34-33  home completed

 Working in unison with the orcs and goblins who had gained an ego, one of their goals was finally achieved.

''House, it's done!

 It was pretty big to call it a house, it could be better described as a mansion.
 Anyway, it's a magnificent thing.

I'm sure there's no shortage of things like this for me, Prati, and Veerle to live with.

 Rather too much.
 It was a mansion of a size and luxury that was completely too large and luxurious for the three of us to have, but assuming that the teacher and Prince Arowana would be visiting us, well, it would be a reasonable size, wouldn't it?


 .........I have a vague feeling that more and more people will be living here in the future.
 There is no harm in being prepared.

So this is the nest of love for the master and us?
But this is someone's house, isn't it?

 The reaction of my two wives looking up at our completed mansion is generally good.

 And what does Veal mean by his assessment of the "unusual construction"........?

 It was a Japanese house.
 Let's call it a samurai house style.

 The castle that me, the orcs and the goblins worked together to build is a Japanese style architecture reminiscent of the world I was from, and even a few hundred years ago.

 Wooden floors and pillars.
 Above all, the tatami mats.

 Lying down on the tatami is the greatest pleasure of all.
 So I laid down on the tatami in the newly completed Japanese room.

The tatami felt so good! The smell of rushes is fragrant!

 I was very satisfied.
 It was worth it for this alone to make the house a Japanese style architecture.

"Huh? Does it feel that good?
Yeah, we'll be there.

 Prathi and Veer also lay down on the tatami mats, and that was enough to change their expressions.

"What is this? I've never seen a floor that feels so strange!
What's that smell? Grass? Grass? But it's a great smell, and it's really addictive!

 They seem to like the tatami as well.
 However, it seems that the rules of the Japanese-style room are not yet well known to this world-born couple, so they had their feet on the ground.

 You have to take your shoes off at the entrance.
 This is strictly enforced.

 If you are not satisfied with bare feet on the floor, you can make slippers for later.

 As we built the house, we got a lot of new materials. In addition to the rushes that were used to make tatami mats, I've also started growing cotton.

 I asked the goblins to do all of this work for me.

 Thanks to their hard work, I've been able to make bedding, and I have plenty of fabric to work with.
 I'd like to try my hand at making clothes in the future.

 Well, why the Japanese style architecture? That's the story.

 One of the first reasons for this is the climate.
 Building a house that fits the climate is the most important thing.
 Because of the proximity to the ocean and the humid sea breeze, we thought it would be good to have a house that was well protected against humidity.

 The Japanese style of architecture, born in hot and humid Japan, is excellent in this respect.
 Both the wooden pillars and the igusa tatami mats absorb excess moisture and make it comfortable.

 ...well, it was just my own desire to lie down anywhere and anytime during a happy circle.

 As much as I love the unique atmosphere of a fine Western-style house with a locked-room murder on the horizon, I wanted my home to be a place where I could relax and let my whole body relax.

 The result is Japanese architecture.

 Well, in short, it was a perfect reflection of my tastes.

'But it's amazing! I didn't know the master had the skills to build a house like this...!
Well, I've never seen such a curious house in my life. Where does the master get his bizarre knowledge from?

 Well, I was completely dependent on the 'supreme bearer' for that.
 Just by grabbing a saw and a hammer, he could turn me into a top-notch carpenter and give instructions to the orcs quickly and efficiently.

 Truly 'supreme bearers' of all kinds.

 I'd like to make an omusubi as an offering to the god Hephaistos for this gift as soon as possible.

 Now, let's see.
 From here, I will introduce more secrets of my mansion!

              * * * *

 By the way, my mansion was designed based on the concept of Japanese style architecture, but I didn't care about the Japanese style all the way through.
 What is the problem is the comfortableness of living.

 Based on that, the inside of the house has a Western-style room and a blend of Japanese and Western style.
 The most important part is the kitchen.

 In the kitchen, which also serves as a dirt floor, there is a stove, a sink, and a baking oven.
 I hope to use it to bake bread and pizza in the future.
 We've also set up a rice cooker, so we can make a little bit of a mess at first.
 We haven't made the rice yet.

