we didn't know there was a master in that dungeon. I'm sorry that I trashed your turf, and I promise I won't do it again. I swear I won't do that again, so can you forgive me?
No, you can't.

 No mercy, apparently.

No mercy, apparently. Did you think that I, the Great One, would consider your little wormy ways? If you leave a bothering fly in sight, you'll get licked by other dragons for your weakness.'

 Is it the same in every industry that if you get licked, you're done?

"Therefore, I will wipe you out without a trace! You may die while repenting of your sins!''

 As if the death sentence was over, the dragon took a deep breath.
 His chest swelled up like a balloon.

 And then the exhale, at the same time, a huge flame shot out of the dragon's mouth.
 Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And.

''Gyaaahhhhh? I'm going to die!

 Prathi screamed loudly next to me.
 This Breath of Fire was indeed on an unbelievable scale, enough to burn me and Prathi to the ground and return all my fields to ashes at once.

 But of course I wouldn't allow it.


 I drew the holy sword from my waist and swung it away in a friendly manner.
 With that alone, the flaming breath was slashed to a straight line and disappeared without leaving a single spark of fire.


 The entire process took the dragon by surprise.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it. It's a good thing that you're not the only one. No, not only did you slice through it, you also made it disappear without a trace?

 Thank goodness.
 It seems there was no damage to the field, the sparks of the fire didn't spread and burn a single leaf.

I'll tell you again. I apologize for vandalizing your dungeon without permission. I'm sorry.

 I bowed my head politely.

I apologize, but I'm not going to give up my life to make amends. If you want more money than you have to pay, it's a fight. I'm going to have to kill anyone who tries to kill us in order to protect something I care about.

 He thrusts the tip of the holy sword towards the dragon's nose.

'Lord of the dungeon. Are you ready to fight for your life with me?''

 The dragon flinched and took a step backwards.

 I've used strong words that are not my style, but of course I didn't mean them sincerely.

 I'm hoping that my threats will make them back off, because there's nothing better than proceeding in peace.
 The guy who cares about appearances is a speculator deep down, you know.

"That's enough for now, silly.

 In the place where the standoff between us and the dragon continued, a third party's voice suddenly rang out.
 And this voice, this voice is familiar.
 This squawking voice that seemed to ring out from the depths of the underworld.......

 The Lord of the cave dungeon, the No Life King's 'teacher'.
 Why are you here!