30-29 Platy's Past

I'm sorry.

 After finishing the zenzai, Prati's brother Prince Arowana bowed his head.

He bowed his head. Such a large storehouse, and the wisdom to prepare unknown dishes, none of which are possible in this world. None of these things are possible in this world. I see that you are either a very famous wise man or a saint.
Oh, no, I'm not that kind of...!
''No wonder my sister is in love with you. Please take care of my sister for a long time!

 Come to think of it, it was like that.
 Prathi herself came to me, and from then on, we lived together for the rest of our lives.
 It's like a de facto marriage, and now I'm in a lot of trouble when Prati is gone.

Is that really what you want?
Are you madam, sir?

 I call out to her.

"I didn't know today that you're a princess in mermaid country. When you're that high up, it's not so easy to decide who to marry, is it? There's a lot of people's agendas involved, isn't there?
I'm not engaging!

 He said it so strongly, I was surprised.

My marriage is only for you and your husband! I don't give a d*mn what anyone else thinks! No, I won't let them get involved! My life belongs to me!
"Calm down, Prati...!

 Prince Arowana shushes Prathi.
 It's like he's doing something brotherly for the first time.

''By the looks of it, Lord Saint. You don't seem to know anything about your sister's situation.'

 I'm not a saint, you know.
 I don't know why people want to call me a saint, even though I'm a teacher.

"Since Prati didn't seem to want to say it, I don't want to pry...
'You have been caring for me. He really cares about my sister. But in truth, if you are willing to marry my sister, we have no choice but to do so. If my sister cannot speak, I will tell you.

 It was the tumultuous story of Platy, the mermaid princess.

              * * * *

 The gist of the story, to get to the point of the story first, is that the princess of the mermaid kingdom was super talented.
 The mermaid race is good at pharmacy magic. The mermaid princess Plati was a genius whose skill in making potions could be said to be once every 333 years.

 What's that halfway year? But Prince Arowana said that 333 is a sacred number for the mermaids, and it is used every time.

 I digress.

 Anyway, Prati is a genius at making potions, and has overturned many of the common knowledge in that direction.
 Such a genius is the daughter of the current king. A princess.
 Even more beautiful.

 It was only natural that the right thing should come with

 A proposal for marriage.

 The Mermaid Leihime, who has all the qualities of ability, bloodline, and beauty, must be my wife.
 Such offers were delivered to the palace incessantly.

 The Mermaid King was in a good mood at first, thinking it was a good thing that his daughter was so prolific.
 But halfway through, that wasn't the case.

 In the midst of all the people asking to marry Plati, even non-mermaid races began to mix in.
 Human race, demon race.
 More than one faction of the strongest forces on earth had come to ask the rumored mermaid princess for her hand in marriage.
 It was not just for the sake of a beautiful and clever wife. Naturally, there were ulterior motives as well.
 There was a plan to use this opportunity to draw the mermaid race itself, a major force, into his camp.

              * * * *

''........The land people have been continuing their barren battle for hundreds of years now. It's a conflict between the demon race and the human race.

 It seems.
 That seems to be the reason why I was originally summoned to another world, too.

'We will continue to fight over earthly supremacy until we destroy one of our races. Frankly, our mermaid race has nothing to do with it!

 The realm of the mermaid race is under the sea and is a different world from the earth. I don't care who becomes the supreme ruler of the earth.
 Do what you want.
 The mermaids took a neutral position in the war between the humans and the demons and did not interfere.
 That state of affairs lasted for several hundred years.

 The one who brought about a change in that balance was none other than Prati.

''Take Prati as your wife and use her friendship to get the entire mermaid race on your side.... That's the true aim of both the mermaid race and the demon race. With their own race and the mermaid race, they want to attack and destroy the enemy with their own race and the mermaid race.
'The land people are closing in on us through the story of Prati's affair. "The Rikuyan is forcing him to choose his side, 'Humans or demons. Choose which side you want to be on.'
What if I don't choose both?
'They see them as enemies of both and concentrate their attacks.... The country is in turmoil because of this fear, and there is a great debate over which race to put Prati in the hands of.

 The controversy has grown so much that it's about to erupt into a civil war.

The mermaid kingdom will fall apart if this is not done. Prati, as a princess, must have disappeared in order to rule over the national crisis that she caused...!
Oh, wow...?
''If only I am gone, the demon race and the human race will have no excuse to intervene and the mermaid nation will be safe...! Prathi is also a mermaid princess. As a royalty, she has a strong sense of responsibility and care for her country. It's that sense of responsibility and love for one's country that made my sister act in such a way as to run away from home.

 Prathi has such a tragic resolve........?

"And then I ran away to the edge of the sea. I met you on land, beyond the shoreline, Master Sage. Now I see why my sister chose this place for her retreat.
How do you know?

 I'm still not sure I understand.

"My dear saint. You have left the mundane world and are living a life free from the warfare of your race. Like you, my sister also wants to break away from the world and be free from a life driven by politics. ........I, as your brother, want to give your sister what she wants!

 Prince Arowana slams his forehead against the table.

'Please! By all means, take my sister Prati to wife and protect her here! Make your sister happy!
Yeah, sure.
'Thank you!'

 It was an immediate answer.
 Since I'm already moving forward with living with Prathi, knowing about her troublesome situation doesn't change what I have to do.

 I just have to continue living here the same way I did.