27-26 Male Mermaids

 Mermaid Platy.

 My first and only roommate in my frontier life.
 When I was fishing in the sea, I caught a mermaid.

 After that, he called me master though I don't know why, but he called me master and came to my house like a burglar wife.

 I lived alone with a young, beautiful woman.

 Living with her is not only a cure for loneliness, but the mermaid's original potion that she uses is a great help.

 Thanks to the potion she creates, the crops in her garden grow at a rapid rate, and vegetables that might take a year to grow can be harvested in a month or so.
 Vegetables that would take a year to grow can be harvested in a month or so, while those that grow even faster can be harvested in a week or so.

 She does all the spice and seasoning stuff for me, which I have no knowledge of, and she's the one who helped me find the dungeons and get to know my teacher and Veerle.

 She's even more beautiful and pretty.
 Just living with them and having conversations with them makes my heart grow fonder.

 Prati has become an indispensable part of my frontier life in many ways.

 This time, I'm going to tell you about the turmoil that surrounds her.

              * * * *

 When I was fishing on the beach, I met another mermaid.
 A different mermaid from Platy.

 This time I didn't catch her, but she appeared from the other side.

 I wondered if she might be an acquaintance of Prathi. I thought, and waved to Friendly....


 He returned.
 Suddenly a large number of mermaids rose from the surface of the sea.

'Throw them all together! Skewer it!

 He threw a harpoon at me.
 If you hit it, it will go through your body and you will be seriously injured. Since dozens of them flew at once, well, if they all hit me, I would die.

 So I pulled out my holy sword and swung it wide. The wind pressure created by that swing blew away all the flying harpoons.


 The momentum caused a tremendous wave on the surface of the sea, and all the mermaids on the sea were swept away.
 Ummm, was that a bit much?
 The fish would have fled if we shook the surface of the sea this much, and we'd be done fishing today.

So what do you think you're doing?

 I called out to the mermaids who finally recovered from the rough seas and came out of the sea.
 I say mermaids, but the groups that appeared this time were all male mermaids.

 So there are male mermaids too.
 I guess it's only natural since they're of their own kind.

The mermaids I know are more intelligent and resourceful. Or is murdering people like you muggers and thieves the standard for mermaids?
Shut up! You're the one who robbed us!

 The one who shouted back that he was one step ahead of the male mermaids in the group was a well-dressed fellow.
 I'm sure he's the leader of the group, with a dignified look on his face and the appearance of a mermaid nobleman.
 It was this guy who was giving orders to the other male mermaids earlier.

''Rikujin! We already know from reports that you've kidnapped a female mermaid! Choose right now! Give her back as an adult or die here!
A female mermaid?

 I have a great idea.

'You all know Platy after all?
My sister's name is...? It's just as the search party said it would be! You can't do that, land man! You have the gall to grab my sister!

 My sister?
 This man-male mermaid, did you call Platy your sister?

Do not be cowed, continue your attack! Harpoon! Release the harpoon!

 Under the command of the noble mermaid, the surrounding male mermaids threw the harpoon again.
 If you look closely, all male mermaids are armed with armor-like items.
 In other words, soldier mermaids!


 I can't blow them away with the holy sword anymore, so I have no choice but to defend myself.
 Then the Goddess of Salvation appeared.

It's not a good idea to be able to say, "What are you doing?

 A voice poured down from the skies.
 When I looked up, I saw the huge body of the dragon spreading its wings wide and covering the sky.

It's a good idea to have a good time. Dragon!
''Run! "Get eaten or killed!
Dive to the sea! As deep as possible!
You're not gonna make it! A single breath could turn this whole ocean into hot water!
"We're all going to be boiled mermaids!

 The soldier mermaids' panic when they saw the dragon was tremendous.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.
 Dragons are, after all, terrifying creatures in this world, aren't they?

 Well, I'm not scared.
 It's rather cute.

"Ningen, you okay?

 Veerle the dragon said as he landed on a rocky beach.

"Yeah, you didn't hurt me at all. You've come a long way.
"Of course. I won't be able to enjoy a good meal if you're gone.

 He was clear, but he seemed happy to be praised somehow.

'Don't be woozy, you stupid dragon.
You just happened to be dropping me off and stumbled across me here, didn't you? Don't make it sound like you've rushed in to see what's going on!

 Someone else's voice.
 If you look closely, you can see that Prati is on top of Veerle's head in dragon form.

Your Highness! Princess! Hi, Your Highness! Your Highness! ''Princess!''

 The soldier mermaids also noticed Prathi's appearance and shouted in unison, but.......
 That's what you call it........?


 Prati slid down the slide from the top of the dragon form Veerle's head, through his shoulders and paws, and down the slide.

'I didn't expect........that this would happen while I was searching for the bird monster to the dungeon......!

 Is this group, after all, related to Prati?


 The noble leader mermaid, leading the soldier mermaids, shouts.

It's been a long time, my brother. What the hell do you want to do here?

 Big brother?
 I didn't know what he was talking about when he said something about a sister.

"I'd like to introduce you to mister. This is my brother. His name is Arowana.

 You're your brother, after all!

"The firstborn son of Nargus, the current King of the Mermaid Kingdom, and therefore the first heir to the throne.

 And you're a prince, aren't you?
 .... hmm?

 So, what about that sister, Prati?