28-27 Mermaid Prince and Princess

 Shocking fact.
 Prati was a princess in the land of mermaids.

"Platy! Thank God! I finally found you!

 The noble mermaid named Arowana, or something like that, had a gentle relief on her face as soon as she found Prati.

'It's been months since you disappeared. We've been searching for you with bloodlust! Recently, a member of the search party reported that he had seen a figure that looked just like you on the shore, where no one else could be found, and that's how I came to you with my own party!

 I see.
 It's a line that immediately explains the flow of events up to this point.

It's a line that immediately makes sense. Come home with me now!

 Prathi refused once and for all.
 If it was a family member, it would be okay to be a little more gentle with them.... Is this because I am a stranger in my current position?

Let me ask you something. Why would your brothers want to bring me back?
'Of course it is! I care about you as a family.
'No, sir. It's because it hurts to lose a political marriage pawn, isn't it?

 He said it with great zest.
 There seems to be some kind of awkward family situation.

But alas, I've already married into the man I've set my heart on! With this man!

 With a thud, Prati pushes me out of the way.

'I have given my body and soul to this man! So I can't marry into another family! Tell that to your father and mother!
What did you say?

 Arowana is shocked to hear those words.
 She had a look of despair on her face, as if the cute little sister she'd cherished since she was a child had found a charlatan boyfriend.
 .........................or is it just such a situation?

''..................Oh, you Rikujin! I'm going to have to get Platy. All of you! Continue the fight! We must tear that insolent man to pieces and get Prati back!

 The mermaid soldiers lined up to harpoon in response, but....

The mermaid soldiers held the harpoon in response, but... "Stop!

 A single bark from Veerle breaks their courage and they all collapse.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's not a good idea. That dragon is on the side of the earthlings?

 Only Prince Arowana managed to hold his ground, but the rest of the soldiers were so afraid that they ran away without waiting for orders.

'Prince! It's not safe here! I'm ordering you to stand down!
Our forces aren't enough to hold the dragons in check! I think we should report to His Majesty and ask for instructions!

 The mermaid soldiers were crushed by the dragon's power without a fight.
 The older brother was still not ready to move from the spot.
 Everyone else fled into the deeper water.

''........Ho, only one of them stayed?''

 Veerle gives him a brutal look.

"Daughter of the Geyser Dragon. I'm going to praise you for your bravery in the face of the dragon, Grinzel, for not being afraid to run away. You'll be put to death in an instant!
Don't do that!

 In dragon form, he punched the giant Veerle in the shins with goo.

I don't know what's going on, but you're Prathi's brother, right? Then you're not a stranger to me either. Do you think it's okay to kill someone like that?
I'm sorry...!
"People are too scared to talk to you as you are, so be a man. Be a person, or I won't give you any more good food.

 When I say this, Veerle becomes exceptionally quiet.
 With the force of a shudder, the dragon's huge body shrinks, and a beautiful silver-haired girl, Veerle, appears.
 That's why the pressure of the dragon that had been swirling around the place disappeared.

''Good, good girl.

 I patted him on the head as a reward for obediently listening to what he said.

"A dragon listens to people's commands...? What do you mean by that?

 I get as far underwater as I can and reach out to Prathi's brother, Prince Arowana.

'Me and you just met. We don't know anything about each other, and why don't we have one long talk here?
'I have a house on land. If you'd like, you can have a bite to eat there and tell me more about Prati.

 A protest comes from next to me, not from the front, at my suggestion.

'Sir! I don't want to be a part of this.
I own this place.

 I pounce on him with a snap.

'It's my decision who I invite and welcome into my house. Prati. 'Can't you listen to your husband?'

 After saying that much, Prathi said nothing and shrugged.

''You're a surprisingly husbandly ningen.

 I felt Veerle saying something beside me, but I decided not to listen.

'I didn't expect the feisty Prati to be so obedient...! Good....!

 And Prince Arowana is going to accept my proposal.

"As a mermaid royalty, if I'm challenged, it's a matter of good name if I don't comply! I'll accept your feast!

 Good answer.

"Then let me show you home. "Then let me show you home. Can you turn your tail fins into legs and go ashore like Platy?
Of course!

 Prati's brother -, you said Arowana.
 He comes ashore in his half-human, half-fish state, still taking his medicine and changing his shape dramatically, his lower body glowing, just like his sister Prati's.

 Prince Arowana's fish tail fins were powerful, perhaps because he was male, and reminded him of a migratory fish, like a tuna. Even when he became humanized and had two legs, his powerful impression was the same.

 It's a man's leg with agile-looking muscles.
 And another part of a powerful man........


 It was the same with Platy.
 The lower half of the mermaid's body, which had changed from fish form to human form, was just as spongy as it was in fish form.

 The most masculine thing hanging between the crotch of the humanized Arowana was unsightly.

'Get on with it and hide it!
'Oh, yes. I'm sorry.

 Arowana took out the sea-pan she was apparently carrying and put it on with a jerk.
 Why sea-bread?
 And the design was of the boomerang type.