26-25 Sashisuseso

 There's something I'm keenly aware of from what's happened so far.

 It is an overwhelming shortage of seasonings.

 Food, the basis of life.

 It is the seasonings that support that food from the root and have the ability to make even the unpalatable food taste good.
 There is a wide variety, and in some cases, there are dishes that cannot be made without them.

 I don't have enough of that seasoning on hand.
 In front of the vegetables I've harvested and the meat and fish I've hunted, "I'm going to make ________ food! I can't tell you how many times I've been reluctantly frustrated when I realized that I didn't have the necessary seasoning for it right after I'd set my mind to it.

 Even at the time of the attack on Veal, I really wanted to serve a ginger-grilled dish using wild boar meat, but I gave up because I didn't have any soy sauce.

 I wish we had some soy sauce.
 Isn't soybeans the main ingredient?

 I've seen that happen many times, so this time I'm going to think about what kind of seasoning we need.
 Then I remembered.....

 It's called "Sashisuso".


 It is said that these five characters sum up all the necessary seasonings for cooking.
Let's see what I've got and what I have to get from here on out, along the lines of "Sashisuso".

 First of all, the "S".
The "S" is sugar.

 We have this.
 This is because we grew sugar cane in the early days of cultivation and have already harvested it.
 Prathi's knowledge of Potions made it easy for me to make sugar from sugar cane.
 What you should have is a good wife.

 Sugar will be consumed in large quantities in confectionery making, and it will surely have its turn to be a great success.
 We must continue to grow a large amount of sugar cane.

 Then "Shi".
 This is salt.
 There's also this.

 It was a byproduct of the process of getting water for daily life from the sea. It was one of the easiest things to get so far.
 However, there is no other seasoning as basic as this one, and it is absolutely necessary for people to live, so we should take care of it.

 Next is 'Su'.
 I don't have this one.
 I have no idea what it's used for, but I think it's still essential.
 What do I use it for.......was it sake?
 There are many kinds of sake.
 I definitely want to make sake someday, and for that, I need to decide what kind of sake to make and what to grow for it.

 Speaking of vinegar, I also want to make Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking sake).
 I don't know how to make mirin, even more than vinegar, and I don't know what to use it for. I don't even know how to make mirin.
 We have a lot of work to do.

 Let's keep going.
"Ce," or "Seayu.
 In other words, soy sauce.

 This is the one we need, the one we want to give the highest priority to.
 In other words, we don't have it yet.
 We were born Japanese, so we need to get our soy sauce back as soon as possible.

 What we need to make soy sauce is........soybeans?
 Next time I'll be the first to grow soybeans in my new farm.

 And speaking of soy products, there's miso.

 This is the last "So".

 That's the last "So" in miso.
 Why do they ignore the "mi" and jump to the "so" in miso? Isn't that a little distressing? But I don't want to be pushy about it because I'm sure the people of yesteryear wouldn't be comfortable with me pecking at a box like that.

 Anyway, miso.
 Along with soy sauce, miso is one of the two main goals of the soybean project.

 However, there is one more ingredient that I would like to see in the soybean project.

 It's the sauce.

 I think this one is more suitable for the "So" in this day and age.

 But I don't understand this one.
 What do you mix with what?
 I think I overheard a story when I was in the previous world that said something about making it with lots of fruit and spices mixed in.

 ........Fruits, I haven't made any at all.
 I've never tried to make fruit, because I thought the fruits that grow on trees would take too much time and be too difficult to make.
 The fruits are delicious on their own, and I think Prati and Veal would be pleased with them.
 Is it worth a try?
 I'll consider it.

 And the sauce itself is a must-have.
 After all, my ultimate goal in using that horned boar meat is to have sauce for my pork cutlets!

 Still missing ingredients for making tonkatsu.
 And breadcrumbs.
 I'll be sure to make the sauce before I can get to those!

 As long as you have the sauce, you're within reach of the next step after tonkatsu!
 The top variety of Tonkatsu.


 If you have the sauce, you can easily make a katsudon (cutlet bowl)....
 I thought I could make a sauce katsudon with sauce, but I guess I'd rather have it with an egg.

 Anyway, I've decided on a policy based on my thoughts so far.

 To grow soybeans.
 To make soy sauce and miso.

After examining Sashisuseso, I realized that what I needed most urgently was soy sauce.
 The ingredient for that soy sauce is soybeans, and if we have them, we can make miso.
 And I can make wheat, too.
 I need breadcrumbs for making pork cutlets. Breadcrumbs are made by tearing bread into pieces. The breadcrumbs are made of wheat.
At the stage of "Let's make vinegar", we talked about making sake, so I think it would be good to try making beer from wheat.

 It's about time we had a staple food.

 But even if those ingredients are grown and harvested, I don't know if I'll be able to make the soy sauce, vinegar, and sauce we're looking for.
 Even though I come from another world, it doesn't mean I have all the knowledge of the other world.

 For example, I don't know all the details of how to make soy sauce. It's amateur knowledge at best. And it's impossible for them to have any experience of actually making soy sauce.

 The only way to get around this is to keep trying and failing.
 In that case, though, Prati, who is an expert in Potions, is a very reassuring partner.
 I feel like everything will go smoothly if I consult with her as I go along.

 Well, here's what we're going to do from now on.
 So let's grow some enthusiasm, shall we?

 Soybeans and wheat!
 Soy and wheat!
 Soy and wheat!

 I'm not going to gag that I grew red beans and barley by mistake!
 YES soybeans! NO red beans!