23-22 First feast

 The riot of the dragon attack.

 After listening to the story and judging it comprehensively, I think the worst culprit is me.

 The fact that I'd walked into a dungeon under the control of a dragon, killed a monster, and taken its corpse away.
 And there were many of them.

 If that's what made them angry, then they need to make an example out of us.

"Prati. Prati, I need you to go to the pantry and get me some horned boar meat. One horned boar.

 The pantry that Prathi had requested had already been built, with wild boar meat from the mountain dungeon, vegetables harvested from the fields, and fish caught in the ocean all thrown into it.

Are you..., are you going to do it?
Yeah, well.

 I decided to serve the food for the dragon.
 It was originally the meat of a monster I'd caught from his dungeon. What would be the harm in having the dungeon master eat it?

 However, we haven't progressed from a situation where we still don't have much in the way of seasonings, and what we can make is limited.

 I decided to cut the thawed wild boar meat into reasonably thin slices and pan fry it.
 Add some salt and pepper, some garlic, season it, and it's ready to cook.

 Pork steak.

 No, it's not a pig, it's a wild boar. And to top it off, it was a monster boar.
 Moreover, beef, not pork, is usually used for steak. It was a dish full of complaining points in every respect.
 However, in light of the current lack of seasonings, it's safe to say that this is the best menu that can be put together with what we have now.

''...What is this?

 The dragon looks at the pork steak on a wooden plate and wonders.

'What do you want me to do when I'm served such a small piece of meat? You can't even distract me from the loneliness of my mouth with this, can you?'

 What I've just given you is only the standard size for humans. It's not even a piece of chewing gum for a dragon that is much larger than a human.

It's not polite to refuse what is offered, so let's just put it in our mouths.

 Muttering something devious, the dragon dexterously pinches the plate with his fingertips and throws the pork steak into his mouth, just as if he were gulping down a bottle of liquor with a boar.
 Wouldn't you burn your mouth with that kind of eating? This was right after I was worried about the situation.


 I received a reaction that was much more than I had imagined.

"Oh no! It's so good! It's so good! What is this? It's so good!
"Hohoho, you got some for me too?

 A calm teacher next to the frenzied dragon.

''Yes, well, you were very helpful to me the other day and...''

 I tried to make another dish, at least as a thank you, but was it too soon, as expected?
 After all, the undead........are you going to eat your dinner?
 Normally you wouldn't eat it, because it's already dead.
 And then I ate it normally.

'Hmm, this is good!'

 It was a normal tongue-in-cheek experience.

The way the meat is cooked is also very well done, but above all, the seasoning is good. There are condiments used that we haven't even known existed before. No one in the royal palace could offer such a flavor.

 It was a goofy compliment.
 I see......... I wondered if it might be possible, but after all, they don't have any kind of peppers or seasonings in this world? Or is it garlic?
The effect of the 'supreme bearer' is that it's cooked to the best of its ability, and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.

'Master! Steak for Attah and Attah for you!

 Prathi was also faithful to his appetite and was running wild.
 Hai Hai, I'll cook you a new one now or just give me a moment.

"Yummy! Delicious! Yummy!

 And the dragons are noisy.
 It's good that they're happy to see you, but there's a limit to what they can do.

 I was just thinking that, when suddenly the dragon's body started to glow.


 Oi oi, you don't think there's a reaction art that glows with deliciousness in this world? But apparently not so much.
 The body of the glowing dragon shrinks down to a zunken size, emitting light.

''Huh? What's going on?
This can't be...?

 We have no choice but to leave it to the only person who can figure out what's going on, Sensei.
 The amount of knowledge I've accumulated over a thousand years as an undead man is now revealed!

Humanization is happening?

 And so on, the light emitted from the shrinking dragon gradually subsides.
 And after the light disappeared completely, what was left was a smaller dragon. ........but it was a human woman.


 And she was extremely beautiful.

 Dressed in a gorgeous dress, she was a beautiful, aristocratic-looking girl. Her scraggly, voluminous silver hair was the same color as the scales of that dragon.

''Ah, what in the world are you...?''

 I asked that beautiful girl fearfully, and she replied.

''What are you talking about? The great Grinzeldragon Viel. Do you think you have forgotten my face?

 I didn't forget!
 Even if you haven't forgotten, it doesn't mean anything if the original has been completely transformed!

 The dragon turned into a girl.
 I know you don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm just going to tell it like it happened.
 It's starting to feel like a fantasy in a way!