24-23 Dragon Princess Veil

 It seems to be a special ability found in dragons.

 It is said that dragons, which are originally high in magical power, can use their power to change their appearance at will.
 It is said to be extremely rare, and it is an ecology rarely seen outside of dragons, but I had a sense of déjà vu.

 Then it hit me right away.

 The mermaid Prati standing next to me on two legs.

It's a good thing that the human and demon races are weak, but they create a variety of cultures and create entertainment.

 The teacher follows up.

'Dragons who imitate people for their entertainment, which is actually quite common.
'Mmm! That's what I'm talking about!

 The beautified dragon said.

I love this dish you made! It was so different from swallowing the same square bore whole!
"You didn't swallow it all in one sitting!
And then I thought to myself... I thought carrots were best eaten in their ninja form! That's why I decided to try the humanization I learned from my father a long time ago!


"Gaiser Dragon, King of Dragons. Also known as an imperial dragon.

 The King of Dragons........
 That's a terrific title that makes me shudder again.

''Forget that, Ningen! We need new meat. I haven't eaten enough of your food!

 The silver-haired beauty said, "I'm sorry," and brought out an empty plate.
 It's amazing that this was a terrifying dragon just now.

"Wait a minute!

 The Mermaid Princess lunged at the beautiful dragon girl.

''It's the master's turn to cook meat for me next! You have to keep your turn!
What do you say, mermaid? I don't care about order. He who is strongest gets everything. Isn't that the absolute rule?
'Then the absolute rule here is my husband! Did you forget that you tried to run away in a frenzy!

 Why do women always get bothered when two or more of them get together?
 It is said that if three women come together, it is not good, but if there are two, it is bad enough.

 Well, it's more fun if you think it's more lively than noisy.

 Anyway, we thawed a whole horned boar, so we're going to consume it all today.
 Normally it would be an impossible amount of meat to consume, but considering the original size of that dragon girl, it should be a piece of cake.

              * * * *

"It's painful~ I can't eat it~ I can't eat it...!
Me too~!

 It was impossible.
 Apparently the size of its stomach is human-compliant when it's in human form.
 We ate like we were competing with Prathi for a while, but we were already full after about the fifth drink.
 There was still more than half of the thawed meat left.
 What do we do, do we refreeze it?
 Or maybe this is a good opportunity to try your hand at ham or smoking?

"Veerle is the daughter of the Emperor's dragon.

 The teacher spoke up without bothering.
 I heard that earlier.

 The Emperor Dragon Geyser Dragon.

 The letters of the name alone are terrifying.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. The title is passed down from generation to generation. I've heard that the current generation of Gaither Dragons are starting to choose their successors, the next Gaither Dragon.
You think that's the Veerle?
It's one of the candidates for now, though. It is said that the current generation of Geyser Dragons gave each of the candidates for succession a test. The person who overcame that ordeal would remain the candidate...''

 This is repeated until there is only one last person left, and whoever remains is the next Geyser Dragon........

'It is said that the test imposed on Veerle is to get the holy sword from the eagle. There are several holy swords in this world, but they are all so powerful that they have become legendary for their existence.
And one of them is... this?

 I look down at the sword that rests at my waist.
 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not a good person.

It's about fifty years ago that Veerle bravely attacked my house. But even a dragon is no match for a young man like me.

 Just so we're clear, did you defeat the dragon, the Immortal King?
 Apparently the two biggest disasters in the world are dragons and the No-Life King, but isn't Sensei one of the No-Life Kings who is super strong?

''If you run back, you will be disqualified from being a candidate to succeed the Geyser Dragon on the spot. Veerle could not return to the Dragon Emperor's Castle without stealing the holy sword from me.

 So he settled down near the teacher's house and looked for an opportunity to steal the holy sword while holding his breath.
 That mountain dungeon........

''Don't get too cocky, Ningen!

 The Dragon Princess - Veerle turned her swollen belly on its back and yelled.

"Father has charged me with bringing back the Evil Sacred Sword. Then there is no use for the Immortal King without the Evil Sacred Sword! We want you! The new owner of the Evil Sacred Sword!
'We shall see! I'm going to burn you whole with flaming breaths right now and pick up the Evil Saint Sword from the ashes! Offering the Evil Sacred Sword to your father, I'm one step closer to becoming a Geyser Dragon again...? Huh? What are you doing?
Stop! Don't push my belly! If I press my belly now, the contents will reflux. What's the matter with you? It's a disaster! And you don't want to take the food back. Stop, stop, stop, stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, forgive me!