32-31 Home building

 I'm going to build a house.

 A nice place for me and Prati and Veer to live together.
 Big enough to welcome guests.

 But there are a few problems with that.
 The first problem that confronted me was.....

"I don't have enough people to do this...!

 Prathi overheard the murmurings and showed me the endlessly splitting little starfish.
 Manpower may be manpower, but it's not that starfish, is it?

 What I want is someone to help me work.

 Building a house.

 It goes without saying. It's not like building a house.
 Of course, I can't do it by myself. And I can't have a girl, Prati, helping me. Veerle is a dragon, but I can't let him help me.

 The only thing I can safely entrust to him is to destroy it.
 And that is only if we destroy it thoroughly.

 So I'm the only one who can start building the house, and that would be inefficient.
 I can't neglect to take care of our growing fields, which are getting bigger and bigger.

 In a situation like this, what should I do?

 You know what to do.

 Let's talk to the doctor.

              * * * *

"If you want more people, why don't you increase them?

 The teacher of the No Life King.

 He's the master of a dungeon in our neighborhood.
 It seems that he became an undead of his own volition more than a thousand years ago. He forgot his real name long after he became an immortal king, and now he goes by his teacher's nickname.

 Today, we paid a visit to Sensei's dungeon from here.
 The souvenir was a takuwan.
 It's the new one we made together in the brewing of soy sauce miso.

 Sensei seemed sincerely pleased, though.
 I guess I'm overthinking it.
 It's more.

"When you say you're hiring more people, do you mean you're hiring from somewhere else?

 The royal capital of the human race, for example.
 There is no way to hire mermaids by relying on Prati's handlers.

"Both of them seem to be troublesome........!

 The frontier life originally started with just me.
 It's not that I don't like people, but that doesn't mean I'm an outstanding communicator.
 I'm not going to get tired of using other people because I'm not used to working with them.

 And if you're going to employ people, you have to pay them a wage.
 But now I have almost no money in my possession.

 The first ten gold coins I received from the king of the tribe were used up to buy land and various tools.
 If I were to give them a reward, it would be in kind, but I have no idea what the market rate is for that either.

There's no need to hire someone from outside.

 The doctor crushed my fears with a single blow.

'Do you want me to take you out of here?'
Are we in your dungeon?

 Were there any other residents in this dungeon besides the teacher?
 I thought they were just monsters.

"Of course, we're taking a monster.
What did you say?
"There are people who are commonly called anthropomorphic monsters, such as orcs and goblins. They are the ones that appear in cavern-type dungeons like ours.

 According to the teacher's explanation, such anthropomorphic monsters can be used and entrusted with tasks.

 However, only the demon race can do that.
 This is why in a war between the demons and humans, they gather up the orcs that emerge from dungeons throughout the demon country where the demons live and mobilize them as an army.

Then isn't it impossible for me, as a non-Majinian, to lead them?

 My question after the explanation.

The personified monsters in this dungeon are under my control, sir. They are subject to your orders, and I will give them orders.

 I see.
 As expected of the world's two biggest disasters, but it's also normally possible to do things that only the demon race can do?

''Only anthropomorphic monsters can give orders? For example, what about ... well, you know, beast-shaped monsters?
"They are not intelligent enough to understand commands. That is why no species, no being, can control the monsters themselves.

 And the few monsters that have enough intelligence to understand commands are said to be anthropomorphic monsters that imitate humans.

 Even if it is intelligent, it is a monster, so it doesn't have a soul or ego, and therefore it seems to have no consciousness or survival instinct.

That's why you don't need to reward them or feed them to work. It absorbs the mana in the air and works, so it won't stop until it's killed.
That's... convenient...!

 But "Is that what you want? The thought "I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep them," also exists somewhere in my mind.

''I've kept about ten of them for use as booths in the dungeon, but it would be good to have some other naturally occurring ones.

 Once again, I decided to take advantage of the teacher's kindness and bring back some of the mimic monsters that roamed the dungeon.

 In addition, Sensei also gave me a mana metal as a souvenir.
 No matter how many times I come here, I think of you, Sensei.

 You look like a grandfather...!