 There are seven Japanese-style rooms and two Western-style rooms in the house.
 In addition, there's a dining room and a hall where everyone can gather to discuss any problems that may arise.
 We thought we had quite a few more rooms, but if it's not enough, we plan to build more.

 Oh, I forgot to mention that this house is a two-story building.
 There are seven Japanese-style rooms and two Western-style rooms, and one Japanese-style and one Western-style room is on the upper floor.
 The view of the ocean from the second floor window is very nice.

 And because it's a Japanese style building, we added a veranda to the house.
 I'm looking forward to basking in the sun here on a fine day.

 We decided to still use the kid starfish bathroom.
 They have an endless supply of food and can decompose any kind of filth in seconds, so it's very hygienic.

 However, I wanted to make a western-style toilet seat to sit on, but we couldn't get to that point yet.

 The kiln for firing pottery was not yet finished.
 We were working on it at the same time as the house, but we didn't make it in time.

 And the bath.

 It was the centerpiece of the construction of the house, but we couldn't finish it in time either.
 I went into the mountain dungeon in Viel to try and find a building material close to cypress, but I failed.

The idea of growing cypress trees from scratch using the "supreme bearer" crossed my mind, but even with Plati's Hyper Fish Manure, it was impossible to grow a whole tree in a day or so.

 Also, it's a pain in the ass to use wood to heat up the bath, and when I tried to do something about it with magic, Prati and Veerle's joint development was difficult, and I still couldn't complete the mansion itself in time.

 In short, my mansion is still unfinished. It is growing immensely from now on.
 That's about it.

 Also, the orcs and goblins who have come to help us build our house and take care of our fields are. They've built their own house beside the house, and now they sleep and wake up in it.

''Why don't we just live in the mansion together?''

 But the orcs, the goblins, said, "That's a lot of fear! And they declined.
 Nevertheless, the residential facility that Orcs built for themselves is a splendid one, with private rooms that guarantee each person's privacy, built as if they were one building, side by side, in a row.

 Could it be...?
 Maybe it was a tenement.

 Is it a monster row house.....

 Maybe it's a good thing that it's tasteful.
 The goblins also go out to work in the fields from here.

 I was beginning to grow cotton, rushes and other non-food crops as well, and as expected, I couldn't do it by myself, so their support was really helpful.

 The goblins, who have gained a sense of self despite being monsters, are very motivated to work, requesting the crops they want to grow.

 We've been able to divide up the responsibilities between orcs for construction work and goblins for farm work.
 We will continue to work with them on the frontier.

 Of course, the orcs and goblins aren't the only ones I'm relying on.

 My wife, Platy, will continue to rely on her magic potion, which she has been relying on since the beginning.
 We are building a new residence. Shall we set up a dedicated Potions Laboratory? I suggested that they could do this, but they refused because they were already using the brewhouse as a laboratory.

 The brewhouse and pantry were built before the new residence, but Veerle, in dragon form, forcibly lifted them and moved them into the new location.
 This meant that the stored food and the fermented food in the brewery could be retrieved quickly when needed.

 My mansion's invincibility is growing!

 We've grown attached to the shack where we first lived, so we decided to leave it as it is.
 After that, it will be used as a storage and resting place for farm tools.

 Thus, there's still a lot to adjust, but I've got my own house on my own land! The upcoming frontier life just gets more fun!

              * * * *


 As for my other wife, Veerle.

Shouldn't you be back in the dungeon?

 I asked Veerle, who was completely at home and relaxed with a sense of security as if he were at home.
 This dragon is the owner of a mountain dungeon in this vicinity to begin with.

You're the master of that dungeon, in case you're away for a long time, isn't that a bad thing?

 No, I don't know the details.
 But I'd hate it if the mountain dungeons that provide us with valuable protein are devastated by the absence of the Lord.

That's true too. Then I'll do this. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 As Veerle got into some kind of spirit, a glowing thing flew out of her body and eventually manifested itself in form.

 That is a dragon?
 It is the dragon form of Veerle.
 But there's also a Veerle in human form over here.
 Two Veils.

That's my magical alter ego. Why don't we leave him in the dungeon? I don't think so, but it might help protect us from intruders.
That's the way it is.
'More importantly, master! I'm hungry! Meat! Feed me meat! A crispy one!