25-24  Settlement

 Now, the Dragon Princess Veerle from then on........
 After getting full from the pork steak, when her digestion progressed and she was able to move again, she once again challenged me to a fight.

 Apparently, my sense of mission was revived by listening to the teacher's explanation beside me.
 In order to overcome the ordeal given to me by my father dragon, he returned to his dragon form and attacked me.
 He wanted to take the holy sword from you.

 I didn't want to get killed in vain, so I used the holy sword to fight back.

 I won in five seconds.
I was surprised at how strong I was.

 I beat him with a viel, who tried again, undeterred, and as I tried again and again, my stomach digested, so I cooked a steak with the leftover thawed meat, which the viel was happy to eat.
 When he's full, he'll attack again.
 Defeat it.
 And repeat.
 I'm starting to get tired of it halfway through, so I decide to use a last resort.

'If I die, you won't be able to eat any more steaks.

 That stopped Veerle.
 The dragon had been baited.

'If we are to survive our father's ordeal, we must kill this ningen. If we kill the ningen, we won't have any good meat to eat. What am I going to do ah........?

 He was truly and sincerely worried.

''As long as I honestly hand over the holy sword, will that be enough?

 When I think about it, I don't really have any reason to be attached to this sword myself.
 The person who wants it the most should own it, don't you think?

That's it? Can we have one? Well, it's not too late for that. Give it to me! For me now! Give me the Evil Saint Sword!

 Veerle clutched at me with a change of color in his eyes, but in conclusion, it was still no good.
 I'm not going to be able to get the holy sword out of my hand like I always have.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good reasons to go for this.

"Oh, I knew it!

 The situation was half predictable, so I gave up quickly.
 I'm sure you're not going to be able to return to your father's side without the holy sword, so you'll still be living in the mountain dungeon, thinking of ways to get the holy sword away from me.

''Remember, Ningen! I'll definitely take the Evil Sacred Sword out of your hands one day! In the meantime, I'll come back to eat delicious meat from time to time, so please take care of me!
Oh, you can come by anytime.

 This is how I got another good friend of my neighbors.
 The second one after the teacher.
 On my list of acquaintances, the world's two biggest disasters are fast approaching!

'Thank God! Then you can continue to collect and hunt in that mountain dungeon from now on!

 Prathi went crazy about that.
 That was the point where she was most pleased.

''It doesn't mean that from now on, we'll be able to get consistent, square bore meat! And that's not all, the ingredients you get in the mountain dungeons are a lot more plentiful than in the cave dungeons! All those useful colors, and the master approves of it?
Don't get cocky, mermaid. Don't get cocky, mermaid, I won't allow you to catch them all as much as you like.

 It didn't taste so good.

"The monsters in my dungeon are a valuable source of food for me, too. They will be no match for me if they consume all my food.

 When I asked him for details, that square boar, or horned boar, was Veerle's favorite food.
 Attacking it in the form of a dragon and swallowing it whole while it was still alive was his favorite food.
 This time, he was so angry that he came to beat us to the ground because he was frankly mad at us for overhunting dozens of those square boars.

The amount of food we eat is insignificant compared to the amount of food you eat when you turn into a dragon. The amount of food we hunted this time was also intended to be consumed over the course of a year or so.
Is that so?
And with our help, we can eat square boas in a way that's far better than swallowing them whole. Hasn't that already been proven?
Oh, my God, yes.

 We can get materials in dungeons with the approval of the dungeon master, the dragon.
 Veerle can eat his prey in a more delicious way as a reward.

 A splendid give and take has been established...!

If you decide to do that, I need to talk to Veerle about it.
What's a ningen?

 Horned boar is not the only thing that can be collected from the mountain dungeon where Veerle lives.
 There are many other kinds of monsters living in the mountain dungeon, and there is also an abundance of wood, wild vegetables, nuts and other goodies from the mountain.

 If you think about it, the hut we live in was built from wood cut from the mountain dungeon in Viel.


"Are there any bird-monsters in the dungeons you control?

 I heard earlier in the story of Prati that there are also several types of bird-type monsters.
 I haven't heard of them specifically, but I wonder if there are any in the Veerle dungeon.

'Of course there are, lots of them. But I don't know much about them, they're smaller than square boas, they don't have much appetite, and they're not very tasty because they're too bony.

 Apparently, in the ville, the food rank of birds is lower than wild boar.
 And it's below with quite a bit of pause.

''Sir, could it be?''

 Prathi gulped down a gulp of raw saliva as he remembered his earlier story.
 'Yes, I'm talking about eggs.

'Poultry is nice, but right now I'm craving for eggs.

 Veerle also has a puzzled face.

'If there's a kind of monster that lays eggs on a regular basis, I'd love to catch it and keep it...!
'With the eggs, you could make a better square bore dish than the one you just had!

 Prathi's excitement propagated to Veer.

'What! Even the dish I had today is outrageously good, but even better than that! And now you can do it with chicken eggs?

 You need breadcrumbs as well as eggs, but you're one step closer.

 And it's not just pork cutlets.

Eggs are the name of the game. Eggs would open up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

 The two beauties responded to those words at the same time.

''..........Mister, question.''
How much does the repertoire expand, exactly?
That's gonna be dramatic.

 Eggs on their own, but also fried eggs, fried eggs, and boiled eggs.
 And there's an explosion of things you can make with other ingredients.

 ...Oh, if you have eggs, you can make mayonnaise.
 The seasoning will be abundant again.

 And eggs are essential for sweets too.
 There are still a few problems to be solved before we can get to that point, but it's a dream come true.


 Platy? Vire?
 What have you been mute about?
 And you're pulling and shaking your body?

I'm leaving! Let's go back to our own dungeon now!

 I thought, but suddenly Veerle exclaimed.

'We must capture the bird-shaped monster by the roots! And the screening! I'll find the one who lays the eggs that are worthy of your request!
Wait, Veerle! Take me with you! I have a better eye for monster biology than you do!

 Thus, Prati rode on the back of Veerle, who had returned to his dragon form, and flew away with him.
 Huh? Are they close?
 When did that happen?

"It's a very lively bunch of people who live...

 And the No-Life King teacher has so far just watched the situation in silence.
 Quietly. That's exactly what he was doing, watching from behind the grass and leaves, and he didn't realize an ounce of his presence.

 A true king of the dead. That's as good as it gets.

              * * * *

 This is an aside, but the chicken-shaped monster I'm looking for wasn't found in the mountain dungeon controlled by Veerle after all.
 Instead, it would be found in the cave dungeon where the teacher lives.