31-30 hua candle

 Thus Prince Arowana returned to the sea and said.
 He said that he was going to report the events that happened here to his father, the Mermaid King, for his approval.

 We sent him off with a bunch of vegetables from our fields as a souvenir, and we sent him on his way.
 Next time he comes, I hope to be able to give him some ham and smoked fish as well.

'Um ... sir, are you sure you want to do this?'

 After seeing me off, Prathi asked me timidly.

''Do you really want to take me as your wife........! If I say so myself, it's almost all spur of the moment...?
"Isn't marriage supposed to be 90% spur of the moment...?

 If you think about the future, there are too many things to think about.

 That's how I met my husband. I was fished out and I'm halfway to being a wife...!

 I knew it.

''But it's been a lot of fun having my husband here to live with us. The food the master makes is delicious, and helping him is worthwhile...! Sir, are you sure you want me to stay here?
Of course.

 Prathi looked truly happy and hugged me.
 It felt like our connection to each other was stronger again.


 Next to us, there was Veerle the dragon.
 In human form, of course.

"I will marry a ningen.

 Should the abruptness of this statement be called a dragon indeed?

"What's the matter with you, dragon? The master is already married to me!
A strong male often monopolizes more than one female. If you're as strong as your master, you won't have any problem f*cking a hundred females and making them obey you.

 What kind of a name is that?

I've been thinking! How can I take the holy sword away from Master! If I marry the master, we'll share the property!
''If the master dies in his lifetime, he can inherit the Evil Sacred Sword as an inheritance! Raw carrots and such, in the eyes of our dragons! All you have to do is wait and see, and the Holy Sword will be in your hands! Fuhahahahahaha!

 So you've decided that you can't break through to the front, and you've taken it to an endurance battle?

Also, if you become your master's wife, you'll have all the good food you can eat every day of your master's life!
That's your main objective?
Come on, master! As soon as you take Veerle, the Grinzel dragon, to wife? I don't need to hear the answer to that question! There is no greater honor than for a lowly race like Ningen to marry a female dragon!

 And I thought to myself.


 And I felt like it was unprincipled to mend another woman on the same day he formally signed a pact with Prati.
 Also, Veerle's attitude of "it's natural to be accepted" is a bit....

Why are you doing this, master? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me being weak enough to lose to the undead king on the other side?

 Veerle started to cringe, surprisingly.
 And next, he started crying with polo tears.

 As expected, it's foul to be cried over.
 I had no choice but to immediately intervene in the matter.

You'll be able to find out more about this. I love Veerle! I don't hate you!
So you'll marry me?
Yes, yes, yes! I will!

 In the end, I was pushed away.

 Prathi looked at me like, "It's no use, this guy," but I really didn't have a choice.
 What else was I supposed to do?

              * * *

 This is how I ended up having two wives at the same time.
 It's a fantasy, after all.
 Wealth or women, a strong man can monopolize everything!

 .... though I'm not strong enough.
 It's all thanks to God's gift of 'supreme bearer'.

 Let's aim for their happiness, not as something I got but as something I carried on my back.


 I've decided what I'm going to build next.

 A house.

 Right now we are bunking in a shack that was easily pumped up.
 Very rude and simple.

 It was originally built for the sole purpose of sheltering me from the rain and dew.
 It's enough for one man's residence, but not enough for the family.
 In fact, it's out of the question.

 It's also a good time for Prince Arowana to be angry with me.
 Now that I'm married and the pillar of the family, I have to make a home where I can live in comfort with my wife and children.