33-32 False people

 This is how our new residents (?) came to live in our house. were to be added.
 The total number of anthropomorphic monsters brought from the teacher's dungeon was ten, five orcs and five goblins.

 Speaking of anthropomorphic monsters, other species such as ogres and trolls were said to be common, but they hadn't occurred in my teacher's dungeon.

 However, the presence of these two kinds of anthropomorphic monsters was enough for me to proceed with the work I wanted to have done.

 Orcs and goblins.

 They are the most common race of anthropomorphic monsters, or rather, they seem to be the most common kind of monsters in general.
 In this world, the first thing that comes to mind when the word monster is mentioned is these guys.
 Aside from slimes and dragons.

 But as for dragons, in this world, they're not monsters or humans, they're a separate species.
 I heard they're not born in dungeons, they're born in other places.
 Well, that's an aside.

 Orcs are big and powerful.
 They're good for rough physical work.

 Goblins, on the other hand, are smaller and more dextrous, with longer fingers.

 I decided to give them jobs that suited their characteristics.

 The Orcs are to enter the mountain dungeon and cut the lumber for building houses.
 With the permission of the dungeon lord, Veerle, the work goes smoothly.

 I asked the goblins to take care of the fields.
 Those guys are as appointed as they look, and I can safely leave it to them to pluck the weeds and harvest the crops that have been harvested.

 At first, with the straddling instructions through the teacher, ''Is it really going to work?'' But when I actually left them in charge, they worked much harder than I expected.

 There were times when they failed to follow difficult instructions, but when I taught them carefully and patiently, they gradually learned and became able to finish the job on their own.

 I was happy to watch them grow and become able to do the things they couldn't do, one by one.

 Isn't this the kind of fun we have raising people?

 But it's also true that it's not as good as teaching and educating people normally.

 After all, these guys don't have a mind of their own, or rather, a mind of their own.

 That's something that can be said of all monsters, as these guys are nothing more than pseudo-beings, materialized from mana that has been concentrated in mana pools.

 If you order them to do something, they will do it, but they're just like robots that follow a program.
 There is no sense of emotional unity of mind, nor is there a sense of A-Un breathing.

 This lack of response caused me more emotional damage than I imagined.

 That's what anthropomorphic monsters are supposed to be.
 They are nothing more than mindless robots that imitate the shape of humans.

 The demon tribe that makes the most extensive use of anthropomorphic monsters would send in an army of orcs and goblins on the premise that they would be annihilated by the brave men.
 Even if you use them up and throw them away, it's not a waste of time at all.
 Even if they die, they can immediately replenish the army from the dungeon.

 That's what orcs and goblins are, they say.

 Even though Prati and Veerle taught me this, a feeling of inexplicability remained in my heart.
 I'm not sure if it's because they are in true human form that I've developed an emotional attachment to them.

 If they had a more robot-like appearance, I would have been able to treat them as tools from the start.

 I'm going to have to learn how to farm, how to chop wood, how to hold a sickle and an axe. It's great to see them learning how to farm, how to chop wood, how to hold a sickle or an axe while I hold their hands.

 However, this is the limit of our interaction with these guys.
 These guys are mindless robots.
 Just as I was about to divide it up, it happened.

              * * * *

Wow, Wagakimi.

 One of the orcs suddenly began to speak.
 No, one of the orcs.

''What? Eeeeeee...?

 The orc spoke.
 You didn't utter a single word until now!
 He nodded or shook his head as best he could, and there was no communication at all.

Wagakimi, I want to work harder for you. What do you want me to do next?
Me too.
Me too.
"Wagakimi, I want to grow more vegetables. I want to grow more vegetables. They're delicious.

 A goblin?
 Because a goblin is in charge of Hatake!

 What do you mean, "goblins"?

 When I asked for advice, both Prati and Veerle, as well as the doctor who came to check on me occasionally, were greatly surprised.

''It's hard to believe, but I can only assume that the monster has developed an ego.''
"How can an ego grow that easily?

 I asked him, but he said it was the first time in the history of the world that such a thing had happened.
 In other words, an unprecedented situation.

 I was so moved that I cried as I hugged the orcs and goblins.

 I felt like a teacher in a TV drama.

 I felt like a teacher in a drama, knowing that one day my feelings would be understood.

 Since then, I've wondered if the fact that the orcs and goblins have grown a sense of self in them is due to the effects of the supreme bearer.
 When I taught them things, I often touched their bodies.
 I taught them how to hold farm tools and axes with their hands, and I taught them how to wield them with their bodies.

 With the gift of the supreme bearer from God in their hands, I taught them how to swing them.

The core effect of the supreme bearer is not to become a master of the tool in one's hands, but to draw out the maximum performance or potential of the tool in one's hands.

 For this reason, the monster that came in contact with my 'supreme bearer' took on an ego.
 It had evolved to the previous stage.

I didn't know that the Supreme Bearer had such an effect.
 I should have been able to sense it when it could sprout a crop just by touching the soil, but it was still a terrifying power.

 It's wonderful, but we should be very careful not to abuse it.

              * * * *

 With this budding ego, the orcs and goblins could no longer look to the teacher for guidance, but to myself as their master, and they could unite in building their homes.

 Now it's time to finish the house!