22-21 The King of Death Again

 The No-Life King.
 The king of the undead.

 They are said to be the two most evil things in this world, along with dragons.

 That means that the two most evil things in the world are lined up in front of my house...
 What is going on here?

"I'm sorry, my saint.

 The teacher calls me a saint.
 I wish he would stop calling me by that exaggerated name because it's too embarrassing, but he hasn't listened to me, even though I've corrected him several times.
 I'll just have to give up now.

'I think it was a hundred years ago that we met before. It is a shame that our reunion with the saint has turned out like this.

 It's not a hundred years ago.
 It hasn't been more than a month since we parted in Anata's dungeon before.
 As an undead that has existed for over a thousand years, is it a so-called undead joke that our sense of time is completely different from that of the living?

''Well no, I don't know what's going on if you apologize out of the blue. I mean, teacher, did you manage to get out of your own dungeon?
"I'm so skinny, I need to go out in the sun once in a while to dry myself out, otherwise I'll get moldy.

 It's an undead joke.
 It's really hard to tell if he's joking or serious...!

"And as for the reason for my apology...
Yes, sir.
"I'm the one who gave that dragon a run for his money.

 Already the dragon had been folded up by the appearance of No Life King-sensei in addition to the threats from me and had completely lost the will to fight.
 He was standing on a stick, forgetting to move.

''Did you almost kerosene? So you're saying that it was the doctor who sent this dragon to me?
'As it turned out, that's what happened. I'm sorry to repeat myself.

 As a result.....
 That's not a very nice thing to say.
 It's just like asking me to listen to the details.

 I had no choice, so I decided to ask him in detail.
 So I decided to ask him about the details.

 The No-Life King's teacher and this dragon have had several skirmishes with each other in the past.
 Since the dungeons they control are so close to each other, it should be said that they became enemies as much as possible.

 In the midst of such a balance of power, the mountain dungeon controlled by the dragon was ravaged by someone.
 According to the details, the dragon was just taking a nap at the time, and the attack was only noticed after he woke up.

 Enraged, the dragon immediately picked up the culprit in his mind.
 The first candidate was a teacher who lived in a nearby dungeon.
 Or rather, there was no one else.

''........So you're saying that you immediately attacked the teacher's dungeon?''
'Yes, you barged in out of the blue and said, "How dare you storm my turf! And so on and so forth. I was greatly perplexed because I had no idea what to expect here.'

 As a teacher, he's a completely unremarkable frame-up.
 But given the geopolitics of this area, there is no other daredevil who would raid the dragon's territory except him.
 The culprit is in here! However, there was only one potential culprit.

 But that was also in the past.

 A new resident has only recently joined this land.

"It's me?
"Your name just popped out of my mouth the moment I remembered it. And before you could say "ah," the little girl scampered out of the room.

 So, doctor, you were in a hurry to come after me?
 He's still a disciplined man.

''I understand what you said, but it's still not something for you to apologize for, sensei. We're the ones who actually wrecked the dragon dungeon and...''
As I thought. But that's not why you are to be blamed.

 Doctor, I assure you.

I understand that as an ex-human. The dungeon is an important place for people to earn their livelihood. The dungeon is a place where people can get food, building materials, clothing and even tools.

 That's why people apparently even organize adventurers to take on dungeons.

'For the master of a dungeon, intruders are an everyday occurrence. If you are challenged, you should stand up to the challenge, but if you are in a mountain dungeon, you should be able to get angry if the shallow part of the dungeon - or should I say the "foothills" if you are in a mountain dungeon - is somewhat ravaged in the vicinity of the entrance anyway. 'Too rash to leave the dungeon and chase after it,'

 Both eyes, gleaming on the teacher's dry face, stared at the dragon sharply.

You are too narrow-minded and childish for a strong man. You are too narrow-minded and childish for a strong man. You will be able to find out if this is the reason for your success as the successor to the Geyser Dragon?

 The giant dragon's head just drooped in a paragraph.
 It was truly a child being scolded.

''The reigning champion of the dungeon should just laugh at the little intruder and leave it at that. Only when he reaches the depths of his own home does he need to give them a twist of praise as well. That's the measure of a strong man.

 As the dungeon master's senior, he is a professor to his juniors.

''I'm not going to get angry and chase you out of the dungeon. It's more likely that you'll get angry and chase them out of the dungeon, which would reveal your shallowness. And the saint who is here is much stronger than any other adventurer. You can't go through the motions without thinking about it. Furthermore, I'll be accused of being a knothole who can't even tread on my enemies' prices.

 The dragon looks frustrated that he can't say anything back.

'Hey corpse-modder. Who is this ningen? That guy sliced through my Extreme Flame Breath with his sword. Can any ningen do that?''

 I thought the teacher smirked, but I still lacked the experience to read the expression from the undead's unique dry look.

''I suppose it's possible. With the power of the holy sword.''
''Holy sword!''

 The dragon's gaze is focused on the blade in my hand.

I'm sure you're not the only one. That's the evil sacred sword Dryschwartz?
Did this sword have a name?

 There's a lot of things to call it.

"What's going on here? That's the sword my father told me to get from you! How dare you let a ninja steal it from me?
"The Holy Sword itself has chosen its owner. "He had no right to interfere with me.

 I'll tell you clearly.

I've been told that it's your fault for not being able to fulfill your orders and smoking out. I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
"I'm willing to follow this person who is recognized by the Holy Sword as my vassal. If you wish to harm him, then I'd be your enemy.

 As if it couldn't say anything back, the dragon spread its wings wide.
 It's time to run for cover.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it today! You'll remember it later!''

 It was a completely discarded line from Zako.
 The dragon that tried to fly away as it was........

''Wait a minute.''

 I grabbed his tail and held him back.
 No, I did.

 I think it's the effect of the "supreme bearer" that I was able to hold the huge dragon body down with one hand.
 I'm sure you'll be able to do whatever you want as long as you basically touch it with your hand.

It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in the middle of the night. It's also a good idea to make sure that you're not going to have to worry about it.

 The dragon itself(?) It was a big surprise.

'You won't be in a hurry to leave.

 I said, "Well, since we're here, why don't we go get a bite to eat?

"Well, since you're here, why don't we go get something to eat?